Microsoft to rebrand more than 50 Nokia store locations in Brazil

It looks like the Nokia Store in São Paulo won't be the only one in Brazil grabbing Microsoft branding. The company announced today that, in all, more 50 locations in Brazil will be rebranded as part of a larger push to have more than 100 points of sale in the country by the end of 2016.

The rebranding will affect 50 points of sale spread across 13 states around the country. From Microsoft (translated):

The Nokia brand replacement process in the retail comes a year after the acquisition of the company's devices area for Microsoft, and encompasses more than the remodeling of more than 50 points of sale in 13 states Brazilians. In addition to the Lumia family of smartphones and accessories, the new Microsoft stores will sell the other products that make up the company's portfolio, such as Office 365 licenses, Xbox Live cards, Gold Live and Skype, among others.

Microsoft also confirms that it will kick off its rebranding efforts with the Microsoft Store at the Eldorado Mall in São Paulo on April 29. To celebrate the launch, the first 100 customers to buy a Lumia smartphone at the location will receive a "special gift," though it's unclear what that gift may be.

It's important to stress that these locations don't seem to be full-blown Microsoft Stores, with Microsoft noting that the shops and kiosks will use a "franchise model" throughout the country. Still, it's a good sign that the Microsoft name will be gaining a larger footprint in an important market.

Source: Microsoft (Portuguese){.nofollow}; Via: TechTudo

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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