Microsoft reveals new Samsung Mango device [Video]

We recently covered a Samsung device, namely the SGH-i937, which shares the same Bluetooth characteristics as Windows Phone Mango (as well as appearing on Occasional Gamer's list of devices recently). This model number is plus 10 from the SGH-i927 of the Galaxy S II handset so one could assume that this is a WP7 powered Galaxy S II MK II.

In the video above, Steve Guggenheimer (Corporate Vice President of the OEM Division at Microsoft), shows off a Samsung device that not only looks like the Galaxy S II, but appears to have a front facing camera. Also present in the video are ZTE and Acer handsets as well as a waterproof Fujitsu device.

Mango is expected to include front facing camera support. While it has not been officially announced by Microsoft, a leaked HTC device and references found in the Mango developer tools beta 2 both point towards the possibility.

What do you make of the four devices shown, are you more interested in what Nokia has to offer?

Update: Microsoft has requested the video be removed because those devices were not to be shown off. So instead, you can head to WithinWindows to watch it or to Microsoft's own site where they still have it up, ahem.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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