Microsoft Planner tasks can now be imported to Outlook

Alongside several new features announced for Microsoft Planner in February, Microsoft also teased that it was working on integrating the service with Outlook. Fast forward several weeks, and that integration is now available (opens in new tab), allowing you to view Planner tasks on your Outlook calendar if you're part of an organization with an Office 365 subscription that includes Planner (via OnMSFT).

The integration is pretty straightforward, allowing you to use an iCalendar feed to import your Planner tasks to Outlook calendar. To get started, you can choose the "Add plan to Outlook calendar" option from the ellipses menu at the top of your plan. From there, you'll see a dialog box with publishing options, along with an "Add to Outlook" link.

Add Plan to Outlook Dialog

Once you've chosen to add the plan to Outlook, you can review and save the iCalendar link and name in the Calendar subscription box in Outlook for the web. From then on, you'll have the option to turn the plan's calendar on and off under the "Other calendars" option in the left panel of Outlook on the web.

If you're ready to get down to the nitty-gritty, Microsoft has also provided an in-depth look (opens in new tab) at how to bring your Planner tasks to Outlook.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft To-Do-Lists, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Skype, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Office Delve, I'm sorry have I missed any other redundant Microsoft products to aid in Task Tracking.....
  • Most of those are not Task Tracking. Or serve massively different purposes. Complaining about those is like saying Ford make far too many cars and that they only need to make one. I mean who would need an SUV or F150 truck when they can have a Focus!
  • I've never actually heard of planner before this post. Apparently it's a thing?
  • Planner is part of Teams - so planning tasks and time bound activities in a team setting. For example project goals, milestones etc. Outlook is for personal time planning in business - meetings, flights, lunches etc. To-Do is for home use and it will be merged with Outlook tasks at some point - it's just taking time. So when Wunderlist to Outlook To-Do migration is done we'll end up with Planner for team usage and To-Do for home / business personal tasks tracking (i.e. tasks that you don't have to share or share selectively only). The rest is irrelevant for task tracking so I'm not sure what's your point. It's a weak one.
  • You can say the exact same thing for any Google product. Also there no Microsoft in Skype or Skype for business
  • It should not require an iCalendar public link to share the calendar. It should appear as a shared calendar for selection in the users calendar list. Microsoft calendars are very weak already - on the iPhone there is STILL no way to securely add Shared calendars used in a company to a users phone. With Google calendars you can create as many shared or personal calendars as you want and select those to sync to your phone.
  • Also, the UWP Calendar app can now import appointments attached to Mails.