Microsoft to sell Xbox One bundled with The Witcher 3 in Europe and other markets

Microsoft will sell its Xbox One console bundled with the upcoming fantasy RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Europe, Africa and the Middle East when the game goes on sale on May 19.

The company will sell two versions of the bundle; one with and one without the Kinect sensor. Pricing for The Witcher 3 bundle will start at £309.99 in the UK, with varying prices in other markets. There's no word if the bundle will go on sale in the US.

The Witcher 3 is the long-awaited open world fantasy RPG sequel from developer CD Projekt RED. You can check out our recent hands-on impressions of the game before its launch. The developer has already announced plans to release two expansion packs to the game.

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  • Tempted for the game, unfortunately already have a xbox with kinect. BTW Argos selling xbox one with Halo MCC £270
  • Might go for this one with kinect.. thanks
  • Doesn't include kinect I reckon for £309 will be about £349 if not more, which isn't much different than I paid for the Titanfall one last year
  • "The company will sell two versions of the bundle; one with and one without the Kinect sensor"
  • "Doesn't include Kinect...for £309"
  • I love the packaging of all the bundles. Owner of the Call of Duty X1 Console
  • Can't wait for this game! Going to grab it for PC though..
  • Yes, just change the console region to usa via settings.
  • Also is a Bing reward prize in the US.
  • No this bundle appears to come with an average Xbox bundled with the game. The Witcher Xbox you can win from Bing is custom, the bing one is silver with Geralt's face also printed on it.
  • I wanna go for a XOne, love Xbox but I think the slim is coming out this year so I will hold off for a couple more months
  • Slim won't be possible this year, either get one now or wait another year. Why not buy one now and replace it with slim next year if you like slim consoles.
  • Whos to say they wont release the slim redesign with the new Windows 10 OS and Halo 5
  • It doesn't work that way, slim xbox one is not possible until next node shrink, the cheap AMD apus won't get priority at chip fabs , so you cant expect a slim one till at least one year. It may take another 1.5 years too. So, it would be best to buy one now and later replace it with slim after 2 years.
  • Back in October last year, it was reported that a slimmer and cooler Xbox One might be in development. The report was based on the LinkedIN profile of Daniel McConnell, AMD’s senior manager of system-on-a-chip design, where he mentioned about the development of the “first APU for Microsoft’s XBOX One Game Console in 28nm technology and a cost-reduced derivative in 20nm technology.” This technology would be ready for a 2015 redesign.
  • It was just an assumption made from a LinkedIN profile !! That AMD guy didn't say anything, even if they start working on the chip and packaging now in 2015, it will take atleast one year to get proper chip yields from the chip fabs. In the end, its your money and time and you are welcome to wait and but it is impossible to expect slim xbox one in 2015.
  • I doubt they'll release a slim for at least another 15-27 months. Partially because of the cost of changing a production run and also all of their resources are currently focused on Windows 10. Maybe when Windows 10 is out and found its feet they'll start redistributing resources back into the Xbox hardware dept.
  • As others said, it is highly unlikely a slim version is coming this year. Even next year would be 'early' given history. The Xbox One launched merely 1.5 years ago.
  • Whos to say they wont release the slim redesign with the new Windows 10 OS and Halo 5?
  • History says that's extremely unlikely. How many consoles in the past got major hardware redesigns and relaunched less than two years after debuting?
  • Dunno why they are bothering to help the developer considering they have publicly snubbed the xbox one, saying they'd rather play it on a low end PC... Until that point that had themselves a sale...
  • Why will Microsoft poison their relationship with a big developer for speaking the truth? Both xbox one and ps4 resemble low end gaming pc now from hardware stand point.
  • I have no interest in the Witcher 3 because it seems way too time consuming and I don't have the time or patience to play 200-hour games. That said, I think Microsoft Studios should acquire CD Projekt RED. They're clearly talented game developers and they've built up an impressive franchise that is critically acclaimed.
  • They should be owned by no one as they set their own standards for games. Don't need help anyway, they could probably kickstart just as successfully as Pillars of Eternity if they needed the money.
  • Because they didn't say the same about the PS4... only the Xbox One. It was all about DirectX 12 and how much it would realistically help games. But then there's no chance of it helping the witcher, as it would have to be altered to take advantage of it...
  • Again, why would Microsoft poison their relationship with a big developer for speaking the truth? Xbox one does resemble low end gaming pc now from hardware stand point.   Microsoft can't afford to make enemeies and damage relationship with any developers now, they are already lagging behind PS4 by a big margin and anti-indie MS stance led to many small devs going for PS4, it is only now that MS is courting indie devs too via ID@xbox after a year of PS4 garnering better indie support. So, that is the situation with smaller, indie devs, so trying to antagonize a big and popular developer is pointless and impossible for Microsoft. And all this for telling PC is better which is true and the most important fact those are Microsoft Windows PC.
  • Well, who wouldn't rather play it on a low end pc? He'd rather play it on a low end pc than on a PS4 too. 
  • seems to be good reason to upgrade my dust settled 360 but waiting for a new burnout instead.would be an instant time for long time rpg on console.
    RL is the long time rpg for me now.=)
  • Lovely to see polish franchise bundled to Xbox One. Huge success, congrats.
  • Prefer a white Xbone tbh.
  • Darn I want a Kinect bundle.