Microsoft now testing party chat in the Xbox beta app on iOS

Party chat is already in testing with the Xbox beta app on Android, and now it looks like it's the iPhone's turn as well. Microsoft has rolled out an update to members of its beta testing program for Xbox on iOS, bringing along testing for Xbox Live's party chat on the platform (via OnMSFT).

While TestFlight makes beta testing on iOS is an inherently much more limited affair than Android, this update lays the groundwork for mobile party chat. And if you've ever wished you could chat with your Xbox pals while away from your Xbox, that's good news.

If you are lucky enough to be a part of the Xbox beta on iOS, you should be able to grab the update through TestFlight now. Alternatively, you can register to participate (opens in new tab), but you'll have to wait to be allowed into the program by Microsoft. For everyone else, we'd expect the feature to make its way to the release version of the Xbox app before too long.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Commence the whining for not having this first on the W10M app.
  • 8 people will be mad.
  • Well, 7 if you discount me for not caring about this feature. =P
  • Fetch the Aloe Vera, for that BURNNNNN!
  • But no windows 10 mobile support?
  • What's Windows 10 Mobile? I remember hearing something about that ancient platform. I think I used it too.
  • That platform had potential but went bust
  • potential because of the low user base? or because it's not a Win10PC/S? * xbox app will be on win10ARM tho, big screen or small.
  • Once again, MSFT caters to the competion but neglects their loyal windowsphone customers.
  • They are not catering to the competition, they're catering to Xbox players who are most likely to be using Android or iOS rather than Windows Mobile.
  • I'm still waiting for the update that allows game streaming to android/iOS app.
    With the Bluetooth controller I can finally connect it to my android tablet and play games nicely on android with my Xbox controller now. The beta app allowing party chat means I can use my Bluetooth headphones paired to my phone and join in the party chat with friends who are gaming whilst I'm not at my Xbox and on the move/pottering around the house.
    Just give me game streaming to android/iOS so I can play my games whilst I'm not at my Xbox too.
    I've got a Surface Pro, and this is basically all I use it for... Set up a game with mates on my Xbox, go to my kitchen with the Surface Pro and a controller to cook food and play games so I don't let my food burn or miss out on playing some games. (9-5 job, 6pm back at home, 7pm finished cooking for everyone, 7.30-8pm finish eating and washing up, 10pm sleep ready for the 9-5 the next day... that leaves a 2hr window to try and game with some mates...).