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Microsoft’s “On the Whiteboard” takes us to a place where no one can hear you scream

Last week, Microsoft introduced their new web series, “On the Whiteboard”, to take you behind the scenes at the company and see how our favorite devices and services are brought to life. The first episode had us learn where our favorite Windows sounds come from; this week, we go to a place where silence is king.

Our host, Pamela Woon, takes us into an anechoic chamber on the Redmond campus where Microsoft hardware goes through rigorous testing to minimize buzzing and humming from their electronics.

The anechoic chamber at Microsoft is an entire room set on springs and separated from the rest of the building. Add on the specially designed wall structure and we have a room where echoes don’t exist and you can hear the sound of a pin drop.

The chamber isn’t just built to minimize noise, but also to make sure the best aspects of a device come to life. Microsoft’s Surface hinge was subjected to testing to ensure the sound of it snapping closed “sounded robust”.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about Microsoft’s latest episode of “On the Whiteboard”.

Source: Microsoft News Center (opens in new tab)

  • I'd like a tour of the WP studio, and the process they go through when developing a new OS version. That would be cool!!
  • Same here!
  • It must be pretty fun place since they work with the longest deadline possible.
  • You must be a troll, since you have no clue what you're talking about.
  • Right now I can't install the game that I bought because of the famous "other storage" issue. It's been a year that they are aware of this problem. Am I still trolling?
  • Do explain the issue. What size memory you have. Detail what is taking all your storage. Maybe we can help.
  • I have an 820. Its memory is already limited but I have 2 gigs of other storage on top of it. Tried "Shrink Storage" repeatedly, it did help but not enough to install MC4 and Asphalt together. Installing from SD card also didn't work. If only we could get "Install to SD card" option. I was counting on it when I first bought the phone but now, I'm not so sure if it will ever come. Thanks for asking and trying to help though :)
  • Have you tried Storage Check in settings and deleted the temp files? Also you may be surprised how much space some Apps take up. And have you moved pics and music to the SD card? That can free up some space.
  • Yes I did that. I also have no music or pictures on the phone memory. I also deleted some apps to free up some space but I don't think I can delete more than that. I'll wait for the GDR2 update, hope that fixes the problem.
  • Reset the phone back to factory and try again.
  • Got GDR2 :) Thanks anyway.
  • Lol❕
  • +920 :)
  • Slow news day??
  • What's wrong with posting this? Even if it was a fast news day, they would probably still post this.
  • Would love some follow up news from that emergency meeting at Nokia Friday.
  • I know its off topic but I just downloaded YouTube posted today on my Lumia 928
  • :-)
  • I love this new Microsoft initiative. They're really reaching out to the community :)
  • But this isn't fascinating at all!
  • Well the cool stuff they didn't mention is that its so quiet in there that it causes hallucinations, both visual and audible. Its so quiet you can hear the sound of your own blood moving around your head.
  • My hinge is the most robust sounding hinge in the office!!!
  • Well then apparently someone at MS was doing their job! :D
  • All my friends love the Surface click.
  • mine too!!! And me personally, it makes me shiver in awe everytime I hear it lol
  • I wonder if Nokia did this kind of testing for the 920? The vibrator on this phone sounds terrible.