Microsoft releases new ads for Office 365 University; attempts to get "down with the kids"

Microsoft has certainly got its humour hat on and has gone all out with two new advertisements for its Office 365 platform. Gunning for students who are starting (or are returning to) college, Redmond aims to slap a copy of Office 365 University in the hands of everyone involved in higher education. Are the ads effective? Sure, it's also good to see a humorous touch to what many would assume to be a difficult product to promote with "cool" marketing. 

Both videos feature "The Discussion," which is essentially the conversation between a parent and his (or her) child with some funny annotations revealing what they're thinking. If you haven't yet tried out Office 365, it's definitely worth checking out and is entirely based on the cloud so it's easy to work from anywhere on Windows and Windows Phone.

Source: YouTube (1) (2); Thanks, Nishy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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