Microsoft Pix cozies up to LinkedIn with new business card feature

Microsoft Pix, the company's AI-infused camera app for iPhone, is getting some extra integration with another Microsoft property: LinkedIn. Specifically, Microsoft says, Pix can now automatically scour information from business cards and carry that information to your iPhone's Contacts app or, if you're signed in, to your LinkedIn account.

As Microsoft explains, all you have to do is point Pix's camera at a business card and it will automatically detect the information and ask if you want to take action. From there, Pix can recognize and capture numbers, email addresses, and URLs. This information can then be sent to the Contacts app, with Pix automatically populating the necessary fields. For LinkedIn users, you can store the business cards on your account and quickly view their profile.

"Pix is powered by AI to streamline and enhance the experience of taking a picture with a series of intelligent actions: recognizing the subject of a photo, inferring users' intent and capturing the best quality picture," said Josh Weisberg, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington. "It's the combination of both understanding and intelligently acting on a users' intent that sets Pix apart. Today's update works with LinkedIn to add yet another intelligent dimension to Pix's capabilities."

Pix launched in 2016, originally as a way to leverage AI to intelligently adjust elements of photos like exposure, focus, and color. The app has grown to support things like hyperlapses and artistic photo effects, along with scanning for things like whiteboards and documents – a feature bolstered by today's business card additions.

If you have an iPhone and you're curious, you should be able to check out all of what's new by grabbing Microsoft Pix from the App Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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