Microsoft Rewards extension for Edge launches in preview

A Microsoft Rewards extension for the company's Edge browser is now available (opens in new tab) in preview form. With the extension, you can not only easily check to see if you're currently earning points while browsing, but you an also quickly take a look at current offers, quizzes and more.

Here's a quick look at the features of the Microsoft Rewards extension:

  • Clearly see when you are actively browsing - So you know when you're earning points.
  • Easy access - Quickly access daily offers and quizzes to earn additional points.
  • See your rewards status - including points balance, daily points earned, and progress towards a redemption goal.

Keep in mind that the extension is in preview, which means that there are bound to be some bugs involved. Also be aware that you must be signed into your Windows 10 machine with your Microsoft Rewards account for the extension to work properly. That said, you can check out the Microsoft Rewards extension on the Windows Store now. Also be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks to ArtieMcD for the tip!

See the Microsoft Rewards Edge extension at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Good move. About time they launched an extention for this. I am hoping to see a lot more extensions by the Creators Update.
  • Where is the points balance (available points)? I have to go to the dashboard to see that. Unless I'm blind? :-)
  • If you're talking about browsing points, it only updates daily. This has been out for over a day and a half now, the first day I was confused by it not updating, but it will.
  • He's talking about reward points balance, what you can redeem.  And you still need to go to the dashboard or to Bing to see it.  The extension is simply displaying the same thing you see when you click your points balance on Bing.
  • Yep, what Spicy said.
  • Extensions stopped working in Edge for me. They show as installed, but they don't do anything. If I set an extension to "show next to the address bar," the icon shows, but clicking on it just shows a bar underneath the icon instead of the extension's popup. Anybody have any ideas to fix this?
  • I have this same problem, does someone know how to fix this?
  • It seems like every time an update comes out these things get broken. An easy fix is to uninstall/reinstall the extensions.
  • I just tried that but it doesnt fix my issue
  • Same amount of reinstalling seems to help.
  • The same problem here. Reset store, reinstalled apps several times..nothing. I reset my PC and they worked again but after a few days stopped again! Really annoying, this is the kind of bug, which seems quite widespread, that they need to get sorted. I need a translator in my browser for a lot of my work so have had to go back to Firefox.. Shame :-(....
  • Well there's a surprise, MS rewards are US only.
  • I installed this yesterday. It's still a bit buggy.  I try the "Let's Get Started" option which tells me it's Logging in, but it never proceeds from there.  Don't know how you got past that. It's nice that it shows the green checkmark when Edge is the active program, or a yellow X when it's not in focus. However, I can pull up a video in Edge and have it playing, but go to another program, and not get credit for it.  At least I can have Edge be the active Window on one screen, and use the scroll button on my mouse on another, and still be considered active.
  • Surprised we haven't seen an update to the Windows Phone app to at least change the name from Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards. Not a big deal, just seems like it would be simple and it has not been done yet.
  • Only US? :(
  • For me it's not working. It keeps asking me to log into my micrrosoft account even though I'm logged in.
  • This happened to me, and it was because my settings were to block third party cookies. Changing it to not block any cookies made it start working. You may want to try that and see if that's the issue.
  • Yup that fixed it! Thanks
  • My mobile points don't even show in edge anymore. Just he pc points and the bonus ones. Do I have to do something to bring it back?