Microsoft to rebrand more than 50 Nokia store locations in Brazil

It looks like the Nokia Store in São Paulo won't be the only one in Brazil grabbing Microsoft branding. The company announced today that, in all, more 50 locations in Brazil will be rebranded as part of a larger push to have more than 100 points of sale in the country by the end of 2016.

The rebranding will affect 50 points of sale spread across 13 states around the country. From Microsoft (translated):

The Nokia brand replacement process in the retail comes a year after the acquisition of the company's devices area for Microsoft, and encompasses more than the remodeling of more than 50 points of sale in 13 states Brazilians. In addition to the Lumia family of smartphones and accessories, the new Microsoft stores will sell the other products that make up the company's portfolio, such as Office 365 licenses, Xbox Live cards, Gold Live and Skype, among others.

Microsoft also confirms that it will kick off its rebranding efforts with the Microsoft Store at the Eldorado Mall in São Paulo on April 29. To celebrate the launch, the first 100 customers to buy a Lumia smartphone at the location will receive a "special gift," though it's unclear what that gift may be.

It's important to stress that these locations don't seem to be full-blown Microsoft Stores, with Microsoft noting that the shops and kiosks will use a "franchise model" throughout the country. Still, it's a good sign that the Microsoft name will be gaining a larger footprint in an important market.

Source: Microsoft (Portuguese){.nofollow}; Via: TechTudo

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Better late than never. Would be nice if we could have some Surfaces too. (only those old Nokia tablet w RT available. Pfff)
  • Wen in India?
  • Wen in India?(x2)
  • Same as above x3 ^_~
  • Wer is the rollon?
  • When in the UK?
  • I agree! Microsoft should bring Surface to Brasil!!!
  • yeah, I would be tottaly satisfied just being able to buy the next Surface online, no physical stores required, imported or not, the price is not that decisive for me.  
  • Wen in Djibouti?
  • Only in 13 states, from a total of 27!!!
    Just to record: There are JUST ONE store in the entire Sao Pauli state!
  • Yea but do you expect stores in amazona or Matto Grosso and the ones up north (no idea what they're called). That is ridiculous that there is only one in all of the state of SP. Where are most of them, Rio? Minas? Rio Grande do Sul?
  • There are many Nokia Stores in Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Goiás and Belo Horizonte.
  • Microsoft factory stay in Manaus (Amazonas), so the Nokia Store there, always have the latest devices =P And in Northeastern in Brazil has several Stores. But none in the South.
    Several even in the same city.
  • There is not a single Nokia store in the whole south region (PR, SC, RS) While northeast region is filled with them. go figure...
  • There's only one in Sao Paulo state? Wow. Just the city of Sao Paulo alone should have several. The city's population is half of the entire state of California.
  • Isn't a lot of that just people who are starving and stuff? Admittedly, Microsoft is laser focused on selling that market smartphones, so I guess it makes sense.
  • You should travel and see the world. Go to Sao Paulo and learn.
  • Uau what a retarded comment. São Paulo is a Mega Metropolis and extremelly rich. I know itºs hard but try going to bing and simply type São Paulo before you betray your american ignorance with a daft comment like that.
  • Are you Brazillian yourself? I've been living in the US for the last 10 years but I was born and raised in the US and I still get my news from the country through my family that still lives there. I've passed through Sao Paolo a couple of times and it looks more like America's anti-China propaganda machine than sprawling, wealthy metropolis that you seem to think it is. (Actually, I'm sure it's wealthy but the tax revenue probably goes mostly to the corrupt politicians that reduce military budget as a few people start to ask for military intervention in the corrupt government). If you get your news and opinions regarding the country from western, white news media then your view of Brazil is probably "yeah there are some polluted rivers that we racist whites make a big deal about during big events in Brazil, but it's probably the next super power to rival the US, China and Russia and despite some racist white bigotry focusing on all the favelas in Rio the country is really an economic powerhouse and sexiness wonderland." If you you are Brazillian (no, I won't use an 's') yourself, then I'll give you the same treatment that "rednecks" in America get whenever they like their country. Your opinion does not matter. It is worthless, null and void. Get your head out of your ass and realize that your country is actually shit. I will admit though - I confused Rio and Sao Paolo a bit. But the spirit of my point still stands.
  • What country are you from? If you say the United States, then there are a few painful home truths you need to learn with regard poverty, starvation and access to healthcare...
  • Has Microsoft given up on the U.S.?
  • Lol....
  • Yes that's why every major city in US has a store.
  • MS has 110 physical stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Hardly every major city, and some that have a store have more than one.
  • None in the UK.
  • None in Sweden.
  • Microsoft is a Global Company. That measn they will market Globaly. You don't win by selling only to one the most debt riden countries in the world.
  • Like... the US? ;)
  • They are quite easy to sell to
  • They might be a globally recognised brand, but they don't act globally. They are still US-centric in all that they do. For better or for worse.
  • Srly this question? LOL  
  • When MS puts MS stores in every other country and gives cortana to the entire world, I might think that. But not for now. Still a very long way to go .
  • That special gift is the Hololens!
  • El holo
  • On BlackFriday here, they was giving Xbox Live Gold card to the people that buy at Microsoft Store website. So...
  • Ainda bem que estão abrindo essas lojas
  • Dang, now Brazil will have more MS stores than all the US combined... SMDH.
  • Not even close.
  • Yeah, I know.... Just saying the presence is gonna be really saturated, and that's a good thing.
  • Not even close to saturated - especially when you consider the size of some of the stores. From what I can tell the Eldorado one will be a little bigger than a basic cell phone type of shop.
  • Maybe I'm under estimating the size of Brazil lol.
  • You think lol. It has an area of 8,515,767 km2 (3,287,597 sq mi) and its the 5 largest country in the world.
  • Some if these stores are smaller than an ice cream kiosk :P
  • You see how your phone typed "if", instead of "of"❓ My phone always does this... I wonder if other keyboards read the i so close to the o, like WP does... I know the WP keyboard has variable areas for touch.. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  • Man, I wish we had one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at least
  • You could come to Brazil and visit the store! I've been to Argentina and it was lovely. I don't care about that old rivalry our countries had because of football :)
  • :D
  • Great idea. Brazil shows Lumia love.
  • Southern exposure
  • Indeed: "No Brasil, as lojas e os quiosques utilizam o modelo de franquias com os parceiros Águia Telecom e Nextop e ainda há planos de expansão para quase triplicar o número de PDVs até o final de 2016."   It means they're not Microsoft-owned Stores but franchises much like it was already happening when they were "Nokia" Stores. And that there are plans to triple those Points of Sale until the end of 2016.   Also, the store will have some sort of Kinect-powered shelves that when you pick up a product from a shelf, immediately start showing you videos and suggested accessories for it.   Microsoft also seems to confirm that what's happening in Brasil will be happening around the World. Which means we should be seeing a sudden explosion of Microsoft Stores sometime in the near future.
  • From reading all the published articles, it will be basically a "Lumia store". Aside from Lumia phones, the only other mentioned products were Office 365 and Xbox Live gift cards. Meaning: No Xbox One/360 console and games, third party Windows 8.1 hardware (notebooks, tablets, etc). Guess it's because of taxes. I've been to this Sao Paulo store. And it's small as shnizzles.
  • No culture?... Sounds fun :p
  • You're from New York...USA...please, define "culture". Also, define "fun". Because if there's something Brasil understands it's "fun". Actually even a bit too much for my colder European taste. So for you to find it "boring"...well...
  • Maybe matt never left his house to look around. However I agree that sometimes we have way too much fun and culture here in Brazil, hehe.
  • Word.
  • Lol I'm sorry what? No culture? Sources please. Let's not make your argument so subjective though.
  • Okay and maybe I'm taking this too far but have you ever even been there? I mean REALLY enjoyed the food? Music? I live in the USA but my mother is Brazilian. When I traveled there (over 10 times for two months at least each time) I felt as though I was traveling to a different planet entirely. I'm sorry you see Brasa as cultureless.
  • I agree, um from brazil but its a shame being of.. Sad :/
  • Once a year I travel from Europe to Brazil because of the culture and fun.
  • Brazil is a wonderful, beautiful and overflowing country with cultural diversity to live in. But like everything else, not for everyone.
  • I lived there for two years and am currently finishing up a college anthropology course called "Brazilian culture". They have loads of culture in Brazil.
  • +culture -boring
  • Guess you don't even know what "culture" means. Best stay under you bridge, troll :P.
  • Yes!
  • Summer Olympics Rio 2016. MS should be all over promoting this!!!
  • Dan, you forgot to say that will have Kinect there to interact...
  • Looks like they think southern of Brazil does not exist.
  • Do it same thing to ASIAN, we have NOKIA store too... Singapore, Malaysia (you need build more store), Indonesia, Brunei, Japan and more...
  • There was a Nokia store here at Jakarta, Indonesia where I bought my 6120C, e52, and last Lumia 620. I like their after sale service. Even months after I purchased my Lumia 620 there, they let me use their WiFi to upgrade my phone to amber. But when my friend asked me to take her buying Lumia 730, we found that the store 's closed already. So, sad. We bought 730 from general phone retailer then, where the salesmen know nothing about Lumia. Even they tried to convince her to buy android instead.
  • Yes obviously if they want to sell off nokia division then they wont be doing this.
  • Even if/when they shut down Microsoft Mobile, these store will still be useful to sell the plethora of other Microsoft products like consoles, Windows, Office, Xbox passes, even OEMs hardware like tablets and PCs. Microsoft can live very well without Microsoft Mobile, don't worry ;)
  • Right on... Brand it up Baby!!!
  • Noice!
  • Why focus in just one country, wouldn't it be nice spreading it to at least one or two store in all other country?
  • What would they do in the afternoon?
  • Philippines. Please open at least one Microsoft store here in Manila.
  • Manila is a slum. Unless businesses are run by Chinese now. Filipinos dont know how to run high end retail. Most of the businesses are owned by Chinese.
  • Even the Drug Lords are Chinese here, when caught they get VIP treatment. Not all of Manila are Slums though, not all rich people are Chinese. Or they are Chinese but do not practice Communism here in our land LOL.
  • Why just one when they can convert all Nokia Stores located at all SM Malls into Microsoft Stores selling Lumia smartphones and Surface 'tabtop'/'laplet'.
  • Is there one opening in Belo ​horizonte?
  • Brazil and MS seem to be in the news quite often. Maybe I should have my WP app translated in Portuguese to get some more footprint in Brazil :)
  • What's your app?
  • AVR Control for controlling Denon or Marantz AV receivers.
  • Damn that's automatic ms stores globally.
  • Is Microsoft's image "evil" too in Brazil? :D This is one of the things they should change too that "image". Viruses, bugs, slow, BSOD... etc.
  • Yes.
  • kind of evil. but not exactly in the buggy way, Microsoft is seen as greedy here, because the SO price is prohibitive for domestic consumers, so piracy was widespread and "justified" by saying they already have too much money. But this was the past, now more people can buy budget PCs with Windows officialy included, and piracy is proportionally less common. but the image lingers.  
  • It was pretty bad 10 or 20 years ago but have improved a lot since them. Software became more affordable to consumers, Windows became more reliable, and XBox conquered the hearts of many young people. Still, is not even close to be as loved as Apple, which is seen as an aspirational brand. While Windows Phone is reasonable popular, I hear from my grad students it is still considered an inferior choice than iOS or Android. Still, unlike the US, is pretty common to see apps and services been advertized with the "available at Windows Store" side to side with the Apple and Google counterparts. Here, a Windows Phone user will have access to specific apps to most banks, cab services, etc.
  • Woah, woah, woah... there are Nokia stores?!
  • Why only Brasil? And Italy??
  • Microsoft has to also do this here in Qatar. When they do this they should also advertise and market it well...
  • When in India ?
  • Wen in Portugal? :)
  • Great news...I will try to go there in eldorado tomorrow
  • India..india..India..needs badly
  • Im still waiting this in Chile. :c !
  • There have been Nokia stores in many counties around the world. Will this conversion happen to Nokia stores in other countries?
  • We have Nokia service centres in the UK. I wonder if these will be rebranded.
  • The windows of the store should have real live tiles on them that users could interacts with or at least just show how windows work with a demo
  • My daughter would love to play with the real live tiles.
  • "wen in India" is the new "seems faster" stfu already
  • Brazil is Brazil, There are many people who use Windows Phone, and it is a fantastic country. Amo o Brasil....
  • wow it looks good!! i hope nokia store turns like that when it changes to ms retail store.
  • Sweet irony, "...after the acquisition of the company's devices area for Microsoft", and yet we're going to reopen not showing no single new device... either from, then, Nokia, nor from Microsoft... :-/
  • I know of two Nokia stores and one kiosk in Rio. There are all small and thus, there will be little space to show Microsoft's products. That said, considering the Surface line was never released in Brazil and software never shows well in a physical store, they just need to add a XBox stand and they will be fine.
  • When in Portugal?