The Microsoft People app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile gets a small update

Microsoft has issued an update for its People app on Windows 10. The app update is available for both PC and Mobile users, but there is no change log listed, which likely means that this is a minor update with a few bug fixes.

While this update does look at first glance to be a small one, Microsoft does sneak in some new features in apps with no change logs on occasion. If you do notice something new or improved in the People app, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Aakash Sharma for the tip!

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John Callaham
  • Wow this app needs so much improvements.
    For starters, the picture circles are way too small, you can't even recognize a face. So what is their use? To show a tiny blurry mess of random colored pixels inside a tiny circle? Enlarge them or remove them. Jesus....
  • problem is that sometimes People app loads a "blurry lighter" image, and when you go into contact details it loads a hires version of the image
  • For me, i hate the moving effects on the new live tile.. I loved the 8.1 People app live tile a lot..
  • This^ it feels like polka dots moving around ...the entire screen is filled with tiles and unique tiled graphics then you have these polka dots moving around pointlessly
  • Im not talking about the tile, but about the list of people. Circles are fine but they are way too small.
  • I prefer the circles moving around because the background of the tile is transparent versus the old square method that took up the whole tile and didn't go well with my tile images.  Now you can still see my background image which gives it an overall better look. 
  • This could have easily been solved by including transparent tiles that rotated along with the tiles profile pics ...the fact that these polka dots are so predictable, are inside a tile and cut off at the edges probably doesnt help either
  • I think the real solution is just to show 1 centered larger circle at a time and have it cycle through users.
  • Not that I have a better idea for the time being but eww no! Just pin a contact to the start screen and make it small to get an idea, if you dont have tiles entirely transparent, you will see how ugly that looks.
  • I mean it would be centered and the rest would be transparent. It wouldn't take up the whole tile. Better than having contacts cut off at edges.
  • I know what you mean and if it wasnt bordered with empty space at the corners between the square tile and the circle then it MIGHT have been better but having it the way it is now, a circle in a tile while the tile outlines still show (like it is in the contact pinned as a small tile), is just plain ugly and a waste of corner spaces and they feel out of place next to all thr other tiles.
  • Yes, a fucking circle, because windows is all about fucking circles, right?
  • Exactly. The circles thing would be nice if everything was consistent, E.g, an app package like android where all icons are circular. But so far, only Skype, People, and artists in Groove are affected. Bad design IMO.
    Plus, since artist cover pics weren't shot to be in a circular frame, many of the artist pictures are permanently f♡cked, with odd angles and parts cropped off.
  • 100% this ^ and if there was anything that proves that the decision to go with Circles wasnt entirely well thought-out, just transform your pinned contact to a wide tile and it (necessarily) goes from circular inside a tile to a full tile (like it's always been).
    It just doesn't work with the design language. I would understand if circles were used just for contacts or messaging but maintained the tile design where it doesnt work such as Start screen etc., but the way it looks now is as if they are trying to force it to work. If MS can find a way for the circles to exist among tiles then im all for it but aa it stands, it's ugly and as mentioned by Nokianwp it messes with picture/artist displays.
    The fact that theyq even send a message through the insider app, asking us what we think of the "polka dots" is practically a confirmation that even they arent entirely convinced it was the right approach.
  • I feel like it would be great if used on a special drop down menu for Xbox, almost like Steam's CTRL+SHFT menu. You could have contacts be displayed in a interesting circular animation, almost like a circular pill case, with info in the center. But I think they should stick with a fully tile design for mobile/computer, leaving circular for the Xbox platform.
  • (especially since circles look worse on low PPI devices when zoomed out)
  • The circles have no logic in the Windows Phone design that is based on 90°C angles ... why on earth did MS think it might be great to have circles is beyond me. Also in Windows 8.1 i would have the picture of a contact shown on the whole screen when calling / being called .. now is only that shitty circle on top and a lot of black ... totally hate it!
  • 90° Centigrade angles are awesome !!!
  • sorry about that :))) got used too much to write GPU temps on other forums .
  • The only reason I could think of is Instagram integration, since Insta is one of the few social networks to use circular images ...but then again they surely wouldnt base an entire portion of Windows to suit Instagram integration god knows what they were thinking, could be they just wanted something fresh and to balance it out for people who avoided Windows because they didnt like tiles ...god knows
  • I wish we could click on the image in the live tile and it would take me to that specific persons profile. That would be cool imho.
  • Good suggestion.
  • It would be better if it displayed the contacts stored in the speed dial, on the live tile, then clicking on the image would then lead to a call
  • I wish the Photos tile had the option to do that, so I could see the full photo of that cool preview that the tile just displayed.
  • Perhaps a smarter way to integrate this would to use Jump Lists. Hold down on People App and you can get a Jump List of your Speed Dials, or something like that.
  • I think the big problem is that the contact images are circles at all..  why whould i want my contact images to be clopped..   I don't want it on my phone, my Windows PC or my Xbox .. 
  • If tapping on a person's circle on the tile brought you to their profile, how would you open the app?
  • What kind of pictures do you people take? Circles work just fine. Don't ask what they were thinking. They said what the differences are. Circles are people and squares are objects or data. Does it make sense? Depends. To me, if I have to complain I'd have said that it reminds me too much of Google hangouts contact pics. The circles work and they look just fine with properly sized pictures. They are definitely not too small, though that is subjective. They look great on my 830, for instance. Let's have them worry about features and function NOT dang aesthetics which affect nothing and can easily be remedied later.
  • When people get non-centered pictures, the picture crops their face wrong. If people use something other than a profile portrait, it screws it up. Text, icons, landscapes, animals...all of them don't work. Should have done a floating tile animation instead...
  • I echo your sentiments. Also they need to make use of the full screen acreage when calling someone and not just a fraction of it. Why invest in a 5inch plus screen when you cant use it all
  • How about a transparent tile on the PC version?
  • How about a LIVE Tile on PC version?
  • How about a transparent live tile on the PC version?
  • Be nice if they drop the awful circles. Tiles are square. They had this right before and are changing perfection just to change 'something'.....
  • Circle in a tile is too bad. Where all the tile things have corner. There should be an toggle for this.
  • You know one more thing, my phone is not circle! It has corners.. Its really weird to see round pictures show up when they call.
    What were they thinking? At least they could have given it as an option to change between circles and squares!
  • I understand their reasons to balance sharp angles and curves as a way to accommodate cultures that have a problem with too many sharp angles, but the option to choose would definitely be nice.
  • I was kind of not minding it so much until i pinned a contact to the start screen as a small tile ...eww; a circle with a tile outline
  • These circles are one of the many things that are keeping me off from updating to Windows 10 mobile. Whoever said that people aren't squares needs to reevaluate his statement. Are people circles then? Smh
  • All fields searchable would be nice . . .
  • Hello. I noticed a bug fix for me: The app would show multiple listings for the same person and I couldn't delete any of the multiple listings, but now they are all gone.
  • Same here.
  • After the update the "Loading" is gone. Good.    
  • I was hoping they would change the ugly animation when you pin a contact to your screen using the medium size tile where the contact photo is shown in a circle and the circle does this weird animation where it rises up and tells to the left it is so ugly.
  • The only thing I notice is they added a send feedback in the settings before it wasn't there
  • So, tell them people don't like the circles in the large tile.
  • I think it's high time we saw the Windows Central app also snag an update. Or are we instagram in disguise? At least u could make it not take close to a minute on the splash screen in W10M
  • Here's a suggestion! Get the app "Converge". It lets you select news from WinBeta, WindowsCentral, The Verge, etc. It's really fast and beautiful and still let's you comment. 
  • the loading thing is not gone from my L830. No change there
  • Update not showing up on Desktop 10240, nor on my 10565 VM install
  • The desktop People app is so incredibly barebones (especially compared to the 8.1 app) that it's almost useless. It's not really anything but an "address book" with a mediocre/poor user interface. Am I missing something or is that all there is to it?  It doesn't even sync with Skype contacts.
  • No your not missing anything you are correct
  • Let's spread this type of fire through the Windows Feedback app! Once they see a large portion of their user base wants a REAL People app then they will have the incentive to change it. 
  • Not showing uup for me as usual. (desktop)
  • I honestly thought it has been changed to contacts. I need is to contact my contacts! And with the people application....., I don't know.
  • Why i am not getting the updates on my phone, nor i get the update of whatsapp nor for the people app amd messaging app of microsoft as well plz help me
  • The app now gets input from the Facebook beta app under "what's new." The old app only got feeds from twitter. Looks like MS is trying to reintegrate social media into the phone experience.
  • So stupid that they took out social integration. That made it somewhat useful to have combined feeds in one app. It's just a freaking contact list without the social integration...
  • People app are worst thing in win10 mobile... Terrible circle, waste of space... Etc...!
  • Latest build has broken calender tile how about updating that? Also amazing weather hd now broken too just like the paid app from this mob WC who pokes shit at other devs for not updating and if ppl complain (paid) the smartass editor blames the buggy build of w10m whilst until this latest build was the only broken slow ass app out of over 100 running on my w10m.... Smartass was the one who wrote a story on here a few builds ago saying ppl should use it now that its very stable.... W10M will live on and this site will fail, best moving on to imore Daniel, you certainly do no favors for this community. Entitled twat.
  • I don't see were Daniel or the Window Central app has any thing to do with this article of the peoples hub app update, Your comments that are not related to it should be placed in the correct areas of the forum's and this way your concerns may be addressed.
  • In the latest build the people app was crashing for me shortly after loading. This could hopefully be a fix for that. Reliability has been up and down on various builds for me, with the people app specifically. I think the big improvements may come as the phone, messaging and video call apps progress too
  • The Facebook images didn't show in the previous build. It was only showing my saved images on contacts. But this update has made it possible for Facebook contact pictures to show
  • Trash. Just bring back People Hub.
  • I agree with the last few posts. Why all of this focus on the circles. The app is useless, like its an afterthought. Why isn't there the ability to assign groups. And these groups need to sync with outlook. This is one of the biggest flaws. It's not very difficult. My companion link does it perfect and its a third party app for syncing outlook with other services.
  • I updated my Lumia 625 few days ago through Insider Slow Ring. in About, it says that my build is 10166 and I'm not getting any core app updates!?!?! What should I do?
  • I like the people app from 8.1 , let's make people make there own choice
  • The hidden goodie in this app is you can have more the than 2 mobile numbers. They gave the ability to tag a number as you see fit. So for contacts who have more than let's say 6 cell numbers you can now store all six numbers under mobile. I hope I made sense.
  • we need the feature change PP facebook
  • After install wp10 preview camera not working