Microsoft puts the spotlight on the File Explorer's Share button in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Technical Preview that launched a couple of weeks ago has a number of features that are not immediately apparent. One of them is the new Share button in the operating system's File Explorer in an expansion of the Share feature beyond just Modern apps in Windows 8. Today, Microsoft put a spotlight on that feature in a blog post.

Microsoft says:

"Installed apps that enable sharing will work with this button; it will open the share experience just like in Windows 8.1 when the Share charm is used. For example – you can select a few photos directly in File Explorer, press the share button, and share directly to Facebook or Twitter if you have these apps installed."


While the feature is still being developed and perfected, this will certainly be a big new addition to Windows 10 when the final version is released sometime in 2015. Neowin has some more info on how this new Share button will work. What do you think of Microsoft expanding the Share charm beyond Modern apps?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • And somehow, I think I still won't be able to save or send anything from outlook on WP besides a GD picture.
  • It's not WP it's Windows 10 preview so what are you even talking about?!
  • I'm talking about an issue that has gone on for far too long and as I recall, WP is supposed to be turning into Windows 10 as well.
  • Agreed. Email on WP is a first order disaster. That it still sucks this badly this far into the WP lifecycle is just one piece of evidence (of too, too many) that WP is Microsoft's albatross. Windows 10 looks to finally take Windows 8 out of beta. Hopefully, it'll do the same for phone.
  • I'm wondering what exactly makes it horrible. I don't mind anything necessarily right now. I'm might be oblivious to the problems, however.
  • If you are already composing a mail (including replying/forwarding) the attach button ONLY lets you select pictures, nothing else. The only way to send a non picture file as an attachment is to go to the file and share it via email. BUT, you have to then start a new blank mail, and you can't send multiple attachments this way. Definitely not a work friendly feature!
    That's a pretty odd state of affairs so many years into the OS, especially as they now have a file manager app.
  • Buddy I'm using Windows 10 preview on my laptop and I can do all of that, plus I'm also using WP 8.1 cyan developers version and I can save and send or share anything. I don't even save anything on my laptop, I just hit OneDrive that works seamlessly on my phone too to access anything. So once again what are you talking about?!
  • For example, we still can't send photos without the mail app compressing them down to 10% of the original file size and quality! Many people buy Lumia phones, because of their high quality cameras. Forcefully degrading image quality while sharing, is just horrible. People have been complaining about this for years. Just let us attach a file, unmolested!
  • People should be able to send files that are not in Onedrive. Files on the sd card or memory of the phone should be accessible for the mail app. Furthermore, people should be able to include attached files from other e-mails without doing something difficult. My vision is that the smaller form factor and touch interface of todays smartphones should NEVER lead to less functionality.
  • Thanks for the spotlight :)
  • Way to early to say something about the WP development at this time... Windows 10 seems to do everything right, lets concentrate on that for now !!!
  • You can send more than a picture now. Go into the files app, press and hold the file and the context menu has a share option. Clicking this allows you to share with several apps. I just used it yesterday to send a document as an email attachment.
  • This is basically a new and improved Send to.
  • Not being able to attach files in outlook is frustrating, but the Windows Phone file manager in is so solid I don't complain anymore. It lets you easily and quickly send almost any file attached to an email.
  • Solid? No. A solid file manager also has cloud, network, and especially FTP support. Yea, sending is possible but it's still a kludge way of doing it. Saving a file is and has always been the biggest issue for me.
  • External apps (see OneDrive) can register on the file manager.
  • FTP? Yeah! And welcome to the 90's.
  • Lol, nothing has been put out since the 90's to replace the ease of FTP. You do know you can map an FTP in Desktop file manager to look like any other drive on your computer? No server software required on the end point either.
  • I don't understand what are you talking about. I can attach either documents or pictures. Not sure what are you talking about.
  • So you can't right click a file and send it, I do it everyday?
  • I rarely send attachments from my phone, so it's not an issue for me. But I think some others commenting mean they can't attach files after starting an email, or say when replying to an email they have received. Think they mean they have to start a new email (By going into the FIle Manage app and choosing to attach a file for example) to send a non-image attachment. I just tried it on my phone and that is the case...But as I say I don't send attachments from my phone regularly so i've never really noticed this.
  • cool
  • This is an example of features being ported from phone to desktop. This is an early build and we know Cortana and notifications are on the way. Good news and as noted, too early to dis if you have not yet fooled with it enough to know.
  • It's not ported. Share only worked between Store apps. WP doesn't have x86 programs and a desktop.
  • Let's hope they don't forget the email button that sits right beside. In 8.1 you aren't able to send files from the desktop with the default Mail app. Read this out loud 3 times and you know what's wrong with Windows 8. It's not the Start Screen.
  • This is awesome, I was getting worried that ask my share contact code would be for waste when the charms bar is removed
  • How about drag and drop?
  • I love share on 8. More expansion of this is welcomed!
  • I hope they change all those other icons too because that flat share icon is hideous between the 3d icons. All needs to be flat.
  • When are they going to get new, flat, modern style icons for system menus, start menu and everywhere else to have a consistent look throughout the OS?
  • Am i the only one who finds it disturbing that you can share to facebook dropbox and other crap, but not Onedrive?
  • Makes no sense to share to Onedrive because if it's anything like 8, it's going to be built heavily into the OS.
  • Isn't OneDrive already a drive in the left pane, so you can just copy/paste or drag and drop to it?
  • ehmm.... you CAN share to onedrive... and they are adding the right click -> share and give me the link. like they did to desktop app for windows 8 and 7. also I am sure if you install the app you can share it to onedrive, you know it's OBVIOUS you can share it to OneDrive so Microsoft didn't think they had to explain that. since you can already do a share, only not the best way, right now you right click and when you share it sends you to but since desktop app, Microsoft said it would come to 8.1 soon... and that means it would come to 10 as well. also you can already just put your files in onedrive with copy and paste... this kind of "share" to dropbox, it's adding files in your dropbox, not really give you the link to share it with others.
  • Problem is, if your in a modern photo app, looking at phtos, and you decide you want to share a photo, there is no quick way to do it to one drive, but you can those other places.
  • Your pics are supposed to sync automatically to OneDrive Just allow it, I take a pic on my phone and I don't even bother when I wanna show it I just open my Windows 10 PC and it there.
  • This is great. I've actually gotten so used to the share charm that I sometimes try it from the desktop and end up with a screenshot.
  • The Share button is a great step, especially if the following hold true: * Desktop apps that I build can hook into this same API to be able to share their content with apps. * Desktop apps that I build should also be able to register as recipients of shared content.  Desktop apps should be able to "share" with other desktop apps.  Maybe even Metro apps should be able to share with desktop apps. If it's just desktop apps can share with Metro apps, that will be lame.
  • Interesting
  • Funny just thought of this as a way tp do stuff when I edited a pic and posted it elsewhere.
  • I hope they do something about The system icons. They need to choose one kind of design to make it as OS standards.
  • This seems a throwback to the Novell days. I'm glad to finally see it in Windows OS. I don't know how the enterprise will except this but back in the Windows 3.1 days, we used the hell out of this kind of folder share. I actually like this preview on the new TB I have it on.  I'm tempted to install it on my regular TB drive...after backing up my documents that is.  :)  But I think I'll be ok.
  • Did many people use this c charm feature? Was there ever a poll on this? I ask mainly because most apps come with their own share feature right? Unless this was blocked from desktop apps because of the charm implementation...
  • needs to be added to Internet Explorer. can't imagine ever using this feature in File Explorer.
  • What about whatsapp on PC??
  • there is an un official method but waiting for those fb inc dumb asses who bought watsapp
  • Hopefully it will work with the mail app so one can send email attachments directly from file explorer
  • The mere fact that i can't share via Skype on a Microsoft device with a Microsoft OS is beyond me. I don't care what they will implement and how it will look as long as my most used method of communication (Skype) isn't able to integrate into it. FFS i dfon't even want to think about it, it makes me so angry. It's just typical for MS to let such an opportunity go to waste.
  • needed this share definitely needed this thank you Microsoft
  • wow its great! I always used to miss this fearture and its sharing is the only thing i always loved charm bar for!
  • Guys I dint understand why u loving win 10 but not 8 ??? It's the same ! Sure there new stuff in the software and a ton of new features but seriously! You can't tell me u hated the metro start screen ( which was the start menu ) but love the new start menu which still has the fucking metro !!! You guys are so confusing , you know that ?
    I am staying 7 and 8 best to play games and best to do business:)
  • Hey this is a cool feature in the windows 10... This OS is really gonna make people mad for it. ;)
  • Fantastic!
  • share to dropbox....errr....i mean onedrive
  • This would be a good place to implement a "share to device" feature. Being able to send stuff to my phone quickly and easily would be great.
  • Can't wait for the official and final release of Windows 10. And imagining if WP also have the same modern app environment...
  • Thanks for the spotlight :) ;)
  • Great, keep going