Microsoft Office 365 is coming to the Mac App Store

Microsoft has already made leaps to bring its apps to competitor platforms in recent years, and it's getting ready to tackle another: macOS. At its WWDC 2018 event today, Apple revealed that Microsoft's Office 365 suite will be headed to the Mac App Store later this year.

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The news came alongside a redesigned app store, along with a slew of other third-party apps that will be coming to the Mac App Store along with it.

Of course, Office 365 apps are already available for Mac, and they're continually updated with new features. Microsoft even runs an Insider program for Mac users to test new capabilities before they roll out to everyone else. However, installing the apps through the Mac App Store will give Mac users one place to manage updates and install Office 365 alongside all of their other apps.

There's no word on when Office 365 will hit the Mac App Store, but it will presumably come sometime after the new macOS Mojave lands with the redesigned App Store later this year.

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  • Cool. What about Office 365 on Microsoft Store?
  • It is but for a strange reason only for S and not for all versions. Can't use it with my university license
  • it already is on the Microsoft Store. My Office apps (365) on my Win10 machine are all from the store and are updated directly from the store (when an update becomes available)
  • It's available for 365 Home and Personal subscriptions. I don't think it is limited to Win10 S any more.
    No idea why University licenses are not included, but my guess is Enterprise licenses are excluded since they come with unsupported add-ins like PowerPivot. You need the full desktop install to run .com add-ins.
  • (deleted)
  • I thought it was already there................
  • iTunes to Microsoft Store. Office to Mac App store. Sounds like a (pretty darn reasonable) quid pro quo.
  • I would love to see Cortana on Mac. My new job uses Macs and I'm going to miss having my reminders and interests available on my work computer.
  • And why is it not on the MS Store yet? I know it's on S, but it should on the OS that 99,9% of people use.
  • its already on the store.. im using windows 10 pro with office 365 MS store version
  • I've seen several people on here ask why it's not available for the Windows version of the Microsoft I the only one who's seen some weird issues with this? I have an Office 365 University license, and the individual programs are always searchable in the store. However, on my Surface Pro 4, if I select "Install", it downloads the app directly. On my Surface Pro 3, when I do the same thing, it opens a browser window that takes me to a page to download the .exe file. It seems that with the Windows version of the MS Store, there's some weird schizophrenic stuff going on with the ability to install Office 365. I hope it's not just me!
  • Are you using a Microsoft account login on both of them?