Microsoft sends out free Xbox gift codes as part of Xbox Live Rewards' 5th anniversary

In 2010, Microsoft began its Xbox Live Rewards program, and now they are celebrating its 5th birthday by sending at least some members of that program a nice surprise. The company is emailing free Xbox gift codes to those members as part of their anniversary celebration. According to reports, some users are getting $15 gift codes while others are getting codes worth as much as $50.

Xbox Live Rewards

In case you are unfamiliar with Xbox Live Rewards, the free program allows owners of Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles to earn points based on their activity on Xbox Live, such as playing games, downloading apps, and purchasing games as well. Those points can be converted to money that's added to a gamer's Microsoft account that can be used to purchase games, movies and TV shows from the Xbox Store.

In addition to the free Xbox gift code, Microsoft will also celebrate the 5th anniversary of Xbox Live Rewards with a special day on December 15 where users can get some more unnamed freebies.

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  • You can actually convert your G-points to usable credits?!
  • Not G-points
  • Not anymore
  • I got this yesterday and almost deleted it as I was not paying attention and just clearning things out of my inbox. 25 bucks in the account! :D
  • Guessing us only though usually is
  • This is what I would like to know since as far as I know Xbox Live Rewards is USA only???
  • Xbox Rewards is not US only. Lots of regions available from Norway and Sweden to the UK etc.
  • Aus as well
  • My mistake I was thinking about Bing Rewards!!!!
  • Hmm, well I have Xbox live on 3 PCs and two phones and have been an Xbox live member since the beginning of GFWL so as long term as it gets on the PC, and I'm in the UK, how do I sign up for this?
  • Just go to and log in with your Xbox Live credentials
  • Ah, looks like it only offers rewards for Xbox store games, not Windows store Xbox games. Well, that won't turn my head from Steam. Sorry MS, too many snags.
  • but not for 5 years, so the anniversary is probably US only.
    xbox rewards is up for around a year tops here in Brazil.
  • Ihave rewards in uk
  • But has anyone in UK had an email like the one in the post
  • My house was broken into and my XB1 and TV stolen, so it'd be nice if they were giving out XB1's to long time Rewards members. One can dream.
  • Don't live in the ghetto
  • Just as good of a chance to get robbed in a great area. Thieves go where the money is. Hope it does not happen to you.
  • I live in a nice neighborhood. That's usually where the nice TV's and electronics live too.
  • Your ignorance is showing.
    Put it away please. Posted from my Note 5
  • Stfu, it's not ignorance.
  • Lol
  • Because insurance is too mainstream?
  • I just moved and didn't have a chance to switch my renter's insuranc policy. Thanks for contributing though.
  • Should still be covered if within 30 days of moving. If you couldnt do it within 30 days... then well...
  • Sorry to hear, just ignore some people are just ignorant, it can happen to anyone.
  • Of course it can happen to anyone and I didn't say anything to the contrary. Is it "ignorant" for me to suggest (albeit snarkily) it's probably covered by insurance? If renting it can sometimes be covered by the landlords insurance. If you have a mortgage it's usually a condition of that mortgage to have comprehensive insurance that usually covers theft too. But if you weren't so ignorant you'd know that.
  • Ah, man. Very sorry to hear :(
  • **** SOUTH AFRICA!!!!
  • I wonder if I'll get one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Australia België Belgique Brasil Canada (English) Canada (Français) Deutschland España France Hong Kong S.A.R. (English) Hong Kong S.A.R. (香港) Ireland Italia 日本 (Japan) México Nederland New Zealand Norge Singapore Sverige 台灣 (Taiwan) United Kingdom United States The complete list of eligible Regions. I thought there were 196 countries in the "world".
  • India missed out... Once again... :(
  • Guessing this is rolling out over the next 24hrs
  • Been signed up for a few years now, fingers crossed I get an email.
  • I got my code this past Saturday for $50.  Thank you, MS!!
  • SWEET! 
  • Not available in India
  • Who cares?
  • Indians
  • Solid argument
  • This seems to be random and based on your VIP status and pruchase history.  There seems to be a misconception brewing around the internets that to qualify you have to be a member for 5 yrs only.  Would be nice if MS qualified the give away.
  • I've been a member for much longer than 5 years :\
  • I've been a member since day 1 and didn't get anything :(
  • Same thing for me.
  • seems faster
  • Yeah I would like to know who gets what, I apparently get nothing. That's what I get for not buying digital.
  • Don't worry. 13 years on my GT, Rewards member since day one and buy everything digitally (and that is a lot) and I have yet to receive anything. I have somehow been left out of every giveaway they have ever done. No biggie I guess... :(  
  • Same here. My GT turned 13 last week (I was in the UK beta for xbl in 2002) and early Rewards tester.and yet get passed over for things
    Last rewards vip reward i got (other than point for spending) was back in 2012
  • Happy... Ummm... GT birthday? Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android only because the screen on my 1520 broke.
  • I'm sad because I have been with it since the beginning but my account disappeared and I had to make a new one.
  • Wen in Greenland?
  • I got a $25 card which payed for my Rise of the tomb raider season pass :)
  • for those wondering it says that ive been a member since december 2, 2010  and im a 1 star VIP, legend in Gamerscore
  • I won't get **** like always haha
  • Sigh, been with it as soon as I could get on it and nothing :(
  • Do you participate in monthly surveys, missions, etc...?  
  • I've had a lot of criticisms for the XBox Rewards program in the past year or so, sending me a $50 gift card is not one of them.
  • 04-19-2012 hope I get something. Waiting......
  • Xbox rewards is not available in your country.
  • Wish this would be on by default. Been on xbox since day one Xbox original, and have never lapsed. I didn't know this program existed. Dam it. lol.
  • For everyone wondering,
    Xbox live rewards is NOT available in India :(
  • Anniversary, yeah right. Still not in Finland :(
  • Received $50 on Saturday. :)
  • What is your XBOX Live Rewards VIP status level?
  • nice...looking forward to the email:)  if I get one:)
  • G-Point.....
    G-Punkt.......... This is a new Insider but from Microsoft!!! ;-)
  • I wonder if I'll get one. Not to sound like a whiney consumer but I have spent at least $2k in the past two years and have recieved XBL Rewards. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You know, I have been signed up for Xbox Live rewards for a very long time but I have never actually gotten any points toward it. I play games on Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows Phone using the ID associated with it and have never gotten a thing. I purchase games through the console and at the Microsoft Store too. I never get a thing.
  • Me too, I buy digital games, add ons, movies for the last few years and still have zero points. I have gotten some emails telling how many points I earned that month but in my summary it's still zero.
  • The rewards program is not really a rewards/loyalty program like you see at the grocery store.  It's a marketing scheme where only if you follow the very narrowly crafted rules of how and when to purchase then you can get some points.
  • How did people get on for $50? I've had Gold since a year or 2 into the original Xbox and spend gross amounts of money on digital purchases but only got $15
  • and have 5 star VIP, do the surveys, the whole 9-yards
  • Live Rewards is awesome! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still waiting for project spark refund its been 2 days past the deadline
  • Been a XBox Live Rewards member since 2010, a Live Gold member for longer than that, but no email.  Bummer.  Oh well, a lot of my purchases have been paid for by Bing Rewards anyway.
  • They can keep it.  They've ruined the Xbox One for us and we're getting rid of the waste of money.
  • Sounds like your last GESTURE!   ROFLMAO
  • Only $5, but better than nothing.
  • I got a Happy Birthday email from them - no code though, just a picture of a popped balloon.
  • I just got a $5 code. :shrug: Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I suppose.
  • I got a $5 code, I bet the people that received higher codes actually completed a lot of the bonuses they had if you purchased 5 games in a month or 5 movies in a month promotions.
  • I got a $5 code email this morning. VIP 1 Star Legend
  • Got $50. Thank you MS. Signed up day one  VIP 5 stars  Master