Yandex will be the default search engine in Russia and other countries for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Yandex, Russia's largest Internet company, has announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft where Yandex will be offered as the default homepage and search for the Microsoft Edge browser as well as Internet Explorer across the Windows 10 platform in Russia and Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices, Microsoft, said:

"We are committed to delivering a Windows 10 experience that our customers around the world will love – one of the ways we will do this is through locally relevant experiences. Microsoft and Yandex have a long-standing, successful partnership with Yandex search currently integrated in Windows Phone locally, and we look forward to introducing Yandex search to our customers across the Windows 10 ecosystem in these markets."

In addition, the agreement between Microsoft and Yandex will introduce people in these regions to the advantages of Windows 10 through the Yandex index page, which will offer them a place to download and install the official Windows 10 experience. The Yandex feature page will also showcase the capabilities of Windows 10, and offer people a seamless way to obtain it. Also, Yandex will deliver Universal Windows Applications for its marquee services like search, navigator, music, taxi, market, and maps.

Today's deal is similar to the one Microsoft made for Windows 10 in China a few weeks ago, where Baidu will be the default search engine for Microsoft Edge in that country.

Source: Yandex

  • No God! Please NO!!
  • It can be default but you can change it with 2 clicks. Unless of course you don't know how. In that case yandex will tell you, just ask. :)
  • Yandex is amazing. From your username, it seems that you are a Slavic person (Russian/Ukrainian). I don't know why you are saying that, but if you would test it out, Yandex has way better search results, because you don't have innocent results taken out from bogus DMCA takedowns like Google has. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm from Belarus. Anyway i'd prefer to see native bing or even google instead yandex, which is not so good.
  • time to get to uservoice. it's impossibly that shitty search that 'pupularized' only by money, is left top 5 site visits statistics, while google crowns first two spots. if you want something that is not google - well, keep the bing going, but not make such shitty replacement for Ukraine!
  • Setting up default search engines in Russia and china may be a marketing strategy but question is can it be changed by user to set different home page and search engines of their choice?
  • Ofcourse they can, stupid question...
  • Of course.
  • It can be changed now, why should it be any different? I use google instead of Bing.
  • Yes it can be changed now, I know that and for our regions, but as these special deals are in news, that's why I am asking for china and Russia only. It can be changed in other regions though.
  • Ok, how to change default search engine on my windows 10 mobile?
  • Same question here. I hope that Cortana will be fixed in next mobile build and I will be able to use adequate search instead of {searchTerms} in yandex.
  • you can't...yet!
  • Cool, Yandex also makes one of the best and most unique web browsers on the market, it is still in beta but worth a try, very different type of speed dial page and tab setup.
  • Yeah, definitely one the best browsers, a little bit similar to Edge, but with extensions and live wallpaper!
  • My default search is bing but when I open edge or type a search it takes me to some other foolish search engines....tell me plz how to fix it :(
  • Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Search in the address bar with ____ >> Change
  • What if I buy 950XL from Germany and use it in Turkey? Will there be a new Yandex search app for W10M?
  • Nope. Only for devices to be sold in Turkey.
  • "So hey Google, how about we drop these patent lawsuits, and we make you the default search for Edge in the US, and you make us universal Windows apps equivalent to your iOS lineup?"
  • This is more like, hey google, since we can't beat you now with Bing, we'll erode your leadership around the world and then we'll strike back at you with Bing in the U.S. in a year or two.
  • What if yandex app store will be available for Windows ?
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hate this search engine. For my needs it is useless even in comparison with Bing.
  • I thank those people with the same mindset as you. I really hope that it will not get any more popular, because it is a goldmine of search results. Google on the other hand keeps on removing millions of pages of search results and lots of those are bogus DMCA claims that take out legitimate websites. Yet people defend Google like it's their honor? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • DMCA, DMCA... you're trying to find pirate content or something? I have tried to use yandex a year ago, but it was not great experience. It's better than Bing, although not google.
    P.s.: I don't remember what actually I searched, maybe it was related to education. I mostly use yandex market, music and mail, but not their search
  • -
  • If I remember correctly my 640 XL came with 5 Yandex apps preinstalled. Living in Ukraine this is the last thing you want to see on your phone. For many Ukrainians this feels like giving an open invitation to the Russian FSB into your house. MS should take such sentiments into account. Having said that, the applications are actually not that bad. Especially the maps app is quite good. It is easier to find a company there in the Ukrainian alfabet AND in the Latin one. HERE, Bing maps or google definitely perform less on this point. Music app sucks of course as it mainly contains Russian government approved musicians which are probably of no interest to anyone outside Russia.
    So in short my complaint is that MS should take local sentiments into account. When for example the user chooses Ukrainian or Georgian as a primary language, then there should be no reason to install apps with another non desired languag like Russian or even English.
  • OMG! Then why Snouden Run to the Russia? That is bad Conspiracy. And you can always Delete those Apps at any Time, my Ukrainian Folk. From Siberia with Love
  • Conspiracy? Follow Snowden and see what he has to say about VK and Yandex. Or Russian sources about Russians being picked up after they said something online. But to be fair, this is hardly a Russia only problem. But do take in mind that Russia has invaded Ukraine and that this therefore poses way more real threat than it otherwise would. Sorry dude, reality is harsh. Btw, love Siberia. Enjoy Baikal, but don't pollute it.
    @blackprince A bigger problem than it actually is? Wouldn't you find it weird if for example you were living in the US and you would get Russian apps pre installed? And mind you, these apps would be in Russian, not English.
  • I think you are making this a bigger problem than it actually is. Try problem solving.
  • there is an uservoce thread for removing it form ukrainian firmware
  • Awful decision...everything which comes from RUSSIA smells...
  • Thank you for thinking that way. It keeps keeps Yandex at moderate popularity with really great search results compared to extremely popular Google with horrible search results. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anything except google is least for tech industry. I'm using Bing from last 2 years
  • THERE we have it. "For the tech industry". And people call me stupid for using Bing. No... I'm not the stupid one. You are for using Google, and letting it monopolize everything
  • I think the point is to drive people to genuine copies of Windows, with the feature page. Aren't those big markets for counterfeit copies/installations?
  • What does Microsoft get from these? Do they get analytics to make Cortana better? Money? Apps? That's what I am interested in. Does anyone know or did I miss it? :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yandex and Baidu set at default means that the majority of people will not use Google as their search engine, which will affect overall Google market share.
  • No Google no Bing has voice search and QRcode from search screen on WP8.1 that Yandex has. Ya also shows current weather, traffic and currencies
  • Love yandex. I appreciate their support for Turkey. Their services such as maps and navigation works the way better than its competitors
  • Dislike from Ukraine. Yandex, as usual, installed apps on my phone without my confirmation. Hate it.