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Microsoft outlines roadmap for bringing Skype for Business features to Teams

At its Ignite 2017 conference in September, Microsoft initially confirmed plans to have Microsoft Teams replace Skype for Business in as a singular communications client in Office 365. But, although the two have some feature overlap already, Microsoft will have to work on bringing some unique features from Skype for Business over to Microsoft Teams. In a new Tech Community post (opens in new tab), Microsoft has outlined its roadmap for doing just that (via OnMSFT).

In terms of messaging, Microsoft says it intends to offer screen sharing during chats and federation between companies by the end of Q2 2018. Also due in Q2 2018 are specific enhancements for meetings, including meeting room support with Skype Room Systems, along with "cloud video interoperability capabilities that allow third party meeting room devices to connect to Teams meetings." Finally, Microsoft plans to add voicemail for Teams by the end of this quarter, while using your existing voice line to activate calling services in Office 365 is expected for Q2 2018.

Lastly, Microsoft says new "intelligent communications" features are coming to Teams by the end of Q2 2018. These will include the ability to record a meeting to store in Teams, add transcriptions, and search for key terms.

For more, you can check out Microsoft's detailed roadmap in the Tech Community post (opens in new tab).

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  • Yet again "coming soon", "next quarter".
  • Soon.... It feels like each team at Microsoft only has 3 people max.
  • Terrible, everything about Microsoft - we stop with this device, this programme, or it´s delayed until next yaer. And in the end it will be dropped, because now it´s to late and not actual any longer, not possible to sell. As consumers we can trust them, they ask us to take the Android road. But any way, Skype is destroyed, terrible to look at and use. Before we use it a lot, not today. I think the Skype team is blind, maybe only two blind people works there.
  • I just hope the calling with my phone number from Teams means there's hope for a browser-based calling experience. Also, I hope they add calling to the apps...and make the feature better than Skype for Business on devices.
  • Maybe now they can separate the Skype "consumer" brand from the Business brand. Merging the two was a good idea in theory, but like all things Skype it got so botched in the delivery.
  • Skype is dead, MS failed again
  • Please don't. Look at lotus same time for a better design. Or copy whatsapp. And fix your gd copy paste functionality so you can actually copy from one Skype chat to another instead of saying you don't recognize the format.
  • Since they can't even make a quick transition from wunderlist to To-Do, can people expect the same from the Skype to Teams transition?