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Microsoft is 'not actively planning' a way to trade in digital Xbox One games

Rumors about Microsoft planning to support a way to trade in digital Xbox One games for store credit have been squashed by Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg. He went on Twitter to state that the company is "not actively planning" any digital game trade-in system.

The rumors began when some gamers received a Microsoft customer survey that asked, in part, if they would like a way to trade in digital Xbox One games for 10% credit towards paying for new games in the Xbox store. Such a move would likely upset some retailers like GameStop, which make lots of money off of selling used physical game discs.

Game industry analysts Michael Pachter and Colin Sebastian questioned why Microsoft would make this move in separate posts on Twitter. Pachter says that Microsoft was "playing with fire", which got this response from Greenberg:

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Greenberg said basically the same thing to Sebastian's Twitter post:

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There's no word on why the survey added this question in the first place.

  • They really should, or formally launch family share, as there PS4 has something similar, and it would be a great feature to have :)
  • Uhhh you can share your digital games with friends and family.
  • Not really. You can share it, permanently, with people logged into _your_ home Xbox or temporarily with anyone on any Xbox you are currently logged in to. This works well for in-house family sharing but is useless if you own more than one console (we have three and Xbox support keeps telling us we can share content no problem, not really understanding the issue). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • They would have had this feature, but remember everyone crying when the xb1 was going to be DLC only? They were going to have feature that allows s person to preview another game before 24/48 hours and possibly what's outlined in the article. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Microsoft do have Family share and have had for ages. If i have gold then anyone in my family network will have gold also and all the games i have.
  • How is this playing with fire? It's 10%, which is even lower than Gamestop typically gives (until later in a games lifespan), and it's digital, a market retailers have little to no play in anyways. This is more proof GameStop doesn't give a crap about it's customers only it's bottom end. Their pathetic attempt at "rewards" and nothing to compete with Best Buy and Amazons 20% off games should keep most from even considering them.
  • Lol eb/gs edge card isnt worth the money its printed on
  • Agreed. $15 a year for a magazine that's basically free online and trade values that are still lower than walmart and bby
  • The fall of GameStop will resemble the fall of Blockbuster. The sooner they collapse, the better.
  • We need this capability. WC App via Nexus 6.
  • Seriously, I said this last time. Don't ever mention Pachter again. He is the worst analyst the videogames industry has ever seen. Hell even my cat could likely make better predictions than him.
  • Only once you realize that you don't actually "own" any digital purchase(s) do you realize how absurd this whole proposition is. 
  • True that, well technically one doesn't really own any game, dvd etc. One only pays for a license to use them...
  • You do "own" the copy of the movie, album or game when you buy physical media. That's why you can legally sell it, give it away, or will it to your family. There may be a license that limits what you can do with the copy, but that copy is actually "yours" to transfer to others, which legally differentiates itself from digital purchases. 
  • I personally wouldn't bother with a scheme like this, but then again, I've never traded in any game. I would like to see family sharing though. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Why did MS even ask the question then?  I was among those who got the survey.  A company like Microsoft doesn't gather metrics if they don't have an intended use for them.  They certainly don't go through the hassle of setting up a survey to ask a question that has no point.  Greenberg may not have been involved, but someone somewhere in the company most definitely was considering the possibility or the question would not have been asked.
  • I wish they would let you transfer them to someone else.... For example you could manage a game and give it to another live account (or sell them)
  • 25% minimum
  • Microsoft don't make any money if they do this, they are likely just giving way cash/credit if this system ever came into play.
  • Not sure how I would upset gamestop, doesnt gamestop at least give more than 10%? Anyway, also not sure why anyone would buy digital...
  • Meh!