Microsoft partners with dbrand to make original Surface skins

Surface Duo 2020 Dbrand
Surface Duo 2020 Dbrand (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft launched a website for original Surface skins inspired by celebrities and influencers.
  • The website features designs inspired by former NFL player Martellus Bennett and creator Cache Bunny.
  • The skins featured on the website are made by dbrand.

Earlier today, we spotted a video by the Microsoft Surface team with the tagline "original by design." Alongside that video highlighting the Surface family of devices, Microsoft announced a website called WeAreOriginalByDesign. The website includes dbrand skins for Microsoft's entire range of Surface devices.

The website features original designs inspired by different celebrities and influencers, such as creator Cache Bunny and former NFL player Martellus Bennett. In total, there are seven skins featured right now, six of which are inspired by people. The seventh is dbrand's well-known Robot Camo pattern. Each featured person also has a video that tells their story and a section that breaks down the Surface kit that they use.

If you click the section to redesign your Surface, you're taken to an area to pick out your skin. You have to select a category of Surface first, such as Surface Pro, and then you can pick a specific model. For example, if you'd like a skin for your Surface Pro X, you have to first select Surface Pro and then specify that you want a skin for the Surface Pro X.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

When you've picked out what you'd like to buy, going to your cart redirects you to dbrand's website.

The website seems a bit awkward to navigate at this point, especially with a keyboard and mouse. There are several different types of movement required to navigate the site, including clicking and dragging a page, clicking through content, and ultimately jumping to another website entirely to make a purchase. It doesn't load on Edge on my Android phone either at this point.

Your reward for navigating the website is a unique set of skins for just about any Surface device that you'd like.

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  • Those skins looks pretty damn schmick.
  • I wonder whether the clunky state of the web site is the reason for the lack of fanfare at the moment, but you'd think that they wouldn't make it public at all if there's still s
  • OK, I see that it's not clunky through lack of work but is trying to use a more dynamic presentation. I think it looks good but some of the navigation won't feel familiar so it may not be completely intuitive to many people. As soon as you realise that you need to use the scroll wheel to navigate various sections with depth then it works well.
  • My opinion, but the site sucks and gets in the way of the product. As far as the skins, good idea but boring and I would not spend $30 for any of those designs.
  • Price is too high and the variety is too small but it is a place to start I guess. I think they look cool.
  • The site is horrendous. They want you to deal with cookies (why do you even need analytics collection on a site with basically 6 products?), watch an intro video, then fumble through a bunch of crappy transitions. All of this for a redundant way to buy dbrand skins...except doing so id a lot more clunky and overly involved.