Microsoft pushes out minor updates to Mail and Calendar, Windows Alarms & Clock

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Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has pushed out updates to a few Windows 10 core apps today. Mail and Calendar is now at version 6208, making the switch from 6204, while Windows Alarms & Clock moved from 10.1508.17010 to 10.1509.5010.

We don't see any new additions, and the lack of a changelog means that it is likely we're looking at bug fixes. Do you guys notice anything that's new? Shout out in the comments!

Thanks Sarang!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Didn't notice that the Conversation toggle was on mobile too.
  • I noticed its faster.
  • You can now enable or disable conversations view in Mail.
  • That happened one or two updates ago for insiders I think.
  • Go to settings (you'll find a cog icon in bottom left part of the mail app) -> options -> toggle conversation -> happy Thursday all!
  • Nice to have this option now. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Well I dont know if I got this update because the bloody store cant bloody notify you about stupid updates or it doesnt show the version number!
  • Noticed the X-Box Avatars app was updated at the same time.
  • When does MS finally programm a button to empty the trashbox with one click, or please give a button to mark all elements in one click. If i want to mark 50 Email i need to click on each mail. This is driving me nuts. And you are asking why everyone is going to other OS? This feature was available in the very old outlook express on windows XP. Why are those features gone??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Leave feedback???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Where, and for what? I had so many points already. None of them are reality. Is no one missing the trashbox button? If you delete 20 mails, they are transfered to the trashbox. And then comes the story. I can not delete them in one click? I need to click on every mail in order to delete them. Does really no one miss this feature? I cant believe this. Thats why i still use Thunderbird. This a thousand times better than the inbuilt outlook shit. And i can not even deinstall from the system.   
  • Switch to another mail client. I just did it (Mozilla Thunderbird) as Mail in win10 sucks badly. I cannot image that anyone in 2015 could release such crap! And yes, I also post things in feedback. They do not give a crap about windows.   
  • There is already mutiple "feedback" requests on this. I even Tweeted one that had over 6 thousand requests to it to Gabe Aul and Joe Belfiore. They know about this issue, but for whatever reason, we are not getting the request answered. More people need to make this issue known on Twitter (@GabeAul @joebelfiore) Demand this gets fixed IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • What don't you understand?  MS has already notified you by remaining silent on that feature request.  They have no intention of providing that feature, and your only recourse is to boycott MS crapware and let your voice be heard by not using their crapware even when they do decide to finally implement a feature that should have been there in the beginning.  Just because it's created by MS doesn't mean that it's going to be productive for everyday use.  MS Bob is a  great example of MS crapware that vaporized shortly after release.  I see MS Mail going down the same drain.
  • They are busy! (making apps for ios)
  • Agree with this, no select all options is a real pain in the ass. Surprised it's been missing for so long!
  • Sometimes I use the web versions, for more advanced clean-ups, multiple selects, and making new rules. As the app is still only very basic. Can be useful for quickly reading and writing emails. It just doesn't have that many tools, as of yet.
  • totally agree.... app is stripped down version of windows 8.1 mail app.... please give us all those features back including showing the number of e mails per account
  • After every update of mail and calendar I have to set notifications again on mobile. Plain idiotism.
  • Not for me this time.
  • *idiocy
  • *If can't handle it, leave the program*
  • Or, you know, here's a novel idea, don't fucking tie in app updates with the Windows updates.. Wasn't the entire reason they were unbundling apps from the OS (thinks hubs...) so they could update them separately from the OS? And yet, here we are, some months, no years later, and they're still pushing app updates alongside new OS builds. Solution - offer new and "improved" apps as betas or previews in addition to the mainstream, default, non-insider apps.
  • What are you talking about it? It's an app update, not an OS.
  • This is, yes, but I was speaking somewhat more broadly than just this one update. Sorry, I should have clarified that I guess. Many of the other "build-in" apps are, while updated server-side only made available to Windows Insider members and as such push breaking changes upon otherwise unsuspecting users. It's one thing actively beta testing a OS, it's another entirely to be forced to beta-test apps at the same time. Some of these apps are, in lack of a better term, mission critical and should be handled as separate "beta", "insider" or "preview" versions, similar to how they're doing with the Facebook app (and some others) on WP8.
  • A fair point, well made Sir!
  • When the fuck are they gonna add in distribution list / mailing list / group support again. How the hell can an email client not support this? Heck, I can go to my Outlook contacts on the web and create these lists, you would think it'd be trivial to support these in the To field in the app. Geez.
  • not only that, but it's also ignoring "reply-to" header field used for mailing lists (does not comply with RFC 2822), and send the email to orginal sender, converts plaintext to HTML in replies, etc. The same issues were in the default mail app in WP8, then it was fixed, rewritten for W8, with same issues, then fixed. Now again rewritten for W10, not fixed yet. There are too many restarts of the default application / or the platform, still fighting with childish issues... and all over again.      
  • Agreed! I mean, sure, I can understand they had to rewrite the apps to fit in with their "universal" app strategy (the reason I'm not writing UWP app is because God knows what the hell they're calling these things this week!), but there are better ways of doing this. Just off the top of my head, working on perfecting the new Mail app should be done as a "Mail for Windows 10 preview" app and the old Windows 8.1 client was available for everyday usage. I was fine with how they ditched Windows Mobile 6 support for WP7. It was exciting and new, and it offered a lot of features neither iOS or Android did (at the time). Sure, it was missing the most basic features, but it had promise. Then, I reluctantly, accepted how they ditched everything for Windows Phone 8. I never bought their argument that WP7 phones couldn't run WP8, because some of the phones released had basically the same SoC. But fine, all my WP7 devices were over a year old and I wanted to replace them anyhow. But it obviously left a sour taste in the mouths of people who purchased a brand new WP7 device a month, week or even day before WP8 was revealed. Once WP8 was available we started noticing more and more regressions from WP7 and it only got worse moving onto WP8.1. But now they're doing almost the same thing. Sure, they'll update all[most] all Windows and Windows Phone 8 devices to 10 free of charge, but they keep removing support for existing apps and services long before they have a viable Windows 10 alternative. Family Safety for example, this was a huge selling point of Microsoft's products in the past, sure it was a little convoluted setting up and administering, but it was the best in the industry. The all of a sudden, earlier this year they started fucking around with it (as in, their live service - not an opt-in beta version or anything) and months went by with no word from Microsoft about why and what was happening. Once enough people had complained in their support forums they gave a canned reply to the effect that they were improving the service for Windows 10 and everything would be so much better come July 29th... Only, it's still nowhere near as powerful as it was pre-Win10. Windows 10, in its current state still doesnt feel like a finished product. And yeah, I realize they've said, several times, that Windows 10 will never be finished, but come on, the product they released was rushed and is still missing many of the most basic features. Not to mention the way Metro^W Modern^W Windows apps crash with no warning and leave you with a blank screen, oftentimes in the background and you're left reeling for a few seconds until you realize the app is no longer running. Sorry, rant over. I'll wait for TH2, but if it doesn't improve wildly I'm done. I'll go the Mac route, probably running OSX on a Surface Pro. And while I am really looking forward to a new Windows Phone flagship, the 950XL for example, I'll go the iPhone route unless the current mobile builds show improvement. Running the preview on a spare device at the moment and MY GOD is it awful. Getting better, but there is no way in hell they can get that out the door, in any sort of useable day-to-day form within the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Only design design design design. When comes functionality. In Windows Phone 8 there are so few features. Try the inbuilt email client on an android phone. This works much more better.
  • exactly. I need to go to mobile web to get the basic functions... it's ridiculous.
  • On my company computer i am using Microsot Outlook 2007 from the Office package. This is a fantastic eMail Programm. So many many many features. Now i am asking myself why the fuck the new inbuilt outlook in Windows 10 and WP8 are such a shit? The guys from MS know how to program good software, but they are not doing for what reason ever????
  • I think that's what frustrates me the most. It's not like Microsoft is some fledgling company that is doing everything for the first time. They are constantly re-doing things that previously worked really well. Apple's iOS might seem tired and outdated but people know exactly what to expect. It never drops features and functionality. It only improves over time.​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • So you're comparing a totally free app with the full program (and paid).
  • not really free, I purchased a device - just compare this basic application each smartphone must have with BB/iOS/Android... And honestly, I'd pay for a better application, but there is no such. Outlook for desktop is great email/collaborate application, why to have something like this on a phone?
  • It's microsoft, whenever something is "almost workin 100%" they ditch it.... Sometimes there is a replacement but it will generally start at a level the original was at many years ago....
  • Mail is now seriously broken on my phone.
  • Happy Thursday!
  • finally toggle conversation view has been pushed to public! thank you god for enlightening MSFT :P You keep doing that and in a few years we might get close to 8.1 usablility
  • Haha, right you are. It's like every programmer at MS is allowed to reinvent the wheel whenever they feel like it. It looks a lot that letting go of all the Nokia staff is seriously affecting their product development. I guess they made a big strategic mistake there, staff supposed to be workin on mobile are now busy fixing windows 10 shortcomings. And they will probably need another six months to a year to rewrite all the good stuff they removed. Windows mobile 10 will be delayed by a few months or it will be released with a lot of 8.1 functionality missing. Fortunately they had programming capacity enough to help out apple with their office version for iPad pro :-).
  • The people from Nokia were not involved in Windows Phone development so that point is mute. Also, the people working on Office apps are not the same working on an OS. That's now how it works.
  • Staff from Nokia were not working on windows phone? I thought these were the people who wrote and maintained all the lumia apps that Microsoft is now ditching and rewriting?
  • The Lumia apps are not the OS.
  • May be they are too busy in making apps for new ipad
  • It's just the usual Windows 10 hectic update. I wonder what was wrong with Update Tuesday. Can't these updates wait for a month and then have them installed in one go?
  • Patch Tuesday never applied to app updates. Why wait for those?
  • LOL you are actually complaining about updates LOL
  • I seriously feel they are much better in terms of responsiveness. Anybody seeing that too? Or am I imagining things?
  • You're not, the animation speed is definitely alot faster. And it's alot more responsive and almost instantly. I'm using low end PC so it's more noticeable.
  • My syncing of my Yahoo email was terribly slow now it seems to be syncing a lot quicker than before. Sort from that can't notice much
  • I'm still on version 6121!!!! Can I force an update?
  • Go to the store app, hamburger menu, downloads and update, check for update, wait for a minute or so kn the page, it will start download.
  • Is it still not possible to see how many unread messages are there, if the user has more than one mail account? This needs to be fixed.
  • how is the window s10 preview build on 540
  • I got a hell lot of update, all MSN apps, movie and tv, groove music, get office, calculator, store, crt rtm (don't know what is this), Xbox avatar, get started, maps, sway, phone companion, onenote, and mail-calendar and clock as mentioned in article. They used up alot of bandwidth even though I'm actively using the internet..
  • Seems to have fixed the issue of attachments not showing up in some messages in my inbox for me.
  • Alarm app still tells me it will ring only if the PC is awake. Thus it is completely useless. It wasn't like that during windows 8.1 era, the alarm works perfectly when the tablet is in connected standby mode. (Lenovo Miix 3-1030)
  • Windows 10 Mobile Alarm "Vibrate Only" added ?
  • Don't see it. I'll vote in the feedback app.
  • Nope, still not there. Going to have to go back to 8.1 until they get this done.
  • calendar seems to have a new button in the new appointment page in the top right of the title bar called "nieuw venster" (=new windows). Haven't seen that before. Brings you back to the main calendar page. Mail still hasn't updated adding a feature of adding/deleting folders. In my build it seems that the alarm world clock live tile local time seems to flip/update more frequently. Mail still hasn't update adding drag&drop emails as calendar appointments feature. Alarm worldclock: I still cant change the title of local town to the name of my city/town. Alarm worldclock: world times search is too curated. I can only find times based on a few major global cities. The user should be able to search for any town/city. The app will automatically find the right time for you for that search query and provide a live tile option for it as well. Alarm worldclock: I can only put up one timer fullscreen at a time. Often I have two or three timers running paralell, but only one can be put up fullscreen. I need all two or three to be put up fullscreen Alarm worldclock: I can only choose from timer chime/sound. No option to choose from different sounds per timer for differentiation. Alarm alarms: sound is very soft on my surface pro. Sounds like a whisper even when volume is at 100%. Issue exists since windows 8 app. The chimes are just too soft to hear. The contrast with say a song on groove is really noticeable. The behavior has been consistent for months/years. Still no change at official release of windows 10. Alarm app needs interactive live tiles for timers and stopwatch. Alarm app needs dynamic live tiles that show the globe with changing shadows to differentiate day/nighttime areas in real time and show local time location on the map on the live tile for a more immersive live tile experience on windows 10.
  • Still only the very basic functionality. So big W10 is beaten by the “toy” iOS9 in this area? Why? How can this e possible?
  • Here's something they fixed. In Calendar, if you had a Skype contact show on the Birthday calendar it would show their Skype user name, now it shows their full name as it should.
  • Not for me unless I'm missing something.
  • Hmmm.. It's fixed for me, at least on all but one person for some reason. Maybe its actually an update that's rolling out and the time just happened to line up for me.
  • i didn't find any change
  • We need a history for recently updates apps like WP 8.1 and a notification for installed apps
  • Man, I just wanna be able to turn off my alarm on the lock screen like in 8.1. Now, I gotta put in my password/pin first which is harder when groggy. Of course, randomly it WILL show up on the lock screen.
  • I was pleased to see that my account now shows up again in Mail. After the prior update it disappeared, wouldn't sync messages, and wouldn't let me read them. I couldn't delete and re-add the account in any way. That's now addressed so it's a small step forward.  Hoping as they get more people freed up from the desktop releases we can get a better Mail/Calendar app. It's not a great app, but I'm hoping for progress and with it being decoupled from the OS maybe some better progress than when you had to update the entire OS to get an update.
  • Amazing, this is I think the 7th time that all my color codings and show/hide  for Calendar appointments has been reset. I have 3 accounts and each account 1-2 calendars.  After every store update to the Calendar app, the color codings for the Calendars are reset and all calendars are switched on. I am really, really getting tired of this chore to change colors and toggle view after every update. How is it possible that this has passed quality control? Also, week number preference I set is wiped, yet again. And week number cannot figure out the method of counting week numbers, I have to know that myself. And also, still no search for calendar appointments. Still no way of viewing older appointments than maximum one month back, older ones you have to go to the website !?            
  • And still, Mail sync is BROKEN. My live mail account syncs whenever it sees fit, even if I have set the option "as mail arrives". Usually it is 10-60 minutes out of sync. When pressing the sync button, the error is 0x80070032, after a while the email may arrive, but the People app still constantly saying my account  requires action, and gives the same error code.  And unrelated to this, the Weather app might give yesterdays weather or the weather from the last time the computer was out of sleep mode, there is no sync button and no warning the weather is old. Things are just simply NOT WORKING.      
  • And, thirdly, how hard can it be, really, to let the user see in the store app what app updates has been automatically installed and when. We now have ZERO information about which app updates have been applied and when. The store can't even tell the version number of an app in the store, or when that app was updated in the store. WHY ???
  • I'd love if I was 10-60 minutes out of sync! :)  Mine will go days without refreshing if I don't hit that sync button.
  • I got new OS update notification for my Lumia 540. Is this may be windows 10?
  • Anyone else having issues with the Mail app after update? It keeps freezing and I cannot send mail with my work account now; account is annoying.  
  • Microsoft is lost what to do.