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Microsoft pits Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook Pro in ad featured during NFL playoffs

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's latest advertisement compares the Surface Pro 7 to the MacBook Pro.
  • The ad ran during the NFC and AFC championship games for the NFL.
  • It focuses on the Surface Pro 7's touchscreen, price, and detachable keyboard.

If you joined the millions of people that watched the NFC and AFC championship games for the NFL over the weekend, you likely saw Microsoft's latest advertisement for the Surface Pro 7. In the spirit of competition, the ad places the Surface Pro 7 and Apple's MacBook Pro against each other. The ad focuses on several ways that the Surface Pro 7 stands out against the MacBook Pro, including a full touchscreen.

Microsoft and Apple have a long running rivalry across several form factors and device categories, so it's not surprising to see Microsoft square up against Apple. The MacBook Pro has garnered attention and adoration from customers and the media, so it's timely to show of the Surface Pro 7 to get some points back in the eyes of the public.

The advertisement features a young man comparing some of the features of the two devices. Unsurprisingly, it focuses on ways the Surface Pro 7 bests its competition, including its touchscreen, support for a pen, detachable keyboard, and lower price. He also points out that the Surface Pro 7 can run more games than the MacBook Pro. Surface devices aren't known for gaming, but in general, Windows 10 is a better operating system for games that macOS.

The Surface Pro 7 and MacBook Pro aren't exactly in direct competition. Microsoft has a Surface Laptop 3 that is a more traditional laptop. For what it's worth, many of the benefits highlighted in the ad, apart from the detachable keyboard, also apply to the Surface Laptop 3. While the Surface Pro 7 and MacBook Pro aren't the same form factor, people often compare them and pick between them when it comes to grabbing a device.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

Sean Endicott is the news writer for Windows Central. If it runs Windows, is made by Microsoft, or has anything to do with either, he's on it. Sean's been with Windows Central since 2017 and is also our resident app expert. If you have a news tip or an app to review, hit him up at

  • They also disabled the comment section.... this comparison is not even relevant. They're two different form factors. Pin it against the iPad Pro.
  • You're kidding, right? The iPad pro can't run desktop apps. Do you know anything about what the Surface Pro was designed to do??? It's advertised as "the Tablet which can replace your laptop." It being a tablet form factor has nothing to do with the conversation. It is spec'd to compare directly against laptops: not tablets. It wipes the floor with most if not all tablets. Including the iPad Pro.
  • Microsoft actually moved away from the "Tablet which can replace your laptop" marketing years ago. It's now "Ultra-light and versatile" and has focused more on it being a laptop that can adapt rather than a tablet.
  • Does Surface Pro 7 include the keyboard without paying extra?
  • If that isn't a rhetorical question, than no, it does not. However, a majority of the time bundle deals are out there and you will find discounted surfaces with keyboards included.
  • Jesus Christ... Microsoft needs a new marketing team. They've been needing a new one for a long time now.
  • Sort of have to define what you are comparing. Given the pricing of $890, I can configure an Core i5, 8G, 128G Surface Pro 7 (on sale), w/sig type cover (bundle price $114) and a Surface Pen (bundle price $64). That's $878.97 so likely the target. The SP 7 has been available since Oct 2019. The $1299 price point for the MacBook Pro seems to be the 13" 8 Core M1 w 8G, and 256G RAM, released Nov 2020. So we have a brand new laptop running MacOS up against a year old Tablet form factor running Windows, with half as much storage. Certainly last year's model will be cheaper. Beyond that, sort of hard to compare Apples to well, oranges? Different OS's, different form factors, different use cases. Oh well, that's marketing.
  • Apple has refused to make a touch screen laptop or 2-in-1 as they want to keep their laptop and tablet as separate products. Another problem is that is the only one with macOS as Apple won't license its operating system to OEMs like Microsoft and Google do. Whereas the Surface is not the only device with Windows