Microsoft releases sequel “Don’t Fight. Switch” commercial featuring the Lumia 1020 and hilarious camera hijinks

Back at the end of April, Microsoft teamed up with well-known director Roman Coppola to release what was arguably one of the funniest smartphone commercials of the year. Featuring a wedding where everyone was trying to capture the moment, it quickly fell into a fight over who’s smartphone was better. In the end, Windows Phone (featuring the Lumia 920) was left standing with the slogan “Don’t Fight. Switch”.

It was short, funny and catchy, so much so that even non-Windows Phone fans gave it a nod of approval.

Now, a sequel to that commercial has been released with the Lumia 1020 taking center stage. The scenario this time happens at a children’s recital with parents eagerly trying to get the perfect photo. In the process, they shove each other out of the way to get closer to the stage with your typical chaos ensuing. The TV spot concludes with only two parents left and the wife asking “Why aren’t we getting closer?” to which the husband quips back “With the Nokia Lumia 1020, we have the best seats in the house”. He then zooms and re-frames a photo of his kin, nailing the shot.

The ad is full of great little moments, like the obnoxious iPad user holding their giant device out in front of them to use the camera and our favorite mustachioed smartalec wisecracking to an elderly lady using an iPhone that “2007 called, it wants its camera phone back”.

The commercial should be quite popular on TV and we imagine it will be making the round on blogs and social media today (which means yes, you should all share it too).

The Windows Phone Blog notes that the original “The Wedding” ad was watched over 6.25 million times, setting a new record for a Windows Phone commercial. Will this get prime time coverage? You bet as it will premier during MTV’s Video Music Awards this Sunday.

We can’t wait.

Source: YouTube; the Windows Phone Blog

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I think the first one was way better. Not impressed with this so much. Good to focus on the zoom feature though.
  • I remember how the Galaxy 3 commercial -with the people standing in line- was released, suddenly people's perceptions changed. Once that first commercial got everyone's attention, the follow up commercials showed the features of the phone. As a result, for the most part it seems like when people think Android they think Samsung. When they think Android they think Galaxy. I think Nokia is doing the same thing here.
  • Agreed with this point. It's sadly, I feel, the reason some manufacturers aren't bothering with WP too. It's like they have to fight Samsung on a developed front here, and now I have to fight Nokia on a developing front there.... why re-invest? But I hope perceptions change well enough into this system so manufactors see the worth in doing multi platforms. And yup, a chunck of that is still on MS's door to show progress, rapid progress, of the OS.
    Also, to the OP, I also prefer the first one. But I like this one too, it has a point and it shows it well, besides just "theres a third option" it says, "there's a third option and oh, look it does something awesome". Though the awesome thing is purely on the hardware partner's side.
  • I think you're spot on. The only bright spot for potential competitors of Nokia is that Nokia is the dominant player of a relatively small market, whereas Samsung is dominating the largest part of the market. I liked the first commercial a lot, but most of the pushback to Microsoft's own dance commercials is that they stuck with them for far too long without explaining anything about the Surface. As was said, the first one put Lumia into people's heads at the expense of being unflattering to Samsung and Apple. This one is giving them an actual feature to switch over, just like Samsung did with their Galaxy lineup in followup commercials (the most recent Samsung one that I can think of was the one in the airport where the other guy wants to call him to see a feature).
  • Agreed.
  • I felt the same way but I would still rank this the 2nd best commercial released for windows phone.
  • I think that this one is better.  Nobody is sliding across the floor whilst accelerating (defying physics).  This one is a satire of a very real life and relatable situation.
    I love the very last bit too! haha "More photos are taken with the iPhone tha......."  Hilarious.
  • Yeah this one was even better than the first because the situation was relatable and actually highlighted an example of why the phone is better. The jokes were also funnier I thought. 
  • I liked the first one better, too, because there was more violence against iPhone users. I never tire of watching iPhone users get beaten! I did like this commercial also though.
  • This made me LOL.
  • This ad is a lot funnier than the original and it does a better job of selling a specific phone by highlighting a feature no other phone has.
  • I disagree. I think this one is more creative, and not only shows that the iOS/Android war is childish, like the first one, but also highlights a specific feature of Windows Phone, unlike the first one.
    The inclusion of children, real-time music, and what is mentioned above, make this a more engaging and creative my opinion.
  • Great!!! I forgot about the first one until now!  That wasn't on the TV enough IMO...
  • .... Video not found??
  • The commercial might premier during MTV's Music Video Awards, Sunday. We can't wait.
  • Ha, the very end. "You know, every day, more photos are taken with the iPho-!"
  • The panorama bit was also entertaining.
  • Agreed
  • Lol .. That end part was funny haha
  • LOL. That woman was so funny when she said the last word before she smashed out. hahaha
  • The best moment IMO :D
  • +1020!
  • haha! That's the fun when you see at the end. "Okay, let's take a group shot!" *shutter*
  • Group photo. Checked.
    Close up. Checked.
    Both done by 1020 in one shot.
  • The Lumia 1020: Deliverance from the plague of crappy iPhone photos that permeate our existence.
  • @jason - The iPhone photos are pretty good. Its just the NL1020 has 41 MP. o_O
  • No, they're not "pretty good".  The bar has just been so low for so long that we have accepted that they must be crap.  The photos on my Lumia 920 are OK, but compared to iPhone photos they look wonderful.
  • Agreed. This is why Instagram is so popular. Taking crappy photos on an iPhone and adding filters makes a world of difference. With a 920, 928, 925 or 1020, who needs Instagram? The photos look great because they are great photos.
  • Nobody uses filters anymore.
  • Its like why (old) great Britain wanted spices from India; to liven up their bland food.
  • She should have said "You know, every day, more bad photos are taken with the iPho-!"
  • That's because the quality is sh*t and you need to retake it countless times! Duhh
  • Lol!
  • LOL. That's logical when you tell about bad photos on iPhone and her words that says 'more photos are taken with an iPho-!' That means the photos are so bad that they will take more than twice, no?
  • Hahahaha.... Fantastic commercial! :-D
  • 2 thumbs up.
  • plus two thumbs on my feet.
  • this one is very good!
  • the first one served its purpose, it brought attention to the Lumia line of phones, now I feel like this one is showing you what makes this particular phone different/better than flagship devices on other OS's. Also, anyone notice that some of the same actors from the wedding commercial are also in this one?
  • Yeah. It seems like these people have one big family problem they need to figure out quickly. Lol!
  • LOL
  • lol I think it would be extremely funny if the people in the commercials turned out to be family in a future commercial. Kind of like a TV sitcom, the plotwill thicken
  • ROFL
  • GREAT ! ! !
  • Llmmaaaooooo XD
  • Hopefully, this helps get the message across to more people just enough to make them wonder, "maybe there are more than one or two choices out there."
  • It got pulled??
  • If you're in the WPCentral app, select view links instead of watch video.
  • The first commercial has the benefit of being first and therefore endowed in memory with qualities it probably really didn't have. It was funnier in a that the action was more chaotic than in this case. But this ad has some classic bits: the parent in costume sneaking on to the stage, the two guys raising the arms to get a shot and clocking the woman, that iPad user, and the ending which I'm sure some people will not like because it includes an Apple marketing phrase. Yet that is exactly why it is a great bit: end your spot with someone being decked while mouthing a competitors' talking point is priceless.
    Good job.
  • they dont block the woman, because they were taking a picture they were using SBeam (they are in the first commercial too) 
  • Not bad. They need to explain the zoom a little bit more. I like the Indian 925 ad you posted today much better.
  • is it more photos are taken on a iphone because most of them are out of focus or not sharp enough so they keep snapping away or?  and I am a iphone 5 owner and I can tell you my 928 blows it out of the water on focus time and snap time.
  • I think its because they are counting all generations of iPhones. It was the king at one time but that time has come and gone. I read an article that said the only thing that has sold more than the iPhone is rubik's cube. I don't know if this is true or not but if it is that would be how they could get away with saying that.
  • I would say the Bible sold far more times than the iPhone or a rubix cube. Oh, and toilet paper.
  • You are proof that there is always another asshole that knows a little bit more. And yes the bible has sold alot but the majority of bibles are given away for free. They are talking about sales not freebies
  • My wife's iPhone 4 takes decent pictures.
  • Well, decent photos is not Lumia 1020 photos.
  • +1020
  • I know that Apple users are used to "decent" stuff. They get decent daily photos with a decent sized (read too small screen at day) device with retro icons.
    We Nokia phone owners are used to suberb quality devices & OS and pictures!
  • Amazing commercial...very funny
  • That was great!
  • LMAO! That bitch up front taking pictures with that big ass iPad. I've seen them types at these events.
  • I love making people taking pic or video with tablets feel uncomfortable by pointing and laughing out loud at them.
  • "That bitch..."? 
    Goodness, was that the only term you could think of to describe the actor in the commercial holding the iPad?
    There are a few Thesaurus apps in the Store than could benefit you.
  • I wasn't talking about the actor of course, it was the character. You on the other hand are an idiot for not having the common sense to realize that.
  • Calm down there kiddie.
  • guys, guys. We are at WPCentral. We should not fight each other. Don't fight, encourage other poeple to switch.
  • I'm through :-)
  • +1 with this. Why are you arguing the character on the ad? It, the ad, should be the reason for the people to switch to Windows Phone, especially Lumia 1020 (we talk about this ad), and we should tell them, not to look the details of the ad!
  • This might be harsh language, but if you have ever found yourself behind one during a kids concert, you will feel the same way.  I know I have.  I always find myself wishing for some sort of disaster to hit that iPad in the front.
  • Gawd yes.  They sit there in the front row holding up their iPad blocking everyone else from seeing.  People have been asked to step to the side at our daughters concerts.
  • True..!! people start taking pictures (100s) .. and do nothing... just taking Camera's advantage :P :D
  • Great commercial. Been in exactly that situation with parents holding up iPads to take blurry videos.
  • That was great. The adverts in America need to concentrate on opening the iSheep and googledrones' eyes as Nokia as a brand has always been weak here. In other markets where the Nokia name is more accepted, a little more techie ad works. But not here. Done well. Gets to the point. Needs to air a lot more though.
  • I wouldn't say "always been weak." Nokia used to dominate here.
  • I like it! I'm on a GS4 right now but I switch between that and my Lumia 522 constantly, I like that MS and Nokia are getting some traction. I'd use an iPhone too if the OS looked slightly less dumbed down but I guess it's good for many people! The only thing I will never ever use again is a BlackBerry. Tried the Z10, worst piece of garbage ever and NO apps!
  • I'm exactly the same way so kudos to you
  • Great concept, great writing, staging, and direction...and it all works! Not to sound like a foolish fanboy, but that is technically speaking a great commercial. Seriously, I think that could win some awards. Well done.
  • The chemistry between lead actors was really good. You could sense a deep history between them. He got a job in the big city, but she didn't want to leave the farm behind. Years passed and they had kids (adopted of course). They send them to this preppy school where they are picked on for not being rich and snobby. Dad comes to the rescue with a Lumia 1020 and takes the best pictures to post to the schools website. I've got nothing....
  • PFfft--hahaha!  Oh, god, that "you know, every day..." bit at the end was priceless.  Those damn iPhone commercials are all over the place, and it's satisfying to see the WP folks are as annoyed with it as I am.  It's a cheap shot, for sure, but I was laughing all the same. 
    Even more satisfying now that I'm getting a 1020 for my birthday in a few days. :D 
  • Congratulations on getting a 1020 for your birthday. That is a great present and happy early birthday!
  • Thanks for that, pal!  It really feels great to know I'm finally getting the phone I've been following since it was first announced, hahaha.  
  • Loved it XD
  • I LOVE the end! "you know more people take pictures with the ipho-" thank you stfu we don't care. That doesn't make them the best pictures... As seen in the commercial :)
  • +8x
  • That happened at church a few weeks ago. Parents with phones all moving up to get better shots. Unfortunately, that was before the 1020 came out so I was one of them with my 920.... Not anymore though.
  • TBH, "if you need to zoom, you are not close enough" still pretty much holds true.
  • Btw, anecdotally, I was driving home from work yesterday (in DC) with the radio on and there were back to back AT&T and T-Mobile ads airing, both highlighting a Lumia! I would be willing to bet this has not EVER happened in the US history, not since the civil war at least!
  • LOL!!! Best comment ever! But I've noticed the same thing in recent radio ads while driving. Tons of Lumia ads lately.
  • Try to listen to the lyrics in the song that the kids sing.
    "I am a veg-ee, I am so tasty" LOL
  • I think compared with the first ad which was more of a poke at fanboy bickering which you really only see more of on internet forums, the situation of this ad actually felt more real to general users.  I can certainly relate to this one when I just participated my little nieces stage performance and you definitely see a few people trying to get into a better position to shot with their smartphones or iPads.  
  • I love this commercial because it is a clever way to make people pay attention to the lumina 1020 camera instead of just the brand name which I think is gonna get people wondering about the 41 megapixel camera. I still don't hear people talking about it 1020 anywhere i go. Maybe this funny commercial will help.
  • It's Lumia.  Lumina is the brand name of a crappy Chevrolet car.
  • My bad
  • No worries.  I partially blame Nokia, but at the same time I know how hard it is to try to come up with a name for something...
  • Autocorrect..
  • The iPad photographers are really terrible.
  • I laughed my ass off. The giant iPad was a perfect touch to the silliness.
  • They need to show more features of the camera.  A simple re-frame of the kids and then of something stupid would help show people how awesome the prospect of 41MP is.  Everybody gets super zoom, but the potential to re-frame might actually wow people.  It would take away 2 seconds of jostling but really help sell the camera. I'm happy about the exposure durring a youth oriented music show. It's interesting to see that this was a direct assault on the iPhone.  It's true that iPhone is still king of volume of pictures taken, I'm glad they recognized that even though she got knocked around for it.
  • Much much much better than the Office 365 commercials.  This gets my nod of approval.
  • Actually, the Office 365 "The Conversation" ads are pretty good. Witty and focused and relatable (I had variations on those conversations with my kids at the start of their college careers) and yet able talk about a piece of software that most people of heard of and probably used (Office) but that can be very hard to spif up for a short TV advert. Please don't tell me you wanted them to "show the product" because that would taken focus from the message.
  • Really good advert, they need to get this on TV and in cinemas around UK. Agree they should show more of the camera features.
    And please to god Nokia, hurry up and release in UK and take my money !!!!
  • May be off topic, but I went to at&t store last week here in Los Angeles to check out the 1020 and there was a rep from Nokia to help with their product. Very nice to see Nokia trying.. Go Nokia!!!
  • Love it!
  • End was hilarious haha xD
  • This is amazing..!! I loved it..i had a good laugh..panorama coming at ya.. :D epic..!! Thanks nokia..!!
  • A good one.  It's just too bad that it advertises a phone that can only be purchased on ONE carrier.
  • Boom
  • The world is not US alone, sir
  • I like it.... Great video.
  • great ad... liked it... :D
  • If I was Microsoft, I would prepare for a lawsuit coming from Samsung sunce they're endorsing these commercials by Nokia.  Why?  One simple reason.  Microsoft does have to abide to the same moral clauses Samsung has to abide as well where they are forbidden to engage in attacks or PR stints which can damage the image of one of their partners, even  by endorsing a commercial from Nokia.  
    This can either bring a counter commercial from Samsung, or perhaps a costly lawsuit against Microsoft.
  • This is not a Nokia commercial, it's a Microsoft one. It even features the Microsoft Store at the end, is on the Windows Phone YouTube channel and it was announced on Microsoft's blog--Nokia has nothing to do with it besides being featured. Microsoft Stores sell the Lumia 1020 and it runs Microsoft's licensed OS.  Also, you lawyer or just pulling this out of your tookus? Because I question the use of "same moral clauses" which sounds non-legalese. I also question random people on tech sites in comments giving legal advice to corporations like Microsoft who, my layman guess, have a team of lawyers signing off on these kind of things. But maybe they should just hire you? Besides satire is not a claim and they don't mention Samsung.
  • They do not need to mention a brand when being dissed in such a obvious way, Daniel.  Although some can find it funny, this can lead to a PR nightmare with one of their OEMs which can lead to litigation.
    I have seen this before, and it never ends well for the one causing this, besides losing a strategic partner who has been supportive since the change from Windows Mobile to Windiws Phone.
  • And have in mind moral clauses are enforceable in a court of law.
  • A lawsuit would end up advertising WP.
  • And it can cause millions, perhaps billions of dollars in awards and legal fees alone, as well as creating tension among OEMs. Ironically, Microsoft has not made a commercial for a Samsung device. Did for HTC, and really doing it for Nokia.
  • Did you really just mention morality in relation to a multi-billion dollar company??? That's comical!
  • Nothing in this commercial screamed "Samsung". Yes, we know it was Galaxy S4 (S3?) featured, but nothing in this ad shows that it was in fact a Samsung. Apple devices had a clear logo on them, but other devices didn't have logos visible. And not only that, but this was a Microsoft commercial, not Nokia's.
  • They can disguise it as so, and can be viewed as a smear campaign under the perspective of Samsung's legal team.  Microsoft is playing with fire.
  • I liked the first one better. Second one felt odd.
  • Is it just me or does MyTube not count as an app to open the video links in YouTube?
  • Need to put this on movie screens before the trailers; get some "trapped eyes" that way and get the word out :)
  • Hilarious! :-D
  • Excellent! Go get it, Nokia!
  • Best commercial ever. xD
  • Its very good but too long.  This 1 minute version is unedited mostly for web viewing, theater previews, etc.  I'm sure the tv version will be 30 seconds and will actually be more effective.    Regardless, glad to see all this comic angle being used so much.  I think it's more memorable
  • I disagree, I think the long versions are much more effective (and more hilarious).  The long version of the first commercial did not nearly run long enough, I don't think I ever saw it again after the second day.  The short version took a lot of the comedy out, which is what makes it appealing in the first place.   But, to each his own.
  • Not saying the 1 minute version isn't funny, but they got their point across after the 3rd gag.  The middle "act" was too long.  Intro, gag 1, 2, 3, then cut to the smart parents with the Lumia :)
    I know I'm being overly critical.  It's great, but I'm sure the final version will be 30 seconds. 
  • The commercial for TV will be cut the same way as Part 1 was cut. Online ads are always full length.
  • Please release such ads worldwide.
  • I love how Nokia snatches wigs
  • Halarious! Well done. The woman trying to take pictures with the ipad was my favorite bit from the never fails to astound me when I'm out somewhere, and I see someone actually holding up a giant ipad to take pictures of some event.
    I think this is a wonderful series of commercials and would love to see more of them. I hope they continue to bang the drum and get these things on TV in front of people often.
  • Brilliant!! What's even better is the ad is slotted for the MTV music awards on Sunday. Great demographic to target with the 1020 capabilities. 
  • Sadly in Germany the only ad I see is the one with the dude pouring milk on his head that ends with "Make the night to day". But that ad is on almost every second commercial break on TV. I would love to see the funny Wedding ad and this one on TV here, but for now, all I can do is sharing on facebook. :D
  • Hilarious! So well done!
    Way better than the first one : even more credible :-)
  • They need to really come up with something outrageous for a Super Bowl commercial. No better venue for getting your message across to 100's of million viewers. Spare no expense MS!!!
  • Really like that crack at the iPhone commercials at the end. "More people do X with an iPhone", yeah no effing shit when your phone is the most sold. It's that way by default.
  • Love these commericals. I want to see more of these on network TV. Just like Samsung commercials changed the Galaxy perception, these Nokia ones will do it for Lumia line!
  • Love it!  Great ad!!!
  • Wow❕ Great advertising,, I'm extremely impressed.. Now, if they could just keep it up, and don't let up.. I love the way they kept the actors from the last commercial.. Great.. They need to turn this into a long on going series if commercials... Then people will really begin to recognize WP as being hip, new, cool, and capable..
  • Overty physical slap stick humor continously gets really tedious and seems condesending.  It also lacks creativty since it is a copy of the first commercial.   Just my 2 bits. 
    Could have made the same setting with same humor - more subtly and had a celebrity mom/couple with the Nokia and this would have gone over BIG TIME at the music awards.  
    As it is - it will be forgotten pretty quicky since most people tune out with the very lengthy repeated slapstick physical activity that gets boring and insults your intelligence.  It tried to pound home the message like a made for T.V. commercial where the actors over act how bad other products  are before you see their product.
  • "It also lacks creativty since it is a copy of the first commercial"
    No argument there though I would say that many advertising campaigns have a schtick that is "repeated" e.g. Apple's famous Mac vs PC ads. Basically, I think it's okay to reuse a style if it works.The problem is milking it too much. So if we're still seeing this style of ad in 2014 and repeated 2 or 3 more times, I think it'll be more of a valid criticism. For now, you could argue that not enough people saw the original.  Finally, building a brand is about having an image and creating familiarity. Repeated commercial formats help realize that.
  • I reckon you are right Daniel.  This is the Microsoft brand.  Just too 3-Stoogie and exagerated acting for me to really like it.  I guess lotta people like that stuff  and it still needs more recognition - I'll bow out from further critques on this Microsoft/Nokia Lumia commercial brand.
  • Since Windows Phone is a distant third in the North American market, they really need to be irreverent in their advertising campaign to get noticed. I think a good model for this would be American burger chains. That is a market dominated by McDonalds and Burger King, whose advertising budgets dwarf those of all competitors. So smaller, nascent competitors need to be in your face to get bang for their buck. That's where the Carls Jr./Hardees chains excelled with their off the wall commercials (think Paris Hilton and Kate Upton) which definitely stand out. As a business proposition, this irreverence proved rather effective boosting sales noticeably. With that in mind I find the line "2007 called, it wants its camera phone back" to be fantastic, even if the slapstick runs the risk of becoming loud and stale.
  • This add is much better than the first one. I really like it
  • Love it. They make those apple ads sound so stupid with their more people take photos and face calling crap. That says nothing about nothing.
  • Anyone else recognize Kate Monday from Mathnet?  No?
  • Pro ad well done micorosft love it
  • Love the ad, awesome!!
  • Its true that More photos are taken BY AN iPhone like old lady says in the advertisement. True because we take only one shot from our Nokia Lumias, not more shots. :P
  • Great commercial. Again. Only downside is when those iPhone and Galaxy customers on T-Mobile, Sprint and especially Verizon decide to seriously consider the 1020 and find out they can't get it ...
  • Let's all share the heck outta this thing. Help it go viral like the first one!
  • "How is this for a head shot!" - LOL
  • hahahaha.. pretty good commercial and relatable too.
  • Loved the last bit!
  • They need to start adding more people in the crowd with windows phones, and then they give each other a nod, or thumbs up or whatever. Start thinning out the herd. Or infecting the herd, whatever analogy works best. Not just two loners sitting there.
  • I think this is their best ad yet by far.
  • Could WPCentral start hosting videos on Vimeo. Same with Microsoft and Nokia.
  • More photos are taken with an iPhone everyday-fact. Now tell me something...Which iPhone model? The original, the 3GS, the 4? Just because you have a bigger userbase for the phone doesn't mean they are good pictures. Plus more pictures taken everyday with an iPhone... so that means I can use the same feature of taking a picture on basically any other phone? Worst point ever and Microsoft did a good job of really making this great.
  • I lol @ the end
  • Platforms aside. That was funny. Great end of the week laugh for me.
  • Hahahaha!  This is exactly how it looks like to me at my daughter's school performances and graduation to 1st grade. 
  • Nice, but I'm sorry, after 1 year and half and 2 Lumias (710 and 620) I'll switch to iPhone. WP8 is nice, a lot more than Android, but Apps s*cks.
  • Who is the guy in the black leather jacket?  Please advise.
  • Who is the actress who says "why aren't we getting closer?"  She looks so familiear.