Microsoft reportedly gearing up to join Movies Anywhere

In late 2017, Disney relaunched its Movies Anywhere service with a greatly expanded scope, bringing on several other major studios and allowing users to watch their movie purchases across Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu no matter where they were originally purchased. At launch, Microsoft wasn't in on the program, despite having been a part of the service's previous incarnation. However, it looks like all of that is about to change soon, adding Microsoft's Movies & TV to the list of partners.

Twitter user WalkingCat, who has been a reliable source for numerous Microsoft-related leaks in the past, has posted what looks to be a new introduction video for Movies Anywhere. The curious part for Microsoft followers, however, is that Movies & TV is listed as one of the partner services during a portion of the video.

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As noted by Neowin, the video looks to be an updated version of the introduction video posted on the official Movies Anywhere Youtube channel.

Microsoft has been said to be in talks about joining Movies Anywhere since at least March, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the company join the service soon. Combined with word that Microsoft is also working on bringing Movies & TV to Android and iOS, this would be a big boon for users of Microsoft's devices and services.

If Microsoft doesn't embrace 'Movies Anywhere' its Movies & TV service is dead

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The pulling out was due to Mattrick's plans to make Xbox the next Disney.
    The coming back was due to cancelling xbox studios.
  • no and no
  • Great! We're still a few steps away from me being fully on board with digital movies (needs all studios, needs to be officially in Canada, ideally should also include TV), but this is a definite step in the right direction.
  • Again not of much use to anybody in the UK. MoviesNotEveryWhere
  • Yes please!
  • YAY!!!
  • And with this, Microsoft will start getting my movie business again.
  • Thank god, one app to rule them all again... because I hate the Vudu design.
  • hah, Vudu is a great service and the app works well, but yeah, not a clean design at all...just a mishmash.
  • If only it were that simple. While I am only too happy to welcome MS back, it will further complicate the mess detailed here - - when a spreadsheet like this is no longer necessary then I might agree with your sentiment.
  • Bout damn time! Good news nonetheless.
  • It's about time! I think some of the work behind the scenes is already happening, there are a few titles (like Blade Runner 2049 UHD and the free digital copy of Justice League from my 4K Blu-ray) which I only purchased through Vudu that suddenly appeared in my Microsoft Movies & TV list too last weekend.
  • Finally! Can't wait for this to go live. 😊
  • Yay Microsoft! Now put movies and tv on android and iPhone.
  • Yes, please!!
  • That's a great news for everyone. I desperately wait for this. When will they release this? Normally I buy tickets from they make our life easier because anything they deliver at a very discounted rate. Well through Microsoft apps we will see movies anywhere.