According to a report, interest in Microsoft's Surface Studio is running pretty high. Microsoft's suppliers indicate that while the company initially expected to ship around 15,000 Surface Studios in their debut quarter, it may end up shipping around 30,000 units, reports DigiTimes (via Business Insider).

Microsoft reportedly shipping double its expected number of Surface Studios

The report further adds that Microsoft expects to ship another 30,000 units throughout the first quarter of 2017. And given the lull in interesting new releases from Apple, it's not hard to see why some creative types might be eager to check out Microsoft's latest Surface offering, ultimately pushing demand past what was expected. Still, with the hefty starting price of the premium Studio PC and its limited availability, demand reaching double of what was expected would be pretty impressive.

As always, it's best to take these reports with the requisite grain of salt. However, since we'll likely never get unit breakdowns directly from Microsoft, this report offers a pretty interesting peek into how the Surface Studio may be doing.