Microsoft Outlook has a handy new tool for project management

Outlook Project Moca
Outlook Project Moca (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Outlook on the web now has a calendar board view for project management.
  • Calendar board view allows you to bring contacts, files, calendar events, and more into a canvas.
  • The feature was known as Project Moca while it was in beta testing over the last year.

Microsoft Outlook has a new project management tool, formerly known as Project Moca, that is rolling out after over a year of testing. Project Moca launched in beta in May 2020. As explained in a Microsoft support document (opens in new tab), Project Moca "now has a new home as a calendar board view in Outlook on the web."

The calendar board view within Outlook allows you to bring together contacts, files, calendar events, and more into a large canvas.

Microsoft highlights a few tasks that you can use the calendar board view to accomplish:

  • Calendar: You can add multiple calendar items and see different calendars side by side.
  • Task Lists: You can now add your existing task lists from To Do to your board.
  • Clock: Keep track of different time zones to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues around the world.
  • Tips: Learn how to get the most out of the board view.

To open calendar board view:

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Click on the calendar icon.
  3. Click on the menu that lets you switch between day, week, and month view.
  4. Select Board.

Mike Tholfsen, product manager on the Microsoft EDU team, shared a video showing off the new calendar boards back in May. They are now rolling out to everyone.

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  • Sean... I've read many of your articles, but it always occurs to me that your titles are not descriptive enough, which is kind of annoying. Instead of "a handy new tool" (leaving us in the dark what it is) why don't you just put "calendar board view" in the title? And I wish you could stop using the ambiguous phrase "just made it a little easier to..." in titles. I would appreciate that.
  • That is just a form of click bait so you have to click to know what it is about. While doing that you gave him money through ads and increased his articles statistics as having high view count...
  • To me cickbait implies a level of dishonesty. This is a handy little tool. I'll admit the headline is written in a way to get people to click it. That's part of my job. I don't lie in headlines or mislead people, but they'll often create some suspense.
  • Which is exactly what a headline is supposed to do: Grab people's attention.
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  • @Sean, not sure why you are getting such flack. I found this very useful and subscribed to his channel. I care about project management and use Outlook but don't use Online. Now I will. Good stuff. I'm guessing you also wrote the article about Kevin Stratvert. He's even better! Keep up the good work and this type of reporting is what keeps me tuned into WindowsCentral.
  • This would be great to see in the outlook app one day. There's a lot of potential there.
  • Definitely, they could even add Microsoft Project integration too.... Speaking of Microsoft Project... the UX needs a total overhaul.
  • So, can we do work break down structures with this tool? Don't have access to this on my O365 personal and going to have to wait for IT to roll this out it seems... From the description PERT and Gantt Charts appear to be out of the question for now.