Microsoft is set to release another fix for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book sometime this afternoon. The new driver addresses what is easily one of the top complaints about these devices (and any new Skylake laptop), which is the display driver crashing.

In the Microsoft support forum, Joe (MSFT) responded in numerous threads about the news.

The new driver will reportedly improve the situation for the following error:

"Display appears to hang, and then you will get a message that the display adapter has reset. Usually happens in certain scrolling situations on web pages."

The problem is seen on more than just Microsoft's devices as new Lenovo, HP, and Dell laptops utilizing refreshed Intel Skylake processors also suffer from the same driver crashing. That leads us to believe this is both an OS and driver issue that Microsoft and Intel had to solve across the board.

Update: The new update is live under Windows Update! The Intel display driver is now at version We'll be looking out for any further changes once Microsoft posts the information.

Update 2: The following updates will be listed as "System Firmware Update – 12/3/2015" or "System Hardware Update – 12/3/2015" within the Windows Update History.

  • HD Graphics 520 driver update (v20.19.15.4326) improves display stability.
  • Surface Display Calibration driver update (v1.1.381.0) supports compatibility with the updated graphics driver.

Source: Microsoft Community; Thanks, Kevin, for the changelog tip

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