Microsoft releases sequel “Don’t Fight. Switch” commercial featuring the Lumia 1020 and hilarious camera hijinks

Back at the end of April, Microsoft teamed up with well-known director Roman Coppola to release what was arguably one of the funniest smartphone commercials of the year. Featuring a wedding where everyone was trying to capture the moment, it quickly fell into a fight over who’s smartphone was better. In the end, Windows Phone (featuring the Lumia 920) was left standing with the slogan “Don’t Fight. Switch”.

It was short, funny and catchy, so much so that even non-Windows Phone fans gave it a nod of approval.

Now, a sequel to that commercial has been released with the Lumia 1020 taking center stage. The scenario this time happens at a children’s recital with parents eagerly trying to get the perfect photo. In the process, they shove each other out of the way to get closer to the stage with your typical chaos ensuing. The TV spot concludes with only two parents left and the wife asking “Why aren’t we getting closer?” to which the husband quips back “With the Nokia Lumia 1020, we have the best seats in the house”. He then zooms and re-frames a photo of his kin, nailing the shot.

The ad is full of great little moments, like the obnoxious iPad user holding their giant device out in front of them to use the camera and our favorite mustachioed smartalec wisecracking to an elderly lady using an iPhone that “2007 called, it wants its camera phone back”.

The commercial should be quite popular on TV and we imagine it will be making the round on blogs and social media today (which means yes, you should all share it too).

The Windows Phone Blog notes that the original “The Wedding” ad was watched over 6.25 million times, setting a new record for a Windows Phone commercial. Will this get prime time coverage? You bet as it will premier during MTV’s Video Music Awards this Sunday.

We can’t wait.

Source: YouTube; the Windows Phone Blog

Daniel Rubino

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