Microsoft Rewards is coming to users in the United Kingdom

Good news! If you're a user who resides in the United Kingdom, you will soon be able to take advantage of Microsoft's rewards program! Originally exclusive to the United States, Microsoft Rewards is now slowly rolling out to Microsoft Accounts that reside in the United Kingdom.

Users in the United Kingdom can now head to the official Microsoft Rewards website located here{.nofollow}, where you can now sign up and begin earning points for doing various things in the Microsoft ecosystem. If you earn enough points, you level up, and can also win prizes!

If you're unable to access the Rewards website in the UK, that's probably because the program is still rolling out. Check back in a few hours and see if you can sign up then. In the meantime, are you interested in the Microsoft Rewards program in the UK? Let us know.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Still "coming soon" for me ☹
  • Same here, looking forward to seeing what we're able to get though.
  • Ditto...
  • **** your rewards ms
  • pointless...
  • Your?
  • Really?
  • Working well in Australia :)
  • I hope it will arrive in Belgium very soon. ☺
  • USA UK what about us ????? US UK already killed windows phone 📱
  • What I'm about to say may shock you completely. Microsoft sells more than phones.
  • Actually it was just the US that killed Windows 10 Mobile devices, the UK had nothing to do with it!!!!
  • Police is investigating who killed windows phone 😁😁😁
  • Hang on, are you saying the UK, the country that had over 10% marke share for Windows Phone, killed it? I'm struggling to see your logic. It was MS that didn't embrace it in the UK and push it further for leverage, blame Microsoft on that front. 
  • UK did not kill it, MS killed it. 
  • We got it here in Australia and its brilliant have got deals with all Microsoft stuff from tablets to Xbox
  • Anything actually free?
  • Yes, you can get xbox gold membership, vouchers for groove music etc. You accrue points to get the free stuff
  • So ... How much money do you need to spend to get that Microsoft branded t-shirt.
  • I own a windows phone, Microsoft should put my kids though college for this level if brand loyalty.
  • I hope it will be expanded to Italy too!
  • And Poland!
  • Hey what about your neighbours across the pond in Ireland?
  • Free credit for games, movies, music, Xbox Live, Groove Music passes etc.
  • Used mine for skype minutes
  • Still waiting to get unbanned back from search botting Bing Rewards. I guess that will never happen. Oh well.
  • Have been cashing in for at least three years. Love the program. Why not get paid for doing something your going to do anyway which is search. Have gotten free books, music, movies, free in app purchases for games. I've gotten at least $150.00 in 3 years.
  • At last! I'm glad the points transferred🙂
  • This should come to Asia soon as well. Then market share of Bing will jump I'm sure of it. :)
  • So cool that it's in Australia now! :D. I've never used Bing so much
  • I'm actually amazed Australia was the second country, but also very stoked. I've almost got enough for a $5 store credit.
  • Just saw in the rewards app this morning, they're killing the app (usa)
  • Yes, me too, on mobile. It gave 10 "goodbye" points, then that was it. I just unpinned it, and pinned the bing homepage instead. Worked fine, bing page seamlessly kept track of points.
  • Let me try to understand this. With CU we all lost offline navigation in Maps so it's completly useless and for that they give Bing rewards to the UK? Is that the deal?
  • Not sure what you mean by that, maps can still be downloaded and navigation is still there.
  • Accidently got into the reward scheme when visiting the US, the offers normally do not work but occasionally they did no idea why. Just put down 5 entries into the Surface pro 4 sweepstake and it went through ok. Not sure what that proves though to be honest.
  • Hello MS, here is the 740 - 65 = 675 million "other" Europeans. When can we earn Rewards? Oh, one more thing... when will Cortana be available in ALL European languages?
  • You know how I feel. Here in Poland we don't have Rewards, Cortana, or even have Groove music sync music from OneDrive!
  • I think I will give it a miss.  
  • Got my email. The rewards are really substantial. If your fully digital with games, movies and music the points offered aren't tiny at all.
  • Roll it globally....may encourage more users
  • I thought they killed Bing rewards??
  • I have been getting emails and competitions from Microsoft rewards program for weeks now, but every time I try interact with these comps etc/etc. It just says that reward program does not cover the country you are in.
  • Same here mate, it's really confusing sometimes
  • Same issue i have contacted support to get help.
  • Still "Coming Soon" for me. When's it coming?
  • not live still..!!??