Microsoft reportedly working on version of Teams for friends and family

Microsoft Teams Android
Microsoft Teams Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft reportedly showed off Teams "for life," at a recent internal meeting.
  • Incorporating location sharing, shared calendars, and more, this version of Teams is designed for family and friends.
  • Described as an "extension" for Teams, the app could act as a replacement for other chat apps.

Alongside a tease for its dual-screen Surface Centaurus device, Microsoft also reportedly showed off a new version of its Teams app for family and friends at a recent internal meeting. As reported by The Verge, Teams "for life" will focus on extending the workplace chat app's features to help families coordinate their schedules, share locations, and more.

"Microsoft is experimenting with features like sending location, shared family calendars, and document sharing," The Verge says. Little else is known about this version of Teams, but it would make sense for Microsoft to use the app as a base for expanding its reach beyond education and enterprise sectors.

Theoretically, Teams "for life" could act as a replacement for chat apps that families currently use. Microsoft has seen significant growth as a workplace chat app, offering a competing alternative to Slack. However, it will have to offer something substantial for families and friends to give up current go-tos like WhatsApp and Messenger.

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  • Good. Would love a Rooms Replacement.
  • Are you talking about Skype Rooms? Cause that has been replaced with Microsoft Teams Rooms Meeting. (I know it's a long name)
  • People Hub Rooms, from Windows Phone.
  • rdmelo is correct, I am speaking of Windows Phone Rooms on WP 7 and 8 (I think they were removed in 8.1?)
  • More this, I wish they would have turned Skype or GroupMe into an iMessage rival. Something that will send SMS to non-users but if both phone numbers are in the system it upgrades it to a IP-based message with all the great features that come with it.
  • been there and done that with Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8 where Skype/GroupMe was an iMessage rival for a brief time
  • Still waiting for phone call support in Firefox.
  • Would love a family 'SharePoint'. For people sharing an Office 365 Home subscription, intended for families, with independent e-mails, calendars, OneDrives, it would make sense to have a common resource. If that is in the form of Teams, so be it.
  • Microsoft does need to get their messaging services in order. GroupMe, Skype, Teams, and Xbox Messaging. I think Microsoft needs to consolidate GroupMe and Skype into one unified messaging platform for everyday people, and dedicate Teams to enterprise and business use. Xbox Messaging needs to be backed by the new Skype/GroupMe merger for additional features, faster speed and improved reliability.
  • This is what I've been saying for years about GroupMe and Skype but nope Microsoft doesn't care
  • True. There's various good points to all those things you mentioned, so if they could just take the best parts from each into one, they'd be onto something. Googles messaging mess is as bad too.
  • This guy should work for Microsoft.
  • Teams is the future I hope. Skype charging money for SMS / audio calls when every other competitor is free is the only thing worse than Skype's UI and contact management. Having a "Office Home" version also allows rogue Team installs in non Team enterprises, which can lead to grassroots demand (if you don't install it for us, we're gonna install it anyway).
  • Have you ever tried GroupMe? It's owned by Skype (aka Microsoft) and offers group SMS and audio calls for free. Also GroupMe works for all phones literally (Windows phone, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, Nokia, and most flip phones)
  • So are we looking at a Facebook replacement without selling your life to the highest bidder? I. Would. Love. This. Though not seeing anything on photo sharing, but assume that's a given......?
  • I have a team setup for my family and since it already sets up a SharePoint site automatically, I just created a folder for all the family photos/videos and then added that folder as a tab on General channel
  • I already use Microsoft Teams for my business and I also have my family and friends as separate team groups.
    - The video calls up to 250 people is quite amazing, which even BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc have issues with 5+ people.
    - The chat interface is intuitive and we can share files and links and whatever else.
    - Now the only thing that bothers me is no shared calendar since I don't want to provision a separate email account just for that.
  • But what about Skype? You can text chat in that app too, no?