Microsoft PowerToys now supports up to 128 FancyZones

Microsoft Powertoys
Microsoft Powertoys (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft PowerToys was just updated to version 0.56.1.
  • The update increases the number of supported FancyZones from 40 to 128.
  • The Find my mouse feature in PowerToys can now be activated by shaking a mouse.

Microsoft's PowerToys just improved several of its best features in an update to version 0.56.1. The app now supports up to 128 FancyZones, up from its previous limit of 40. Shaking a mouse can now activate the Find my mouse utility in PowerToys as well. In addition to improving existing features, the most recent version of PowerToys fixes quite a few bugs.

Here are the highlights from Microsoft for version 0.56.1:

  • Upgrade notes! A big feedback items for new versions was upgrade notes. We have the release notes on GitHub as well.
  • FancyZones zone limit has been increased to 128 zones. Before the limit was 40.
  • Timezone conversion plugin for PowerToys Run! Thanks @TobiasSekan
  • Child and Popup window support for FancyZones. To enable, go to Settings→FancyZones→Windows. These were bugs we fixed that without realizing it was a useful feature to most.
  • Find my mouse will now activate via shaking the mouse with a settings change!

The FancyZones feature is a window management utility that allows you to snap windows into different layouts. Some similar options are built into Windows 11, but FancyZones is more powerful when it comes to window management. With support for up to 128 FancyZones, you may need one of the best computer monitors to take full advantage of the feature.

The list of bug fixes and improvements can be found on the GitHub page for PowerToys.



Handy little toys

PowerToys is a collection of utilities aimed at power users on Windows. The app's more recent update increases how many FancyZones you can use and improves the Find my mouse utility.

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