Microsoft Planner picks up new schedule view, filter options, and more

Microsoft is rolling out a few new features to Planner (opens in new tab), bringing a few new ways to interact with the project management app for eligible Office 365 users. Included is a new schedule view, due date notifications, new filtering options, and more.

Most notable is the new schedule view, which lets you easily check out an overview of the status of various projects. There's also support for drag-and-drop scheduling in weekly and monthly task views. Projects can be further broken down with new group and filter options, which allow Planner users to zero in on and plan for tasks by grouping them and filtering by due dates or other specifications.

Lastly, you can now set Planner to deliver due date notifications. Microsoft says that these will come to your email, summarizing tasks that you have due in the coming week.

Planner, which rolled out to Office 365 in mid-2016, is available for select Office 365 Enterprise, Business, and Education plans. These new features are rolling out now to eligible Office 365 users. In the future, Microsoft is also planning to roll out support for the iCalendar format feed.

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  • What does "elibible Office 365 users" mean? I'd love to use this, but says I don't have an Education or Work account. When will it roll out to general O365 users?
  • I have an E3 account and have Planner available. Didn't even know about it, so glad for this article.
  • This looks promising, actually. My only issue is that there's no Win 10 app as far as I can tell, so have to go browser-based w/ 365 login -- how to bring in external users via browser then? (Trello so much easier for sharing) Good start I guess w/ Android and IOS apps, but would love to see something for Win environment so external users can have easier access, if at all. See this review: