Microsoft Outlook has a new floor plan feature on Android and iOS

Outlook and Edge on iOS
Outlook and Edge on iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Outlook for mobile devices has a new feature.
  • It now allows for adding floor plans to reserved workspaces to help show where workspaces are.
  • The feature is tagged as in development but appears to be rolling out.

Outlook on Android and iOS devices is about to get a little bit better because you'll now be able to add floor plans to workspace reservations.

The feature is straightforward: In Outlook, you can now add floor plans and choose specific rooms and spaces as workspaces, which will be shown on the floor plan. The idea is that everyone who needs to congregate at a given space will have an easier time finding it.

As spotted by OnMSFT, the feature's gradual rollout seems to have begun. Even though it's labeled as "in development" on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, it's also slated for a May 2021 release, so perhaps we're in the midst of its arrival.

Office Floor Plans

Source: OnMSFT (Image credit: Source: OnMSFT)

To utilize the new feature, go through the usual workspace booking procedure, add your building, and select an option from the available floor plans. You won't have any if your organization hasn't uploaded any, so keep in mind that you may not have the option to utilize this feature.

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