Microsoft promises Cortana will be coming to more devices throughout 2018

Cortana will be headed to more devices throughout this year thanks to the Cortana Devices SDK, according to Microsoft. In an official blog post on the Windows Blog, Microsoft says that it has partnered with several industry leaders such as Qualcomm and Synaptics to build new Cortana reference designs.

Microsoft has partnered with these industry leaders to create reference designs for new Cortana experiences, and developers can sign up today and to start building their own Cortana powered features and devices. Furthermore, Microsoft confirms that it is still 100 percent committed to Cortana:

With the support of both existing and new partnerships, we're continuing to bring Cortana to even more places in the office, at home and on the go. Regardless of the device or context, our goal is to put Cortana everywhere you need assistance, whether that is on your PC, phone, Xbox, mixed reality headsets, intelligent home speakers, thermostats and even more in the future. You'll continue to see Cortana integrated on your favorite devices and services throughout the year to come.

Judging by that statement, Microsoft wants to reassure developers and fans that although Cortana appears to be fading away, the company is still committed to building the best virtual assistant out there. Hopefully Microsoft stays true to their word, and fingers crossed for more Cortana-powered devices throughout the year to come.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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