Microsoft offers info on Windows Phone 8.1 IE11 HTML5 video and audio changes

Windows Phone 8.1 has been released, at least in its Developer Preview form, for several months now, but we are still learning about what Microsoft has put into the OS. Late on Friday, the company offered some information on the HTML5 video and audio changes and improvements it has made for the version of Internet Explorer 11 that was made for Windows Phone 8.1.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

"Internet Explorer in Windows Phone 8.1 now provides full support for HTML5 media. Videos can play natively in the browser without plug-ins, and HTML5 media element events, attributes and properties are fully supported as well. Multiple audio elements can play simultaneously on a single page, making it possible to use HTML5 audio with games or interactive Web apps. And video playback works on a 512MB device. This is a mobile browser, after all!"

Videos that play in IE11 do so by default inside the webpage they are hosted on, but website coders also have the option to have the clip play in full screen mode using the FullScreen API. The popular video site Vimeo is an example of a service that chooses that option. IE11 with Windows Phone 8.1 also supports Media Source Extensions to offer users solid audio and video streaming without the use of plug-ins. Finally, it offers closed captioning of videos in the same way as the IE11 version of Windows 8.1 does.

What has your HTML5 video and audio experience been like when using IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1?

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John Callaham
  • Hmmm
  • Hate IE on Windows Phone. Loads pages everytime screen blacks out and no memory at all. You open a page, back out, come back and it's blank. Totally deviated from the IE on WP7....alas!!
  • Haven't had that happen all. Works fine on my 630. Maybe you need a hard reset or new phone.
  • He probably uses a mac and an iphone. He's just lying.
  • Nah. Hastened on mine, too, and I did a test lately. It just doesn't always cache websites but has to reload then quite often. Really annoying. They should acquire Opera or the team behind UC Browser instead of Mojang ... they know how to make a good browser!
  • You're unique as that hasn't happened to me either
  • I've never had that issue.
  • IE is absolutely terrible in 8.1. I have found no improvements only endless frustrations and time wasted. I have one phone that still has 8.0 and it works SO much better. The biggest grip is the new cursor placement that is practically useless in a text box like this. 8.0 had the best of any platform. 8.1 is far worse than the worst implementation on any of the other platforms.
  • I have said that before and I will say it again. After the "like iPhone" update IE for windows phone is not better but broken. The moment they said that it was going to be more like safari on iPhone I knew we were in for a nasty surprise. Safari on iPhone is one of the main reasons I switched! And easily the worst mobile browser. I used to say IE was by far the best mobile browser and show it off to my friends and they were impressed. Now it is a reason of shame. Loads slower, is jumpy, and most of the websites that used to work perfectly, do not anymore. On top of that, the device is often either recognized as android or "unknown" this never used to happen. It is because by the time websites were convinced to start recognizing it, Microsoft changed the user agent. Yet another shot in the foot. Good luck waiting a couple of years more hoping that devs of major websites will do it again. What if MS changes their mind again? One of the reasons why, fro a Windows Phone fanatic and evangelist, I am thinking of switching back to iPhone even if it bends, is because MS is not sticking to their guns. All the reasons that made me switch, except the camera, are no more. And even the other brands have improved their cameras quite significantly. I never thought I would thing of that, but after 2+ years swing a wonderful OS paradigm deteriorating more than being refined in order to match perceived (and I repeat, *perceived*) strengths of competitors I am very disappointed. I will wait for the next version of WP and if it is not what I hope it is, I'm back to iPhone. That is also why I am sticking to my 92x devices and not getting a new model.
  • @salazka I hope you stick with Windows Phone though I agree there have been changes to the platform that make it more LIKE other OS's and that it has lost some unique qualities.
    I understand the reasons for removing the setup social network integration for instance, so that updates could be facilitated more efficiently and quickly for certain apps such as facebook, but the change has robbed Windows Phone of a very unique feature. I wonder how Ben the PC Guy feels about it!:-)
    I also have seen the annoying problem when trying reposition the cursor in a text field on a website and find it impossible and actual have to delete (backspace) to go back to correct something. Also trying to SELECT text in a field also difficult ir fails to work.
    I love Windows Phone. I'm a HUGE supporter like many of you. I influenced 9 people to get Windows Phones.
    I am disappointed with certain things changes though. Hope to continue to see movements, and of course Cortana's great! Here's my Lament(and Praise) of Windows Phone my expression of what was lost and what's great. I wonder if you guys echo these sentiments. A WinPhan's (Windows Phone Fan) Lament & Praise of Windows Phone
  • And the desktop mode that don't work? Always open on mobile site =/
  • I've had issues as well. Especially trying to scroll on the WPCentral page. Or other pages keep reloading and scrolling back up to the top perpetually and I have had the blank page issue too. I guess it comes down to specific websites, but I feel like I'm having more issues now than I did with IE10.
  • Yes agreed...same issues. WpCentral (even with all the dedicated recent work done the their sites)....IE 11 still cannot load up in desktop mode....which when needed is a real bummer..
  • Yes.  Aweful.  Just aweful browser.  Deperately need to be able to change the default browser on WP.
  • It has happened to me after restarting the phone or stopped using IE after a while or switching to games and other stuffs. Bottom line it only happens when I stop using IE for a while.
  • Absolutely right. I couldn't explain till now what are the problem I am facing. B
  • I have just when I double tap on a video, but when switch tabs or apps... NEVER
  • L520 witch DP
  • Iiii
  • Randoom shutdowns of the browser. Several visual bugs. Don't get why RT has a decent browser (and virtually everything else) if they share the same hardware...
  • +920 Andrea
  • Exactly. Webpages shut down randomly the browser entirely, leaving my phone in a resuming and loading phase for two three minutes. Though youtube now works better than before...
  • None of what y'all have mentioned happens to me. It works perfect.
  • Rarely any issues with IE other than slow performance. 920. Perhaps people suffering are on 512MB phones?
  • They are probably using the Developer Preview version.
  • Yes random shutdown of browser happens to me as well
  • I've had random drops of the browser too, very odd.
  • Will they ever fix having to hit back a thousand times because a page embedded tons of ads?
  • Personally I wish MS had given us an option for full screen mode as well as loading on the webpage. The way it stands now when I put it in full screen it breaks up and gets pixelly.
  • Well..since cyan ie is idd jumpy..and i hate it, thats what made me cringe when on android jumpy browsers! Especially when reading! So much Time spend looking for where i used to Be! (i like To have the line i Read on the very top, so when it jumps it jumps out of sight :G)
  • For 512mb ram not only browser even if I open some simple app,after sometime it crashes and loading resuming goes on for 2-3 minutes,switching between apps is pain in a**....will never buy a windows phone....background downloading and switching between app is even better on Symbian
  • Yes it seems much better than before, still need to go to some obscure sites to see if it's across the board
  • When I'm switching tabs it sometimes reload pages even if they were fully loaded. I don't like it. Despite that IE is good browser.
  • I believe its to conserve memory, especially on 512 devices. Ms decided that reloading the page was more desirable than keeping it in memory when you aren't looking at it.
  • Strange, I didn't have those problems with WP7 devices on 512 ram, now my 8X has 1gb of ram and it's reloading pages, but I see the point, thanks.
  • WP7 was a lot lighter on RAM than WP8 is. Back then WP7 could run on as low 256mb of RAM, which were considered the budget specs like 512mb is today.
  • That happens on my 925, too. It can't be the lack of RAM. My pages reload every single time, even if it has been open seconds ago.
  • I have a theory. I think it's because IE now supports an unlimited number of tabs. The browser automatically saves the web address to disk when you switch out and reloads it when you come back. This wasn't an issue before because we had a fixed number so it only used to do that when low on memory. In my experience IE actually saves the whole page on disk, meaning you can reload the page even without an internet connection. Unfortunately some websites' designs don't make that particularly easy.
  • Isn't there a way to dynamically determine what needs to be reloaded and what gets saved? (taking variables like time since last reload and cache size)
  • As it stands things get saved by default. If you switch back into IE and an outdated version of the page loads, you could simply hit refresh to get a current one.
  • Some websites doesn't renders good
  • the mobile version of is one of the examples..  
  • What's up with SO? Doesn't look bad, to what should I be looking at?
  • in some pages in the mobile version, the width is calculated incorrectly cause the whole page to be trimmed from the right, make it impposible to read. Try to open random questions and you will see.
  • I have seen that happening on the wikipedia page on my Lumia 1020
  • Try this question on SE and see how it is rendered, it is cropped from the side:
  • Loaded and l looked fine for me on Lumia icon
  • I will try to post the link of a page that does not render well...  
  • is another...
    Wonder when they will come up with their app for WP :/
  • Many sites don't look good in mobile, regardless of what browser or OS you use.
  • That's the website not the browser.
  • Forbes and Pcmag to me, everytime i try to open this site the page stuck and cant scroll especially on pcmag sometimes i cant even go back when im on forbes . And since i am in australia ive tried searching here for of course a house and hell i cant scroll pictures and most of the time i ended up using a pc because some properties dont load even though i reloaded the page couples of time
  • has issues across the board on every platform. It's them.
  • cool
  • Also seems to ignore me setting it to Desktop Mode and displaying the mobile site far too often.
  • Even me!! Not a good slave IE!!
  • I've seen that too, but I think it's the site's fault... They don't recognize the browser and assume it's a mobile browser.
  • ditto this, it almost never gets this right. Not that IE is the only browser that does this for some sites, but this I can say is bad in IE at the moment.
  • Some sites are just built to detect resolution and automatically scales based on that alone.
  • It works great for me! Nokia Lumia 520
  • How do we get the updates?
  • Over The Air(OTA)
  • Didn't know.. Thanks by the way
  • Videos stopped playing in the browser for me. Just a blank spot on my screen
  • IE11 on my Lumia 620 does not perform good. Streaming is okay, but rendering a page is the part where it lags and hangs. I am unable to scroll for seconds as the page remains stationary with no content being loaded. I want Chrome for Windows Phone.
  • Yeah, same thing happens with me, for some time, the only way to scroll down is to start the swipe from any ads that the page may have. If you can't see any ads on the page it's useless...
  • Correct. I don't know if it works well on high end phones but it definitely needs improvement.
  • Chrome for mobile crashes and hangs alot, especially on low end devices
  • I didn't know that. Is UC or Opera better then?
  • I've been using UC, its alot better than IE, but IE does things UC doesn't do.
  • Thanks.
  • In today's standards Androids low end devices have rarely 512mb ram majority have 1gb ram.Moto E being such a low end device never in my use Hanged or lagged and about chrome for phones its blazing fast and extremely stable compared to our Shitty buggy Ie11. Microsoft is just making me crazy They add one functionality and remove or degrade 3-4.
  • Yes, I also don't like IE11. Microsoft not choosing to go for Google products is another setback.
  • Yeah, if you're blind and stupid.
  • I thought they already shared this information months ago, no?
  • They are free to share it again, no?
  • Lol, no?
  • IE has gotten better after the recent dp update. Before it crashed and caused my phone to freeze constantly. Since the update, there is much less of this behaviour. Videos don't always come up perfect either
  • yup it's still not good enough but better than before
  • Old news but yes IE11 in WP8.1 is much improved.  I used to have to bring up UC Browser much more often in the past because some videos would be weirdly sized in IE. The mainstream sites, with the exception of Yahoo, work fine now for the most part.  Of course the smaller news outlets that still only use antiquated Flash are still a problem.
  • I notice with the least update eBay links no longer take me to a useless wap eBay page... I can see the items again! They're definitely fixing things here and there with these small updates...
  • I love it, except that, unless the site takes the Full Screen API option, you have to work a bit to frame the video on the screen.
  • Double trap on the video will make the video full screen
  • Yeah. Not always.
  • What about decode error?
  • They have fucked IE mobile since wp8.1 update, tabs keep reloading, freezes, crashes. IE mobile is no where near Safari mobile unfortunately
  • This. Same here.
  • I had these problems before Cyan, now IE works perfectly,
  • Either your a troll or your phone is messed up cuz my I.E works fine try doing a soft reset see if that helps I.E never inc crash for me and I have had like ten different WP 8-8.1 devices so sorry either your phones messed up or your over her talking crap cuz for some reason you feel threatened by WP
  • Oh, c'mon.  This is a fact.  Happens on every Windows Phone, all the damn time (there are 5 WPs in my family, so I know!). IE is a horrible, horrible browser.
  • ie 11,works very well from the and update 1 ots very good. i still keep uc browser but ie does very well on 3g and wifi network
  • Dude ie11 sucks too much IMO ie10 was better. Oh lord please give some Brains to the Windowsphone team.
  • I love the way video playback is handled now. Works great and I haven't even used a dedicated video app for a long time thanks to it. Now get to work on fixing the rest of IE... After WP 8.1 Update it crashes and is buggy as hell. Back button crashes the browser almost every time. Opening links in Facebook and similar sites hardly ever works without selecting "open in new tab". JavaScript buttons are hit or miss. Desktop/mobile setting seems to be ignored a lot of the time. They changed the user agent so every site thinks it's Android now, which means that "Get app" links take me to Google Play a lot of the time. Etc, etc... A whole number of minor issues that combine to an overall shaky experience. I love the functions like swipe to move back and forth in history, or the syncing of tabs with desktop IE, but stability and reliability is a huge issue right now. As we all know, due lack of some apps WP also has to rely on its browser more than Android and iOS does, which exacerbates the issue.
  • YouTube is terrible on my 520 with Cyan. Almost always the video will display a "decode error", be it at or an embedded YouTube video.
    I don't remember the last time IE ran a video smoothly, this happens even with short videos. I have to rely on Metrotube all the time.
    In short, IE11 video experience is ridiculously bad.
    And IE11 crashes a lot, too...
  • Really? Works fine for me... Never got these errors... Did you downgraded to 8 before upgrading to 8.1 or did you wait for the fix? Not that should have made any difference come to think of it....
  • I had DP8.1 and then I used the Software Recovery Tool to get Cyan.
    IE11 is really annoying at times. It has weird glitches too. Suddenly I'll find the whole display filled with address bars, flashing black and white, and then it will show the Resuming.... and I'll find myself oh my start screen. :P
  • I don't have any IE11 problems with Youtube on a 520 and a 521 both running on 8.1.1.  The 520 is running Cyan and the 521 is on Black.  Both do have micro SD cards though so storage isn't a problem.
  • Maybe 8.1.1 solves the things? Come to think of it, I never had major issues before 8.1. Simply clicking on a video would show it in full screen without any tantrums. The only problem back then was that the video would stop loading if the phone was switched to the lock screen. They simply needed to fix that issue but they messed up...
  • even ie have problems some times problems with u tube. i mainly use my tube but ie u tube isnt good.
  • YT had always worked flawlessly on my L820.
  • Lucky you. 820>>>>520 obviously...
  • What about compatabilty view????
  • Works much better on my Lumia 520. In the past videos used to run a muck up and down a site and be out of sync, for those sites that actually showed the videos, now they just last and work as they should. Point is, if I want to stream YouTube I can choose not to use an app, IE works just fine.
  • Yeah IE used to work when 8.1 was first released then another update screwed it up for me but another update fixed it and then update 1 comes along and now it's right back where it started and bout playing videos on YouTube. I constantly get an error on YouTube while trying to play a video. So no 1080p videos for me
  • Ok, I didn't do the whole Developer account thing to get the 8.1 Developer Preview update but my phone just updated to 8.1 two weeks ago. And I didn't see any news about an official release. What the heck did I get?
  • I think v8.1 has been out in the wild for some time, v8.1.1 (the one with folders) is the one rolling out now/near future for non-DP phones
  • Windows phone 8.1 has been released now hasn't it? As Lumia Cyan was to come out with wp8.1... So you Probs got the wp8.1 now :)
  • If you're on a nokia, go to settings>extras+info>it will then say Lumia _ . It will be cyan if anything.
  • I think none got what you said. I hope I get it and here is the answer xD
    You need this 2 links that are more complete: And this one if you want to know about everything:
  • It would be awesome if MS add video or music background playing, even when you are in another tab (or app)
  • I really want this feature, I miss playing games while listening to music like I did on my Android devices.
  • I use myTube. It has an option to keep the audio playing in the background.
  • Mytube is my favourite YouTube app specifically for that feature.
  • I played around with UC Browser after the review just recently. Used as my main browser for a few days before... back to IE11.
    I do have recommendations for IE11.
    - Pinning a site to place site icon on tile with background from the main theme colour from their logo as in Windows 8.
    - Address bar to automatically hide while scrolling, like... erm... Safari on iOS8.
    - Option to start on a "New Tab" with most common pages or whatever as a speed dial, like on IE11 - desktop.
    - Ability to play music in background through E11.
    -This one's for Windows Phone. Option to have a 3rd party browser as default.
  • Or just add all the features from the desktop version (but don't make it as slow as it). Simples!
  • IE11 on desktop is slow ? This is news to me.
  • It's a complete mess, for your information.
  • Its useless to put any kind of wishlist to wpcentral. Nobody from Microsoft WP decisionmakers read this site.
  • They do, for your kind info. This has been stated many times by the WPC authors.
  • I doubt they really do or maybe they are blind. Atleast they should learn something from the people's opinion.
  • Please kill inline videos or give us magnifying glasses to see that little window.
  • I like the video and I suppose the audio too
  • After the GDR1 (8.1) Its got all messy again
    Pages load the mobile version by default, even if you check the desktop version. even worse some pages are loading in wap!
    Best example, try loading youtube. Its always the mobile version. Before GDR1 you could have video playback even in desktop mode, but not now
    And the funniest thing, Websites try to inject lagdroid malware, thinking that I'm running some crappy OS and some think I need itunes on my 'Idioit' to run their music.
  • The eBay wap issue seems to be fixed for me after the latest DP update last week.
  • Very often i can't put the videos to fullscreen mode, while it works perfectly on other mobile browsers. Then i have to zoom and move arround, to see as much and as big as possible, but browser elements reduce the visible screen size. And like mentioned by others before, desktop mode doen't work on many sites anymore.
  • It's been Ok I guess. But how do I set a default homepage on IE 11 mobile?? Is it even possible?
  • No :(
  • Given that you can pin sites to your start screen, I suppose it wasn't deemed as necessary.
  • No. Because those idiots don't think its necessary
  • Their internet needs to be improve. Can't even use desktop mode for for my project. MS needs to do better with their mobile web browser. Maybe ill go back to Apple for the safari browser.
  • Some of websites that I always surf into have a HUGE problem when I want to play some clip (usually Flowplayer). It's ALWAYS displayed "ERROR: Video not found". But when I watch on my laptop. I can watch it normally. P.S. Before Windows Phone 8.1 came out, I can watch them all. But now it doesn't!
  • It's not so great, unfortunately. About a quarter of the time videos, on youtube in particular don't play and there is a 'decode error'. It's an improvement over WP8 in the sense the videos don't have to play in full screen and you can easily play from a point in the video, but it's just not as stable.
  • Very happy most of the time. Works better than Dolphin browser and chrome on my Asus transformer running android
  • IE on WP sucks lately. Videos on websites autoplay, lots of sites cause it to crash, when reading articles on The Verge it constantly jumps back up to the top of the page as you're scrolling and reading. It's just been frustrating.
  • Did you try the reading view? I often read articles on The verge without problem.
  • Good point, I love reading view, it's a godsend. But often I'm too impatient or I simply forget to wait for reading view to be available for the article and I start reading without it. Also, if I want to go straight to the comments section it's a problem. But yeah, good call out on reading view.
  • On TheVerge it's a site problem. Just wait for the site to load a few seconds (annoying but eh) and then it won't jump anymore .
  • Have to say I am not that impressed with ie11 on my 920 performance is only so so and too many websites have compatibility issues.
  • Still does not work with Wish I could watch classes on my 920!
  • I hope IE12 can improve a lot, so those IE haters will stfu.
  • I also love the reading view. For those that have problem, can you give us some examples here?
  • I wasn't even aware of the video enhancements. I certainly haven't had any of the problems some people are reporting on either my 930, nor my "spare" 520. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  • gmail on IE is good..
  • Embedded video is broken on most sites after 8.1.1 And to make video play fullscreen is a real PAIN after 8.1
  • I don't like loading mobile site versions. I prefer full desktop. And after 8.1 cyan some sites that I go to only load in mobile style now and that doesn't make me happy. :(
  • Luckily for us more and more sites are adopting Responsive Design and there won't be desktop and mobile versions anymore. Just one adaptable one.
  • HTML 5 is awesome and should continue to be embraced.
  • Honestly, I liked WP8 better than WP8.1 only because of the Music+Video App, it was my favorite, but now, I wish I can go back
  • Video and audio in IE11, the topic is this article, is much better on my 1520 with 8.1. However, I find many sites render poorly ( is one). The biggest issue I have is page loading. IE11 keeps periodically scrolls to the top of the page while loading rather than letting me scroll and start reading as it's loading, looks it used to. If I scroll in IE at any time, it should keep my place, even if the page isn't done loading yet. Example,
  • It supports swiping on websites. Before then u are on you couldn't swipe through the news. After the 8.1 update you can swipe the news and whatever is on the website.
  • MS is simply dumb as shit. They removed background audio streaming for what reason? Dumbasses have no idea what the hell they're doing. Only pushing more and more people back to Android or iPhone
  • I can background stream from myTube without problem.
  • Is this how they're justifying not having a rich Youtube app / experience? Garbage.
  • Ie11 on WP8.1 is buggy under the thumb and often poor at correctly rendering webpages. It needs some serious work to match Chrome and Safari.
  • It definitely need. But Microsoft should give choice to people. Let Google make Chrome, give them the required APIs. Set an agreement, I don't care. What if I use Chrome on the desktop? I don't want to migrate to IE... 
  • IE renders horrible mobile web pages. Google . Com is just one of the example to have a 90's experience
  • IE11 is horrible in video experience
  • Other thing that doesn't work on IE is that some has extensions doesn't work. Even swipejs doesn't work
  • There is a bug guys, occasionally when browsing YouTube videos, IE will cause my phone to freeze. Locking my phone will cause the screen to display gray on the whole screen, even my glance screen is f up
  • I often see a flickering white screen, and sometimes it carries on even after I go to the start screen. Most common though is the 'video not decoded' error.
  • Wonder when\if webm will be supported
  • I bought my 920 in Jan 2013. From that time until january this year, the IE10 crashed maybe 2 or 3 times on my phone under WP 8.0, even though I used it every day. Since the first beta of WP8.1, I can hardly browse any site for 20 minutes without a crash. Youtube is the worst among all: I dont know if the satan google injects on purpose some harmful javascript code if it detects a WP8.x client or its a MS bug since the "improved" new anti-standard User Agent string (I can imagine both are guilty), but most of the time I can reliably reproduce an IE crash on yt pages in 1-2 minutes. All you need to do, is to scroll among videos in your favorites list or what-to-watch-next list up/down (signin to your google account, however I dont know if that has an influence on the crash or not), let it load some more videos into the list by scrolling down, and tadaaa.. it crashed.   "And video playback works on a 512MB device. This is a mobile browser, after all!" Are you cretins proud of that achievement, that you dont (yet) require 1 Gb RAM to replay videos?? Congrats, idiots for this achievement! On my 1Gb 920, anytime I go back to IE after sent to the background, its first action is to reload the damn page. I dont run any apps in the background (all are disabled from settings), still I feel the 1Gb is not enough for IE. Wonder how sh*tty the experience is for those poor 512MB users.
  • Been using 8.1 developers on my 1520 since it came out, I'd love it more if it didn't freeze and lock up every darn day.... Tired of the soft reset!!!
  • Videos play well now in my 1520 and 925. When I was on WP 8, playing video was a hit or miss thing but now it's consistently good in both my phones running WP8.1.
  • It's been great on my Lumia 1020. No issues and runs beautifully.
  • Not good, up and down results
  • IE on Windows Phone 8.1 as on 8 is sometimes really, really painful to use. That's why we need apps for sites like FB, Twitter, tumblr etc. :) But imo IE isn't that bad to throw it away and never return. I'd rate it 7,5/10
  • Will my YouTube is very unstable
  • As a few commenters have said the browser does close down randomly on some pages. My other big issue is if I'm listening to music some sites stop the music playing, this happens on all Gawker sites e.g. Gizmodo, Kotaku.
  • Microsoft should drop Trident engine from IE finally and start using Blink. Everyone's life would be easier and more simple... And finally set an agreement with Google (and give them the required APIs) to make Chrome (and other Google apps) for WP8.1! Satisfy your customers' needs!!!
  • Does this mean the YouTube app will be back?
  • loving IE 11 on my WP 8.1 .... i've had no issues with the pages i visit!
  • Because you are a newbie to web experience
  • Αre yoU tottaly crazy people at MS? GIVE FLIPBOARD FOR 512 RAM DEVICES OF STAY AT 2.3%.
  • It works great but only thing I hate is it reload the whole page whenever I switch between apps ...
  • Wait... I though WP 8.1 is released at the same time as Cyan? What does he meant by "at least the developer preview"?
  • Cyan = Nokia firmware that requires carrier approval and testing. WP 8.1 is OS update that is independent of firmware. Cyan unlocks some features in 8.1 but you can still install 8.1\8.1.1 without cyan. The recent fix with developer preview was for those who had 8.1 DP but no cyan yet. If your carrier approved cyan then for those on DP you had to downgrade to 8.0 using Nokia reset tool and then upgrade using normal method to get firmware and OS update. Latest fix for DP allowed those in 8.1 DP without cyan to avoid downgrade step and get cyan. Hope this makes sense.
  • Hmmm you're right... Maybe I'm just sleepy that I've forgot about that... I'm just wondering though... I have an unlocked Nokia Lumia 920... And I've checked the Country availability of Nokia Cyan in my Country (Indonesia) which already says available... But after updating the new DP update, there's still no new update for my phone... Why is that??? Now I'm in real need for cyan cause that's my last hope for fixing the laggyness and this hopeless battery endurance... (12 hours dead even without me doing anything...)
  • Love it for the most part. Still not perfect but they're getting close to making it a great browser. My only real issue is the pages reloading when I switch back via the task switcher. Some times it doesn't matter but others it loses my place or it's a non refreshable page and I lose my progress. Most other issues are with how websites are developed like mouse over menus and things like that.
  • What about this issue: still running 8.0. Do you think that could cause an effing issue! If I don't see Windows 8.1 by next week, I'm going back to Apple. At least they get updates...
  • To be honest i think they should change the IE experience not just the video and audio. I really hate the swipe to back thing on IE 11 especially when visiting site that has pictures that you need to swipe to scroll. I hate it when i have to use other phone to use other site because my IE doesnt give me the full experience even here at wpcentral the IE is not as fluid as other web browsers from other os'. i cant even scroll pictures without having any issues. I hate to say this but i prefer using IOS on web browsing over any browsers ive tried on WP
  • The update is a gift and a curse for my 1520.3 I love the fact that more websites videos play, however the influx of page disrupting ads makes me second guess if I would rather have the old way. Ads before were not this intrusive, now those video ads blare out, interrupt my music, can be a hassle but already I don't have to run to my surface every time I want to see a video
  • Still get the popping sound when scrubbing videos.
  • Running official WP 8.1 now, with Cyan. Think IE with DP update 1 was close to useless. No video on most sites, my Lumia 1020 was suddenly an Nokia iPhone running iOS 7 and IE 11, was taken to Google play store when clicking on app links...
    Hope they don't let that POS web kit adjusted IE out in public!
  • Wow I'm honestly supprised by all the issues people are haveing with IE11 I admit it IS behind Safari/Chrome (MS own fault for halting develpoment of IE for a few year) but YouTube and Vimeo has allways worked flawlessly for me on my 920. In fact since GDR1 the only real issue I've had is Google Voice's mobile site will not let me paste phone #'s from the clipboard I either have to dial the number manually or switch to the desktop page which works fine.
  • I hate that tick tock or pop voice that comes with scrubbing in an app e.g my tube.
  • I hate Internet Explorer. It scores 372 on html5test. It has only 16 out of 30 elements. It doesn't even have interactive element. I hate to see the awful layout of mobile webpages on IE. I don't know how can anyone be a fan of IE. Just visit google mobile site from your phone. It seems like you are in 90's. Chrome is far better than IE in terms of features and page rendering. It scores 490.
  • 720 pages loading just fine without rendering problems
  • I had a compatibility issues with the previous version on IE ... It didn't open blogs well, after the update they worked properly. Oh I have to mention that before the update YouTube pages opened in desktop version now they only open in mobile version even if I set the browser in the settings to open desktop version.
  • Yeah ever since they changed the compatibility to match Android/iPhone.... most websites don't render nicely anymore, all my HTML emails I receive look off now, and i HATE how it refreshes the tabs everytime I switch apps.  I can't view opened tabs while off offfline anymore because of this.
  • On my Lumia 1020, my IE experience is worse since upgrading to Cyan.
  • It's better than desktop IE, but that's not saying much.
  • PLEASE revert to old tab behavior MS... It used to be I could open a link in a new tab, then hit back to return to the page I was on before. Now, if I do that, the new tab I opened goes away :/ makes for a lot more manual tab switching, which sucks because it reloads the content from scratch almost every time
  • keep the things up ....
  • Ie best browser
  • I will like to us able to stream live action like sports games esp football on 1520.
  • Attention please!
    I can't play you tube video natively in browser mode while I select mobile viewing mode. The problem I found after instilling wp8.1 update1. However, I was able to play video before update. Desktop mode is okay. (Lumia 1320)
  • It was better before the GDR1 update broke things. Picture heavy sites like OKCupid are unusable now.
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  • Ie on WP has gotten worse with the new update....reloading when I want desktop. I've also notice ie makes my phone run hot.
  • Inline video is one of the worst features of WP 8.x. Please kill it!!
  • No problem at all, IE is working even better than before L920++
  • Does that mean I can play YouTube songs in the background without opening the app?
  • Great I love ie
  • Until it can render mobile facebook properly, I'll never consider it a good browser. The FB app sucks, and then the mobile website can't even frame the photos inside the display.
  • Yep, it's bad enough the WP Facebook app is at best mediocre, loading the Fb website on IE on Windows Phones is even worse, looks like a Symbian application from six years ago.
  • Everytime I want to watch a video on YouTube in IE on my 625 it goes back and get a "Decode Error" message
  • Can we get background audio back for sites that have streaming audio? Heck, can we get background video too?
  • And I still can't see any Flash things...
  • Is it ie11? Did you really upgrade to cyan?
  • Yes, of course. I am running preview for developers program. Latest updates installed, cyan running. I looked in phone infos.
  • It's okay. EVERYTIME it jumps to the home screen after watching YouTube for about 15 to 20 minutes. The only thing I like is that I can download audio from ESL PODCAST which helps me a lot
  • Shitty browser...need to improve more...
  • If they can fix facebook rendering that would be great,but YouTube now works so I got things going for me
  • I preferred the old full screen way of playing video.
    Now videos are often show only half or don't fill out on the screen correctly. It also takes more effort to get a video full screen. And scrolling in the video itself is inaccurate and gives a strange sound every single time the video continues. Compared to iPhones this user experience is not so good.. Hopefully MS gives an option to play video's always full screen.
  • This feature has made me reset my phone 5 times... Mostly gets hang while playing inline videos.....grrrrr
  • Mmmmm.... Wp 8.1 U1
  • Main problem on IE is this after playing video on youtube, IE sometimes bloks complete device. This hapaned on my L920, 1020, 925 cyan, and ativ s PFD 8.1, never on 8! Solution volume down+power soft restart lumias, on ativ s remove the battery :(
  • Hate IE always lags a lot while playing videos and sometimes even crases!!
  • Ie11 seems to consume too much battery. Hope they could make it run at half the energy.
  • Mobile Internet Explorer has been pretty terrible forever; it's not new news. It's one of the main reasons that my Lumia 1020 is no longer my daily driver; switched to a Moto X and using Chrome. Maybe with the Threshold move, Microsoft can get the browser from Windows RT devices running on phones, but I doubt it.
  • After 8.1 update 1, websites detects my phone as an Android device. I'm not on Android!!! Also when switching from tabs to tabs, pages are always loaded again, not cached or something. I hope it would improve and gets better on the next updates.