Microsoft’s “On the Whiteboard” takes us to a place where no one can hear you scream

Last week, Microsoft introduced their new web series, “On the Whiteboard”, to take you behind the scenes at the company and see how our favorite devices and services are brought to life. The first episode had us learn where our favorite Windows sounds come from; this week, we go to a place where silence is king.

Our host, Pamela Woon, takes us into an anechoic chamber on the Redmond campus where Microsoft hardware goes through rigorous testing to minimize buzzing and humming from their electronics.

The anechoic chamber at Microsoft is an entire room set on springs and separated from the rest of the building. Add on the specially designed wall structure and we have a room where echoes don’t exist and you can hear the sound of a pin drop.

The chamber isn’t just built to minimize noise, but also to make sure the best aspects of a device come to life. Microsoft’s Surface hinge was subjected to testing to ensure the sound of it snapping closed “sounded robust”.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about Microsoft’s latest episode of “On the Whiteboard”.

Source: Microsoft News Center

Michael Archambault