Party chat support rolls out to the Xbox beta app for Android

If you use the Xbox beta app for Android, Microsoft is starting to lay the groundwork for mobile party chat. According to the release notes, first spotted over on Reddit (via Engadget), the latest update to the beta app adds support for beta testing of party chat.

If you've ever wanted to stick around in a party chat with your friends while away from your console, this is sure to be good news. And while this is only available on Android for now, it would be reasonable to assume the feature will make its way to the iOS app at some point as well.

For now, if you're using the Xbox beta app on Android, you can grab the latest update form the Google Play Store now. The beta app is open to the public, so anyone can dive in. Now that it's in testing, we'd expect that the feature isn't too far off from making its way to the release version of the app as well.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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