Microsoft rolls out new Sound Recorder preview app for Insiders on Windows 11

Sound Recorder Windows
Sound Recorder Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft rolls out big update to the Voice Recorder app on Windows 11 for Insiders.
  • It brings a new UI, new features, and a name change to "Sound Recorder."
  • It's available for testing now in the Insider Dev Channel.

Microsoft has today announced the rollout of a new Sound Recorder app for Insiders in the Dev Channel on Windows 11. The new Sound Recorder replaces the Voice Recorder app already present in Windows, with new features and an updated UI headlining the new experience.

The new app has a new markers feature, which lets you mark specific timestamps in audio recordings for referring back to later. There's now also the ability to import audio files, and you can change your microphone device straight from within the app. Additionally, you can now also change the output file type your recordings are saved as, pretty neat!

Microsoft's official announcement post details the following:

You'll notice that there is a beautiful new visualization for audio during recording and playback to complement the new look and feel of the app. We've also added support for changing your recording device and file format from within the app, which were among the top requested features in Feedback Hub.

Microsoft has been refreshing many of the in-box app experiences on Windows 11 since the OS launched last year. In the last six months, Microsoft has released new versions of Paint, Music Player, Clock, Phone Link, and more. The company says it's working on more updates for in-box apps as well, so we'll be keeping an eye out for those.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • As long as it launches instantly I'll be happy. The current version took too long to launch compared to nearly every other in-box app. edit: The app would open, but the recording button would be unusable for several seconds.
  • Sounds like an optimisation features which just needs more refinement. But so far feature wise for basic sound recorder, this is pretty good. At least it's a native app as well, so once kinks ironed out this should be snappy.
  • I hope MS still pursue the goal of bringing Windows to mobile OS. These apps they are making for Win 11 are perfect for mobile.
  • I came here to write the same 🙂
  • New Windows apps don't seem to scale very well (I mean window-wise). Take for example the updated Phone Link app. I can't scrunch the app into a relatively small (phone-sized) window because it's no longer designed to conform to whatever size or shape window I put it in. Pretty annoying - even on a desktop computer with big monitors.