If you've been having trouble syncing your Outlook account with an app or smartphone recently, a fix is thankfully on the way. On its Office 365 service status page (via ZDNet), Microsoft notes that it has started deploying a fix for the syncing issue, which has been impacting some users since Thursday, November 17.

Microsoft rolling out fix for Outlook syncing bug

From Microsoft:

We've completed the fix and are deploying it throughout the affected environment. While the fix is being deployed, some users may begin to access and synchronize their Outlook.com accounts while using applications or mobile devices.

As noted by ZDNet, the issue seems to have mainly impacted users in Europe, judging by a Down Detector heat map of user-reported issues. It's currently unclear what the actual cause of the issue was, but a fix should be good news to those experiencing the issue regardless. If you are still having trouble syncing your Outlook.com account, Microsoft recommends logging in to check your email via a web browser as an alternative.

Have you hit any snags with syncing your Outlook.com account recently? Let us know in the comments if things have cleared up!

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