Outlook.com's upgrade completion date is still up in the air

Microsoft now says that messages spotted by some Outlook.com users claiming the upgrade to the new version of the free web email service would be completed by the first half of 2017 was "incorrect".

Previously, Microsoft stated the upgrade to the new Outlook.com would be completed by the end of this summer. A few days ago, some Outlook.com users saw the following message pop up when they tried to share calendars:

We're currently upgrading Outlook.com accounts. During the upgrade, you won't be able to share your calendar with some accounts, but you can still send a link to your calendar by clicking "Get a link". We expect the upgrade to be finished in the first half of 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Outlook.com.

Now, ZDNet has received a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson on those Outlook.com messages:

"The error message incorrectly stated the date as the first half of 2017; we're updating this message to reflect the latest migration schedule. We are in the final stages of the Outlook.com migration, with nearly 90% of our active users already migrated. A small percentage of our active users will take additional time to migrate based on certain features they are using like shared calendars."

Microsoft has still not offered a specific time frame for how long it will take to complete the Outlook.com upgrade.

John Callaham
  • I love being special and being in the non-migrated 10% is priceless. :D
  • Same. I'm in that 10% as what seems like most people I know. Ironically, my really old (now spam) account and really new account (for dev related work) are both migrated. The one that isn't? The one I use everyday.
  • Same. I don't use shared calendars, which is the feature that articles have focused on. I also don't use a custom domain. I DO make heavy use of rules (100+, I believe), and so I wonder if having more than, say, 3 rules is a significant factor in whether one gets migrated late.
  • @Earthling
    I didn't know outlook web had any rules feature.
  • Yeah, I use them all the time to help sort my inbox
  • Is your new account is your MS account you use for Windows 10 ? If yes, so it's normal. All my secondary accounts are migrated, my main account used for my Windows devices not.
  • I read some where a few months ago that another factor for being in the 10% club would be if you are using your account to log in to a Windows Phone, which would be the reason my account hasn't transfered as I'm not sharing any calendars.
  • Same here. My active account is still in 10%. But my old hotmail account got updated.
  • @Daniel God, isn't that the truth! I swear I've had the same hotmail address for over 25 yrs. and I have never received the amount of spam I am now getting since the transition from Outlook.com to Outlook Mail (both web versions) two to three weeks ago. I am getting approx. a 100, often more of this disgusting filthy smut spam and obvious malware scam emails daily. It is ridiculous!!! Now granted, at least mine are going directly into my Junk Folder...but that is little consolation when you get over 100 of these a day. Like a lot of people I have to check my Junk Folder on a regular basis for those folks I've yet to add to my contacts or safe senders lists that are legitimate emails. It is asinine to have to muddled through 100's of these spam emails just to find a few legitimate emails you need. Also Outlook Mail keeps putting stuff in my Junk Folder that I have asked it to recognize as legitimate mail but that isn't working either. All in all, I've written rules...not working. Identified this smut as spam, junk and phishing attacks as that is what most of this stuff is...not working. I've swept and blocked literally 1000's...not working. I've gone to the "Ask the Community" forums only to find no solutions but just more frustrated users and clueless moderators. It's always the same response no matter where you look, moderators telling you to block or write a rule/sweep. They have no clue that that doesn't work because the spammers change their email addresses DAILY so it is impossible to keep up if you could. I've placed this issue in the feedback hub. I even spent an hour last evening with a Microsoft tech guy in the "Answer Desk" support venue and all I received was an answer that actually made me livid. He suggested that I "unsubscribe" to these third party sites that I had registered with, up my anti-spam protection to which he actually suggested I use Symantec and gave me the link! Firstly, I have NEVER registered with any third party porn or scammer sites. I have one of the best anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam programs installed on my laptop, in addition to Windows Defender now being able to run in the background since the AU, and this Microsoft guy suggests I download Symantec? Oh the irony! 
    Lastly, I can't believe a Microsoft tech was actually telling me to "unsubscribe" to this spam smut to which I never registered with in the first place! Anyone worth their weight, knows you don't unsubscribe to this trifling mess as it only notifies the spammers that they have a "live email" account address and they will just inundate with you more of this crap. A Microsoft tech guy telling a user to do this? Really??? I was flabbergasted. Also found it ironic that the Microsoft tech's email sent to me after the the "Answer Desk" session to critique his performance immediately arrived in my Junk Folder with the other 214 spam emails that arrived that particular day after he suggested earlier that I sweep any unwanted messages out of there from unknown senders! I almost threw my laptop across the room!!! Microsoft what has happened to you??? Honestly, I know I wouldn't get a response, but I actually sent a tweet to Satya Nadella about this issue I was so ticked off. I am just about at my wits end with this crap! Why does Microsoft put all the onus on the user instead of them handling this stuff. I can't believe that with the resources at this company's disposal they can't stop this stuff! Begs the question, are they profiting from these scammers and spammers??? Don't even get me started on Skype being automatically integrated in Outlook Mail!!! Anyone have a solution? 
  • The one I use daily and the account I use with my Windows Phone also isn't migrated. Funny or just coincidence maybe?
  • http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/outlookcom/first-look-outlook-com-on-of...
  • Finally, my Outlook experience has been upgraded this afternoon! I thought something was up because all of a sudden all my contact photo's in my people app and messaging app disappeared on my Lumia 950 XL. Logged in online and got the greeting that I had the new Outlook. Hope everything resyncs and I don't have to re-add everyone's photos.
  • Also part of the 10%.
  • I'm not part of the 1%, but somehow I managed to be part of the 10%... yay me!
  • I think that means only 10% people actually use the key features of Outlook.com. And guess what, they get the new experience after everyone.. Makes sense (not)..
  • As there is Cats logic, there is Microsoft logic.
  • I believe they said anyone using shared calendars or connecting to their outlook.com account via a Windows Phone would be the last to be upgraded. The majority of users on this site would likely fall into the latter, easily. Even though I've moved on from WP it was connected to that account for years.
  • I'm glad mine wasn't migrated yet. I don't use the Outlook app because the UI is terrible so I'm not eager to have it forced on me on the browser too. Though I'm accustomed to see Hotmail's inbox UI going downhill for years now anyway.
  • The Mail app for Win 10 is poo
  • Mail is a pretty good app. Works really well for me.
  • If you don't mind me asking, what issues do you see with the UI? What would be your suggestions to make it better? 
  • Also part of the 10%
  • I assume i got the update recently as my number of spam messages has increased tenfold.
  • that probably just means your email address got released to a new wave of spammers. it happens randomly. i highly doubt it has to do with the migration. moreover, i think you can tell if you just compare your interface to that in the picture. if you happened to see an increase in spam at the same time as an upgrade, its more likely an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Is the new version supposed to look like the picture in the article? If so, I believe I've had that for quite some time. Still, I am quite surprised that a lot of the commenters here don't have it since there's about 90% users migrated already, apparently.
  • I'll join you in the 10%! I didn't realise it was related to the shared calendar. That explains it. I've seen some people with the new version and some with the old.
  • Trust Microsoft to handle security. I have no complain so far.
  • i wish i knew what i could drop so that they'd migrate me... or even simply know that if i did drop those features that i'd get upgraded.
  • I'm not sure if this is related but we are not allowed to make a "New Contact Group" because it's grayed out. I read somewhere that was because of this migration needs to happen first. Very frustrating.
  • +10%
  • I'm in that 10%, lucky I am.
  • I suspect that all the remaining accounts are from WP users, included mine. Every other people I know, who doesn't have a WP, has received the new outlook.
  • That make sense to me. Still waiting to see when will I get that new outlook.
  • I don't like being in the 10%
  • Still waiting here on my main account.All my other accounts have migrated though... I guess that one account is my 10%
  • My account I use for everything (wp, Windows,...) Hasnt migrated, while the new, spam accounts already has. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Another 10%'er here xD   I guess there is some way in wich we powerusers used our accounts that makes the migration process take longer/take place last??
  • Always =(
  • In general, I would appreciate more coverage of Microsoft's online services. E.g. OneDrive, Sway.
  • i still have not been upgraded, kinda frustrating.
  • Haven't been upgraded either. Anybody who has, once upgrade, are you able to delete old shared calendars from Windows Live Groups?
  • I finally got the upgrade this morning.