Outlook.com's upgrade completion date is still up in the air

Microsoft now says that messages spotted by some Outlook.com users claiming the upgrade to the new version of the free web email service would be completed by the first half of 2017 was "incorrect".

Previously, Microsoft stated the upgrade to the new Outlook.com would be completed by the end of this summer. A few days ago, some Outlook.com users saw the following message pop up when they tried to share calendars:

We're currently upgrading Outlook.com accounts. During the upgrade, you won't be able to share your calendar with some accounts, but you can still send a link to your calendar by clicking "Get a link". We expect the upgrade to be finished in the first half of 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Outlook.com.

Now, ZDNet has received a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson on those Outlook.com messages:

"The error message incorrectly stated the date as the first half of 2017; we're updating this message to reflect the latest migration schedule. We are in the final stages of the Outlook.com migration, with nearly 90% of our active users already migrated. A small percentage of our active users will take additional time to migrate based on certain features they are using like shared calendars."

Microsoft has still not offered a specific time frame for how long it will take to complete the Outlook.com upgrade.

John Callaham