What you need to know

  • Microsoft just released a video highlighting its entire Surface lineup of hardware.
  • The video focuses on the original ideas people can come up with while using Surface devices.
  • the Surface Duo, Surface Studio, Surface Book, and several other Surface devices are featured in the video.

Microsoft just announced the Surface Laptop 4 yesterday. The new laptop features refreshed internals and dramatically improved battery life compared to its predecessor. It's the latest addition to Microsoft's expanding Surface lineup. Today, Microsoft shared a video highlighting the Surface lineup as a whole that focuses on how the devices are "original by design."

The "original by design" title is a play on words that refers to both the designs of the devices themselves as well as what people create while using the devices. The video talks about finding inspiration as it cycles through the Surface Duo, Surface Studio, Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Headphones. Pretty much all of the best Microsoft Surface PCs are shown off.

The video isn't just about creating art, though it does feature photography, drawing, and designing clothes. It also shows off people innovating technology and studying in school.

The Surface family of hardware includes devices in almost every major form factor, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and all-in-ones. Many of the Surface devices broke the mold in their respective categories, such as the 2-in-1 nature of the Surface Pro or the detachable tablet of the Surface Book.

AMD or Intel

Surface Laptop 4 Reco

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 (2021)

New member of the family

The Surface Laptop 4 is the newest member of the Surface family. It features either 11th Gen Intel or AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile processors and comes in either 13.5-inch or 15-inch variants. It also includes Iris Xe or Radeon Graphics and dramatically improve battery life over its predecessor.

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