Microsoft patents transparent laptop display with the ability to project holograms

Microsoft seems to be on the roll with futuristic patents lately. In addition to the augmented reality gaming glasses that were filed by the company, another patent has come to light for a laptop with a transparent display.

According to the patent, a small projector attached to the base of the unit would be able to display floating 3D images in midair. These images would appear as holograms to the user viewing the machine and would appear as semi-translucent – not solid structures.

Unlike some patent fillings, this one is not the most forthcoming with information and most of our assertions are based upon the image shown above.

Transparent laptop displays are not a new concept, but if Microsoft plans on adding a 3D hologram like effect to the situation than they may be on to something interesting. The diagram doesn’t show a need for any bulky glasses which is what we like to see.

Just a concept or something more – what do you think?

Source: NBC News, United States Patent and Trademark Office

Michael Archambault