Microsoft addresses Windows Update Outlook Search bug

Outlook vs Windows Mail
Outlook vs Windows Mail (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows Update KB5008212 came with the unintended consequence of causing Outlook Search to sometimes fail to locate recent emails.
  • Microsoft's initial solution was advising users to perform registry edits, which would effectively sidestep the root issue.
  • Now, Microsoft has issued a real solution so users don't have to risk registry headaches just to see recent emails in Outlook Search.

Windows Update KB5008212 wasn't perfect. Chiefly, it accidentally messed up Outlook Search, meaning that sometimes recent emails wouldn't appear in Search. Microsoft gave advice on a temporary workaround, but it was less than ideal.

To the convenience of Windows users around the world, Microsoft has now formally addressed and fixed the problem in a capacity that means the average Joe won't have to go tinkering with the registry just to get Outlook working as intended. Here's what Microsoft's Windows 10 "known issues" log reads:

  • Outlook search might not locate recent emails: Searches on Outlook desktop app might fail when emails are stored locally in PST or OST files

That problem is labeled as "resolved," meaning everything should be good now without the need for any elaborate tinkering on your end. Just make sure your Windows PC is up to date.

Outlook is not the only item to suffer in recent memory thanks to a less-than-perfect Windows update. January 2022's Patch Tuesday cumulative updates crippled VPN connections for some, particularly those utilizing SonicWall, WatchGuard, and Cisco Meraki. Just like with this Outlook situation, however, Microsoft has since fixed the problem with a proper update rather than just a temporary workaround.

If you need a refresher on what January's Patch Tuesday entailed, it's worth checking out Microsoft's various bulletins on the subject. In short, a lot of Windows security vulnerabilities were addressed.

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