Yandex will be the default search engine in Russia and other countries for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Yandex, Russia's largest Internet company, has announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft where Yandex will be offered as the default homepage and search for the Microsoft Edge browser as well as Internet Explorer across the Windows 10 platform in Russia and Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices, Microsoft, said:

"We are committed to delivering a Windows 10 experience that our customers around the world will love – one of the ways we will do this is through locally relevant experiences. Microsoft and Yandex have a long-standing, successful partnership with Yandex search currently integrated in Windows Phone locally, and we look forward to introducing Yandex search to our customers across the Windows 10 ecosystem in these markets."

In addition, the agreement between Microsoft and Yandex will introduce people in these regions to the advantages of Windows 10 through the Yandex index page, which will offer them a place to download and install the official Windows 10 experience. The Yandex feature page will also showcase the capabilities of Windows 10, and offer people a seamless way to obtain it. Also, Yandex will deliver Universal Windows Applications for its marquee services like search, navigator, music, taxi, market, and maps.

Today's deal is similar to the one Microsoft made for Windows 10 in China a few weeks ago, where Baidu will be the default search engine for Microsoft Edge in that country.

Source: Yandex

Abhishek Baxi