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Microsoft now has a Windows 10 Preview version of Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint was created to showcase the touchscreen features of Windows 8, offering a quick and intuitive way to make artwork with realistic brushes and painting mediums. A version for Windows Phone was launched in 2013. The Fresh Paint Preview is now available for download in the Windows 10 app store beta.

Here are the features included in the Fresh Paint Preview for Windows 10:

  • Intuitive UI, supporting touch, mouse, and stylus input
  • Accelerated graphics rendering technology to provide the most realistic digital painting experience possible
  • Import images, photos and even use your camera to capture an inspirational image to paint with
  • Print your artworks with high definition
  • Draw or paint with watercolor, oil, pencil and pastel
  • Comes with two free activity packs for a fun 'coloring book' experience
  • Natural pressure sensitivity allows precise control of the thickness of brush strokes

Microsoft does warn that this version of Fresh Paint will have some bugs. Indeed there's a list of known issues with the app:

  • First artwork does not save correctly
  • Users cannot select, delete or modify existing artworks in the gallery
  • It is difficult to accept the image import option during an inspire-me operation
  • Undo sometimes does not save properly on the first stroke
  • Application may crash after extended use on the paint page. Navigate to the home page (back) to save your work
  • The paint mixing palette always shows the watercolor wash brush, regardless of tool / color selected.
  • Not all languages have been fully localized yet

Source: Microsoft: Via: Neowin

  • Is there a mobile version?
  • Not right now. But assume this is a universal app and will be mobile ready in the future. Or maybe there is. See below.
  • Oh.. Was expecting that.
  • I had assumed, but since I've read the article, knew it said universal, thought there would be a mobile app released as well. Or...were you expecting...."FIRST!!!!!!!!!!"
  • There was a mobile version... And its still there! :-)
  • For 8.1 yes!
  • This app is one of those features I used to show when Windows 8 released.
  • This app really needs like a 50" touch screen monitor.
  • The kids like this app.
  • Yup!
  • Fresh paint has been the most important app I've ever used and has completely transformed my art, work and is hopefully enabling me to become a full time artist. I'm really hoping the new version is just as good as the current one and moves forward again as the most realistic implementation of digital paint on the market and that more people give it a try! :) @philthyart
  • Good work! I especially liked the Kubrick portrait.
  • Wow, fab work. Have bookmarked the tutorials to have a look at later.
  • Thanks, if you are on twitter would be great to see how you get on after the tutorials.
  • Thank you so much TabletWriter and Ixia!
  • Really beautiful. Loved your art.
  • Thanks DarkRyd!
  • You are kiding??? That means every exist app in WP ecosystem will be need to create for new one?! That means windows phone will be with 0 app store))))
  • who told..? -_-
  • Current WP apps will need to be made W10 compatible for one. Microsoft is going one better.
  • It's not about being compatible, they already are. I tried build 10051 on the phone and the apps were compatible. This is about making them universal apps
  • I don't understand something then I'll complain... Typical...
  • do you even try to research what you complain about?..... Windows Phone 8 apps are obviously compatible but Microsoft is creating Universal Windows 10 apps.... the ones that will developed once and run everywhere with only UI adapting to the device. understand? if someone wants that kind of app... they will have to take their code and update it because a Windows Phone app will not run on Windows desktop as Microsoft has shown if they dont. Microsoft will obviously make all apps universal, like Edge, and Office. but Store will have Windows Phone 8 apps until developers decide to make them fully Windows 10 compatible and universal.
  • Fresh Paint is awesome, glad it's making a return.
  • I'd really like to see Fresh Paint turn into something more powerful like Photoshop but keep that accessibility to a larger population that Fresh Paint kind if exhibits at the moment.
  • Why so many bugs? Is it the platform that's buggy or what?
  • You are kidding.. Right?
  • Lol
  • windows phone
  • Great to hear your success story.
  • I love this app, but don't use it as much as i use to. I really wish they would add the ability to: scale brushes bigger, create in higher definition, rotate brushes, Lower on the list would be a trace layer, or some type of layer system. I haven't read all the comments here, but yesterday when another site ran this story, I noticed a bunch of people who don't know better trying to compare this to MS Paint. This app is not nor ever intended to be a replacement for MS Paint.
  • Dont give me that paint nonesense. We really need a universal podcast app for Windows.
  • With Microsoft adquiring Ntrig, I really hope they can make these kind of apps the best. I like a little wacom, but it would be nice if Microsoft can make Ntrig better and give Windows user a cheaper but better experience for artists and normal people who only need to write. But Fresh Paint looks nice, I wouldn't find so much use for it on my work, but I have tested and it seemed it offered nice features for a free app. And of course there are better, but this can be useful as well ^_________^.
  • Nice... But Fantasia Painter is pretty awesome too.. the best editor available when I want to go beyond filters...
  • This is not a photo editor.
  • Why couldn't this replace the paint app in windows already
  • What's the difference with Windows 8.1 ver.?
  • The maccas thingy aka Hamburger
  • Bugs. Lots of em.
  • Am I the only person who thinks that releasing a new OS and requiring developers to re-release all their apps again is a step backwards in the app wars? Regardless of how easy it is to get out said new releases.
  • Its not a requirement.
  • Does that apply to the desktop OS and the mobile OS?
  • My 3 yr old loves this app for Windows Phone and RT... Keep it goin MS...