Microsoft says they have sold 'well beyond' 5,000 units of Microsoft Band

The surprise launch of the Microsoft Band{.nofollow} device a few weeks ago also lead to a quick sellout of the smartband on the Microsoft Store website. Today, Microsoft is confirming that the company made more than 5,000 units of the Band, contrary to a report posted on another media outlet, but stopped short of stating just how many Band devices have been sold.

The report came from Microsoft Product Reviews, which stated that a company support employee for the Band said over the phone, "Microsoft only had 5,000 of them for the launch." However, as many of us know, support employees are not always reliable when it comes to offering news about a product. Today, Microsoft sent Windows Central the following statement:

"We are excited by the response we have seen to Microsoft Band and while Microsoft does not comment on production volumes, we have sold well beyond the numbers suggested to date. We are working to get devices into the hands of customers as quickly as possible and expect shipments of Microsoft Band to continue arriving in Microsoft Stores throughout the holiday season. People are encouraged to visit their local Microsoft Store to place an order, and they will be able to pick up a Band when it arrives. Customers can also visit to sign up to receive notification when the device is available online."

The site has not yet posted word on when they will get a new shipment of the Microsoft Band. Do you think the company is waiting until Black Friday to begin selling the Band again?

Source: Microsoft Product Reviews

John Callaham
  • Well then, let's get mass producing these things and sold around the world. I know of a number of people here in Australia who want one, including myself.
  • Don't worry there will be counterfeit ones out in mass before MS get their done. 5000 what a joke.. I want one but not paying that price will hold out until they are replaced with band 2.
  • Errmm... They just stated they have already sold way more than 5000. Which part did you not get?
  • Way more that 5000, as in 6k, or 7k, which is still a joke.. Or are you perceiving that they sold more?
    Nevertheless, MS didn't initially want too many people getting their hands on the band so they could avoid any possible Kin like disasters... I'm sure they've decided to ramp up production slightly, but not much.. And, I'm sure they plan to offer it in other regions next year..
    But, you'd have to be crazy to not wait for MSBV2 or 3... I'll probably start my band experience off with V2..
  • While I don't agree that those sales are a joke (I see them as right what Microsoft wanted), I will also wait for the second version of the band. The software is not finished, and the hardware looks like a big bulky mess.
  • That's what I said..
  • It isn't bulkier than any watch you can get, and the software works fine. I've had no issues with it, except for cortana that "thinks/listens" longer than it needs to. Band just needs some tuning, and it'll be perfect. I'l expect something thinner and faster in version 2 though. My wishlist: Thinner Bigger curved screen Faster touch response, lower latency Speakers It's asking a lot, but a SIM slot for connectivity would be _great_.
  • Add scratch-resistance glass.  I got mine with the screen protector, but several others have complained that they did not and that it scratches very easily.  I would personally like to have some better control over notifications, such as allowing alarm notifications when I am in sleep mode I am enjoying the experience of my Band.  I have always had Fitbit devices, but they always get lost, accidentally washed to death, etc.  Getting used to something on my wrist has been a challenge (I don't wear a watch), so making it thinner would definitely top my list for the next version.
  • I thought the same. All photos I saw, it looked a bit bulky. Went to my MS store and they actually had some on hand. All large, which was too big for me. I tried on the medium display sample, which was a perfect fit. Didn't really seem anymore bulky than my Fitbit Flex.   Still debating between the Fitbit Charge HR or the MS Band. I don't really need a smartwatch echo on my wrist or GPS. I just want a tracker that can also do HR all day long and display it. Would have bought the Band if they had my size that day though.  
  • Thanks for your comment. Sadly though, there isn't a Microsoft store within two hours of me, so I can't see it for myself.
  • +930
    +bring the band to Australia...
  • + 1520
    + bring the Band to Australia
  • +930
    + bring the band to Norway
  • +1020 +bring the Band to Australia   dont want to get fitbit or nabu
  • I like the way you think! I'm surprised they didn't, considering how small a market we are. A sort of 'test the waters' experiment if you will. :)
  • Sorry to hijack your comment, but this needs to be said. John, wtf bro? In the original article, they specifically state that they followed up with Microsoft (as you did) and got the same "well over 5000" statement. Did you report that? No, you omitted that, then said "oh, don't worry WE contacted them" and threw the other site under the bus by implying "oh, this silly site and their not following up. They only said 5,000 lolz AND they quoted a sales rep. Silly site.". Frankly, that kind of "journalism" pisses me off. You're trying to make people think that you did all the hard work while the other site is just posting nonsense. "oh, Jas00555, you're overreacting. Why would you think that?" Um... Because multiple people below have thought the same thing and commented as such. Instead, John should've wrote "5000 blah blah blah... They followed up blah blah blah... WC can confirm". Seriously, I suggest people visit and read the more detailed article. John doesn't deserve the views.
  • Quite right. The report on MicrosoftProductReviews was very clear that after being told by a MS employee that there were only 5,000 Bands available at launch, they contracted MS for confirmation. They actually went further than WC did, because at first MS wouldn't really say anything. Only later after holding the story to let MS reconsider their position did MS decide to say that they had sold more than 5,000. All this was laid out first by MSPR, who, contrary to the article here, did not claim that the 5,000 number was correct.
    This article is actually pretty misleading as it tried to portray the original report as wring, and that WC set the record straight. In fact, all this guy did was copy the trail already blazed by MSPR, then try to take credit for it like he did something original.
    Daniel, you shouldn't tolerate this, and should correct this article to reflect accurately the good Journalism of the original Report. And tell your writers to stop mischaracterizing other reporter's work. Windows Central is normally a lot better than this. I can always look to BGR for this sort of writing.
  • Indeed, I see a lot of people wanting one in norway aswell - after seeing mine. Works great! Cortana could be faster though.
  • I'm surprised they only had 5000, but then I imagine they wanted to gauge the response to the device.
    Get it mass produced and out to the world! I'd love to see a band that I could swim with - would really increase the functionality. I'd love for this to get to the UK soon.
  • As the article states, they had well beyond 5000. 5000 was the number another media site had reported which was grossly underestimated. My local kiosk sold over 100 the first day.
  • If you took the time to read the original article on you would know that the comment was made by a MSBand Support person.  The Reporter was sceptical and contacted MS, who at first gave a non answer.  After thinking about the fact that the only number anyone at Microsoft had made public WAS the 5,000 number, they re-contacted the Reporter and then told them: "we don't officially share or comment on specific numbers but, so you’re aware, we have built and have sold well beyond 5,000 units" If you look carefully, you will see that Microsoft has never actually stated to anyone that they had more than 5,000 units AT LAUNCH, just that they have built and sold more by now. That's two weeks later.  The original article did NOT report an underestimated number, rather they reported an number provided by a Microsoft Employee who claimed to know the actual number.  As they stated in the original article, they were cautious about this information, and contacted MS to get more details. The result is the rather vague statement above.
  • Of course you're surprised, since they had well over 5000 units...
  • People appear to comment on the title rather than reading the article.
  • They clearly haven't even read the title, based on those comments.
  • It seems like the author of this piece didn't read the original article either.
  • Wow.
  • "beyond 5000" might be a tongue in cheek response to people joking about how few they had. Even still, they're available now and at least somewhat in demand. I'll wait for a price drop or v2.0 myself I think.
  • we need it in Jordan
  • I want one on Canada
  • Same here
  • Agreed!
  • $10 says they already produced thousands and just holding them off for holiday shopping spree.
  • Yep. That's probably true
  • 5K?? Come on, that is a joke.
  • The whole brand is going that way. MS used to be great, now they seem to have lost their way. The update process is a joke as well. :(
  • Read the article. From what I can tell MS seems to be doing better than ever.
  • So they say, then they say sales were down, they they say that was an error and so on.
  • What are you talking about? MS is wobbly on the WP thing a bit but I fault the Nokia deal with that. Apart from that they're doing better than ever as a company. Stop with the doom and gloom. At least we're not Blackberry fans eh?
  • Which is why they responded that it was not true, and that they have sold well beyond that
  • 5009
  • LOL
  • Yeah, reading comprehension on this site is abysmal as usual... :)
  • Indeed, peanuts.
  • Really?
  • 5000*200= $1 000 000
  • On the website it says it is available on 11/18 from 1pm EST
  • A buddy ordered two last week and was sent a notification they were being shipped to our local MS store this week
  • I want one too.
  • Wait for MSBV2
  • Damage control? :P
  • More like negative spin from other outlets, citing "support representative"
  • Read the original report. I hate to say this, but the Windows Central writer here was lying when he said that MSPR inaccurately reported the situation, and it appears he was doing it deliberately to make himself look like he was setting the record straight.
    In fact, he simply copied the steps reported by MSPR and duped you into thinking you had been saved from bad reporting.
    If this is considered ethical at WC these days we should all be looking for a better since of info.
  • Dear MSFT please consider me for your PR department role. "This report is false. We have sold a full boatload of bands and have multiple more boatloads sailing in now. They're like huge warships. Our definition of 'boatload' for our finance department is a lot more than 5,000. By the time the apple watch launches we will have sold something like 14 boatloads or more including many boats traveling into foreign waters."
  • LOL your hired ;)
  • ..... When can you start?
  • Lol. They'd pay you a full boatload of cash too. :)
  • They have boatloads of PR people who apparently aren't as clear as you are!
  • My local store was sold out and a list of 30 orders for people waiting
  • I wanna apalle watch
  • Do you mean appalling apple watch?
  • So 5,001?
  • Great! Now shut up and ship mine already!!
  • Well let the stupid people from the Verge tell it, he said nobody wants what a joke they are. That is by far the best band I think. Microsoft did a great Jo on it.
  • Microsoft band is interesting : )
  • I would have bought one if it worked with my phone (8XT).
  • does!!!  Using it with my 8XT right now.  (Or are you on 8.0?)
  • Seriously, we believe random CSRs now? CSRs know nothing, haven't we established that long ago?
  • Hurry up and release it in the UK!
  • I was at my local MS store picking mine up on Saturday. They had 4 on the shelf, and the employee said they are having a hard time keeping them in stock, but they have a steady supply.
  • Just get it out from US! I don't care how many they sell if I can't get my hands on one of those!
  • 5000 is kinda disappointing if true. But I'm sure it'll sell well she they get plenty in stock. The price is right and the functionality is good. Although it needs improvement in some departments.
  • Wow, read
  • Loving my band here in Australia
  • They'd sell a hell of a lot more but many of us who would otherwise buy one can't because we're stuck on Windows 8 due to sucky providers like Verizon Wireless.
  • I don't understand your point. I have a band since day one...i have Verizon and an icon and it works perfectly.
  • if you have an icon or 928 on verizon the app/band will prompt you to do an update that allow the band to work with your phone. you dont need to wait on verizon for that update
  • Are you on the developer preview or 8.0? No Bluetooth 4.0 without cyan correct? How is the battery?
  • I wonder if the lying reporter was an apple product user?
  • Lying reporter????
    Please read the article on before making such a statement
  • For some reason Windows Central omitted the part of the original article where they also confirmed to MSPR that they sold "well beyond 5,000". You got duped by John, bro
  • Funny how by omitting that fact the WC "reporter" managed to make it seem as if he had set the record straight, when in fact he had created a mistake that never happened.
    This isn't journalism, it's like the Tech version of an episode of Mean Girls.
  • I spoke with a CSR and whilst asking about Lumia accessories, i also asked about UK availability for band. Said Xmas, maybe Black Friday.. Not getting hopes up though.
  • Well beyond? Just give a number.
  • What does "well beyond" mean exactly? Give us a figure! Microsoft and their shenanigans
  • Exactly. But they will never say.
  • Maybe at the end of the fiscal year.
  • 10000 of each size might be a reasonable production run
  • 5000 sounds implausibly low, but this was not a big launch, nor was it meant to be.  I would believe somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 units would be the actual number, probably closer to the lower end, judging by how quickly it sold out.
  • If you go to and read the actual statements made by Microsoft, and read again the statment they made to Windows Central confirming their first communication to MSPR, you will note that at no time did they actually address the amount of product available  AT LAUNCH! All they have said, is that between Launch and now, they have sold more than 5,000.  Makes you think.
  • But didn't they sell out on day 1? If that's that's the case, then it wouldn't really matter because its still the same number.
  • Well there are plenty of reports that stock is trickling into the physical stores, so they might be producing them and have now sold more than the number they had at Launch.
  • Can someone call a CSR and get him/her to say they have sold a million? Because apparently we believe them now.
  • The initial contact was from a CSR. Both sites state they contacted Microsoft to clarify after hearing the initial responses. Seems legit.
  • To be accurate, MSPR contacted MS after being given the tip from the Service Rep, then got in contact a second time and got some more information from Microsoft.
    All that WC did was read some of the MSPR story, call Microsoft, then characterize their action as having added something to correct the first article, which was NOT wrong in the first place.
    I would say the first Reporter was legit, but sadly, the Windows Central guy was trying to look like he had come up with something by making a false claim against the first article. Not up to WC usual standards.
  • Couldn't of said it better myself. Pretty poor reporting if you ask me
  • Yeah but have they sold.... OVER 9000?! :P
  • How many are on Ebay?
  • So can anyone explain why sales numbers are so important to them? Seem to be quite a lot of people genuinely devastated they don't know the exact numbers sold....
  • I know hey. What does it matter?
  • Put mine on order today. Sales rep said usually ships in three to five days. Edit: Wife lied, they had it in stock!
  • whent is coming to uk i like one soon i cannot get not ship yo uk  
  • I suggest you read the article carefully, better yet read it on  Microsoft Product Reviews becauseit looks like some people are commenting based on the title and the author left out some important info..  They clearly state that "between Launch and now, they have sold more than 5,000."  so the 5000 may be a plausible number at launch.  Which I hope is not true, but consiiering it sold out almost immediately in the stealthiest launch in history, kinda makes sense
  • So anyways... MS made this thing as a proof of concept that kinda took off rather well. The intention is to expand their offerings on the Health software hense it also working with Android and ios. They also wanted to show of the sensors technology. All being said I can imagine that the manufacturing run of Band V1 was likely in the order of 10,000 units otherwise there would be no breakeven point in production. Ask any Chinese manufacture what a limited run is... Usually 10,000 units. They likely sold 8,000 or so already maybe less but certain more then 5,000.
  • I like your analysis
  • Idk I got mine on Saturday after putting my name down the Sunday before at the Natick store. Very happy so far.
  • I have mine, so the other 4999 of you can just lump it. And I will say I love it.     I forgot my phone at home today - a very rare occurance. It does spell out that this device is quite literally tied to the phone, and specifically Cortana. My weather has not updated since about 6:00 am. No notifications, no mail. I have downloaded my next guided workout, so I could do that. As well it is tracking steps, heart rate, distance.     As for the validity of numbers. We do know that when the Apple Watch apears it will sell over 6 billion along with McDonalds serves. We are certain those are real numbers. To be honest, in some respect I do not care. It is the backend that will support this device and others.
  • My source tells me over 80k have been sold.
  • Hahahaha 5000 units? Seriously? Not even 50,000? So Microsoft was not so sure about their product huh.
  • 5000+ naive gullible betatesters, who (some of them obviously) even paid $$$ to MS to be members of the betatest program.
  • The guy at the MS store I went to said their initial stock was 230. This was in Tyson's Corner, VA. Make of that what you will.
  • I think 4,999 of them are for sale on ebay now for $499, from what I've seen.
  • All they need is to replicate that a thousand more times, and we've got Microsoft's next billion dollar business.