Microsoft now has a Windows 10 Preview version of Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint was created to showcase the touchscreen features of Windows 8, offering a quick and intuitive way to make artwork with realistic brushes and painting mediums. A version for Windows Phone was launched in 2013. The Fresh Paint Preview is now available for download in the Windows 10 app store beta.

Here are the features included in the Fresh Paint Preview for Windows 10:

  • Intuitive UI, supporting touch, mouse, and stylus input
  • Accelerated graphics rendering technology to provide the most realistic digital painting experience possible
  • Import images, photos and even use your camera to capture an inspirational image to paint with
  • Print your artworks with high definition
  • Draw or paint with watercolor, oil, pencil and pastel
  • Comes with two free activity packs for a fun 'coloring book' experience
  • Natural pressure sensitivity allows precise control of the thickness of brush strokes

Microsoft does warn that this version of Fresh Paint will have some bugs. Indeed there's a list of known issues with the app:

  • First artwork does not save correctly
  • Users cannot select, delete or modify existing artworks in the gallery
  • It is difficult to accept the image import option during an inspire-me operation
  • Undo sometimes does not save properly on the first stroke
  • Application may crash after extended use on the paint page. Navigate to the home page (back) to save your work
  • The paint mixing palette always shows the watercolor wash brush, regardless of tool / color selected.
  • Not all languages have been fully localized yet

Source: Microsoft: Via: Neowin

John Callaham