Microsoft set for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 powered Lumia

The Snapdragon 810 is Qualcomm's latest and greatest mobile system-on-a-chip, and in a press release issued by the company this morning we learned that Microsoft is planning to use it in a forthcoming Lumia. Microsoft's Juha Kokkonen is quoted in the press release, and this chip is what we'd expect to see in the now promised "flagship" device expected to launch later this year.

"Microsoft and Qualcomm's long standing collaboration has allowed the two companies to offer compelling business, imaging, and entertainment experiences with Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone," said Juha Kokkonen, general manager for portfolio and product management at Microsoft. "We look forward to continuing this relationship to deliver best in class Lumia smartphones, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processors, and offer an unprecedented combination of processing power, rich multimedia, high-performance graphics and wireless connectivity for our customers."

So far the Snapdragon 810 has only officially launched in the Android powered LG G Flex 2 and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Of course, this doesn't give us any other information on the what or the when, but it seems to at least confirm that when it comes, it'll come packing plenty of horsepower.

Check out the full press release below.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Processor Powers Premium Tier Mobile Experiences of 2015

Superior connected mobile computing processor provides a foundation for global smartphone innovation in 2015

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), has a growing customer design pipeline in excess of 60 premium tier mobile devices based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 processor. New devices based on Snapdragon 810 include the LG G Flex2 and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, with many more expected in the coming weeks and months.

"The LG Flex2 is designed to represent a new class of innovation at the premium tier with the dynamically curved design, a richer feature set and faster performance than the previous generation," said Chris Yie, vice president, head of marketing communications at LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "With an advanced feature set and stunning multimedia support, the Snapdragon 810 provides us with a tremendous foundation to enable the most advanced mobile experiences for consumers."

"Xiaomi prides itself on embracing the leading-edge of innovation for premium mobile devices," said Lei Jun, Founder, chairman and chief executive officer, Xiaomi. "We make every effort to bring the newest and most innovative technology to our enthusiastic customers, drawing on the best in the industry. Our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies on the Snapdragon 810-powered Mi Note Pro provides us the ability to deliver more performance, features and user capabilities to a mobile device than ever before. This is what our customers want and what Xiaomi will deliver with the Snapdragon 810."

"Motorola Mobility and Qualcomm have a long history of cooperating to create amazing mobile experiences," said Rick Osterloh, president, Motorola Mobility. "The Snapdragon 810 processor will enable us to push the boundaries even further so we can continue delighting our customers with devices that give them new choices."

"Whether it's long-lasting battery life, watching the latest movies or enjoying music in Hi-Res Audio quality, our customers are increasingly demanding more from their Xperia device to deliver the latest content and entertainment experiences," said Gen Tsuchikawa, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, Sony Mobile. "We're excited about the new capabilities of the Snapdragon 810 processor and are looking forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies as we bring new Xperia products to consumers later this year."

"OPPO is committed to delivering to our users the most delightful electronic experience, that is full of surprises through meticulous designs as well as smart technology," said Sky Li, vice president of OPPO and managing director of International Mobile Business. "We're excited to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies on our Snapdragon 810-based devices to drive new value in the premium tier for our customers in 2015."

"Microsoft and Qualcomm's long standing collaboration has allowed the two companies to offer compelling business, imaging, and entertainment experiences with Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone," said Juha Kokkonen, general manager for portfolio and product management at Microsoft. "We look forward to continuing this relationship to deliver best in class Lumia smartphones, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processors, and offer an unprecedented combination of processing power, rich multimedia, high-performance graphics and wireless connectivity for our customers."

"The smartphone experience at the premium tier will be defined by products that don't compromise on performance, connectivity and entertainment, and Snapdragon 810 will be at the heart of enabling these features," said Murthy Renduchintala, executive vice president, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and co-president, QCT. "With a growing design pipeline currently in excess of 60 devices, we're excited about the innovation our OEM customers will unlock for consumers who demand superior mobile experiences in 2015."

For premium mobile experiences, Snapdragon 810 processors are designed to enable a new class of performance, connectivity and entertainment never before seen in the premium smartphone tier, including support of the following capabilities for consumers, OEM device makers and operators:

Consumer Capabilities:

  • Fast LTE connectivity: based on a next generation integrated LTE Advanced modem with Cat 9 support for speeds of up to 450 Mbps
  • Enhanced image quality and clarity: with high-performance dual 14-bit ISP that supports up to 55 megapixel camera capabilities
  • Connecting to LTE: enabled by Qualcomm RF360™ Front End Solution Antenna Tuner which increases coverage, throughput and reduces dropped calls
  • Console quality gaming in up to 4K resolution: based on the new Qualcomm® Adreno™ 430 GPU with 30 percent more performance and 20 percent lower power than previous generation
  • High-performance 64-bit processing: with quad core ARM A57 CPUs running up to 2.0Ghz and quad-core ARM A53s running up to 1.5Ghz
  • Fast available Wi-Fi: supporting the new Qualcomm® VIVE™ dual-band, 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Qualcomm® MU | EFX (MU-MIMO) technology and the newest 60 GHz 802.11ad Wi-Fi for proximal connections up to 5 Gbps
  • Comprehensive 4K support: including 4K video recording with playback on device and to external display, utilizing leading color enhancement and power-saving technologies
  • Professional quality audio: with support for the latest Dolby Atmos, and up to 24-bit/192kHz music playback using our Qualcomm® Hexagon™ V56 DSP
  • Comprehensive LTE coverage: Broad support of LTE/3G modes and bands that support LTE speeds when roaming and fall back to 3G when LTE is not available

OEM benefits

  • Single SKU design: Global multimode capability and Qualcomm RF360 front end supports lower OEM development costs, SKU and inventory management complexity and costs for global OEM products
  • LTE reliability: tested extensively across major infrastructure and operator networks worldwide
  • LTE power efficiency: supported by the maturity of our latest generation LTE Advanced modem and RF360 Envelope Tracker
  • 4K multimedia: reliable third generation 4K platform with network and energy efficient HEVC encoding and new Adreno 430 GPU
  • Support of all major global position location constellations: including GPS (USA), Glonass (Russia), Beidou (China), and Galileo (EU) LTE DSDA Multi-Sim: supports integrated, single baseband LTE Dual-SIM / dual Active functionality

Operator benefits

  • Superior user experience at the cell edge: 3x Carrier Aggregation (3x CA) designed to deliver better consumer experiences throughout a carrier's network
  • Broad use of operators' spectrum assets: support for major cellular modes, including LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD and all 3GPP-approved CA combinations to support an improved combination of coverage and capacity benefits
  • Support for new carrier features anticipated in 2015: including LTE-Broadcast, VoLTE and Video Telephony with seamless Wi-Fi handover.
  • Wi-Fi for offload of cellular network traffic: Quality handover of voice and data services between LTE and 802.11ac with MU-MIMO
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  • Great news!
  • Ikr!!!
  • Bring that L1030 ,Microsoft !
    -a L1020 user
  • Agree, I am addicted to the 41MP camera. Nothing quite match it.
  • Agreed! A 1020 successor with modern horsepower would be ideal. Hell, they could keep the styling identical.
  • The 810 cpu may demand a slightly thicker body then the current 1020 (for heat dicipation, etc.)  But I'm all for it.  I am still hanging onto my trusty 920, but my wife has the 1020.  My only major complaint on the 1020 is the slow processing speed when launching the photo app and taking photos.  Speed that up and throw in the Lumia Denim goodies like 4k live photo shooting mode and you have a dream camera experience. Throw in Qi wireless charging and a micro SD slot and I'll throw my money at them.
  • if that's the case, how is OPPO R5 is the worlds thinnest phn with 810 in it?? So I'm not sure that's a correct info you got. Although OPPO uses metal frame that take 20 days to complete and process/Finnish with ceramic coating. This phn is pretty much indestructible, with guerilla flexible 3 glass. I LOVE to see this phone, and N3 in Windows 10.
  • The R5 has a 615 chip not 810...
  • A little tweak wouldn't hurt. I loved the renders where the camera casing was in glass. Although I imagine it breaking easily...sure would look good before it drops ;)
  • No, new phone will be for new 1520 and/or icon (930)
  • I think Lumia 1530 and 1030 would be great.
  • Only thing is, 1520, my favorite, and 1020 are so nichey
  • I think flagships, by definition, are sort of nichey (is that really a word?). They embody the best that can be delivered in a certain genre/type. That may appeal to everyone, but given the price, not everyone can afford one. You have to build something that shows what is possible, to lead the family. Not every one gets to have a Corvette or a Camero, but it makes Chevy more interesting. 
  • That is exactly what a flagship is. Media attention and brand recognition :)
  • I gotss me a PhD, of course nichey is a word, I just coined it, date and time stamped, break out the record books. On the other hand, you, made a very, very often overlooked comment regarding ability to purchase, akin to the corvette. Well done.
  • is it worth to buy now L1020?
  • No! Go for 730 if ur on tight budget. Or L930/L1520 if u want a flagship phone.
    If you have a decent phone then it's better you wait and see what Microsoft have for MWC.
    Move to forums for reviews. :)
  • I think the 1030 and 930 will be merged together.. So it might either be the 940 or the 1040...
  • Well, Samsung refused to use the 810 because it overheats, so we'll have to see if this was a good idea. The next step for Microsoft would be to design its own chip, like Apple and Samsung, but they need more market share before they start thinking about that.
  • Could it be because Android has poor battery management so the phone would overheat
  • No, even Qualcomm has address overheating issues. Nothing to do with Android although LG's and Samsung's heavy skin could cause some problems. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsung refused to use it and Qualcomm was going to fix it for Samsung when LG got in the way, so it seems that there is a problem with this chip.
    I own a L930 that is quite hot even on simple tasks and was planning to switch to this new one, but after that im not sure
  • Overheating is a Android problem, much better for Microsoft, if not they don´t use it.
  • My 920 and 925 got way hotter than my note. Especially playing games. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I own a 930 too, but it overheats only during high-graphics gaming otherwise it works just normal...
  • The main reason it over heats is there OS is way way to heavy. Windows OS is quite light on its chip sets great example HTC m8 android vs windows version. Windows version saw over 50% battery increase as well as CPU performance
  • Tell that to my 920 that still randomly heats up with no reason.
  • My random heating is because of the 920 switching from 4g to LTE, it just has issues with it...when I force mine to stay at 4g (technically 3g on AT&T), I have no issues with the battery
  • Lumia 930 also overheat for many users.
  • Nothing to do with the OS.
    But heavy skins could contribute which LG and Samsung contribute to it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ...or use Intel processors. I think that working with Intel to produce even better mobile chips would be smarter than trying to develop their own.
  • yes that would be pretty interesting but its not until long MS decides to try it.
  • The chip overheats due to all of Samsung's bullshit running in the background.
  • there is nothing to worry. fixed chipsets would be in production from March.  Windows 10 flagship Lumia would be introduced in May.  So Lumia flagship will have fixed chipset. 
  • Honestly, I think they should ditch ARM altogether and go ultra-high-end only. Windows 10 phones should just be mini tablet PCs with built in telephony.
  • Seriously?! Huge phones are so uncool.
  • I'm not saying they should be huge.  They should look exactly like phones.  There are plenty of regular-sized phones with Intel inside, these days, and more on the way.
  • Agreed.
  • +925
  • This
  • Samsung will use metal casing for the next Galaxy, so it's natural for the phone to overheat.
  • Layer the inside with thin plastic? Just a crazy, mescaline induced idea.
  • Metal helps dissapate heat. To your hand, but it gets it out.
  • I get support calls for overheating device from Samsung all the time. I'm not talking getting hot randomly. That's just "heating", I mean the phone ends up charred on the plastic. Specifically the S4.
  • Where ye workin boy? (pirate voice)
  • Maybe overheats with their Android OS. Oppo R5 also uses 810, without any heat issues. Also, LG Flex 2 at 2015 CES that i played with, was not hot at all, along with Oppo at Qualcomm booth with several other brands using 810, i personally did not feel any noticeable heat. so not sure, about this heat thing about 810. what about 820? 820 should come out 2 quarter 2015. i want to see 1030 and 1530 running 820 chip:-) along with Oppo R5 and N3, and LG Flex 2 all running Windows.  
  • Ofcourse it´s going to overheat in a android phone, running those benchmarks all day long. Seem to be the only thing important with android phones. :)
  • I have been waiting for a Windows Phone with an Intel chip. 
  • It's close, yet so far away. Intel hasn't fully figured out how to mitigate the issue of battery usage, or else this would have been done already. Intel chips still burn a lot of juice and this is why smartphones are still using ARM designs. 
  • I was thinking with wireless charging which could allow for a continuous feed supply in similarity to plugging into the wall socket which gives an uninterrupted feed would a technique Intel might consider instead of dialing the chip all the way down. It would mean carrying a charger and having it close enough to communicate with the phone's port for rapid charging. Also in combination the design of an Intel phone can be at least 6" to 6.5" designed for rapid charging. I believe some combination will work because the real problem is the power supply to last a day.
  • Well Qualcomm had to introduce a 2nd gen 810 to fix those overheating issues. According to them they fixed the issue. They better pray they did because many flagship phones will rely on this...
  • It will be great news... if they don't screw something up vital like making it too big (1520), making it reasonably-sized but taking out the SD expansion slot (Icon), making it damn near impossible to get in the US, or making it so that we have no LTE if we import(930), or making it a carrier exclusive. I'm hoping it looks like the Surface Phone we see conceptualized all over the web (except I hope they'd have more sense in the power button placement). I don't think I'll be able to forgive 'em again if they offer us a badass phone with awesome specs and an amazing camera... then limit what we can do with a dinky little 32GB of storage (which ends up being 25GB)
  • This ^ x1000.............couldnt say it any better really - their previous "flagships" have been gimped from the start with their limitations.  Simplify your phones - Release no more than "3" phones worldwide (6" screen (1535) + 5" screen (1035), + 4" screen (535) that have ballz to the wallz specs, make it available on all carriers - NO EXCLUSIVES.  You could even make a high end, and low end version of each for a total of 6 phones - but call them the same name......and for the love of god, stop it with the damn numbers.  Give a them a branding / name.  Nobody wants the name - Microsoft Lumia 1035 pureview windows 10 phone.......just call it Lumia 6, Lumia 5, Lumia 4......... I love my Icon, but Verizon's bumbling of the firmware has left a really bad taste in my mouth.  If I could get the phone on say T mobile, id give a big FU to Verizon, and abandon ship.
  • But please don't forget to make a flagship phaplet! I'm not going under 6" again...
  • Seconded, 1520 is pretty much perfect
  • And I really like that the flagshipish 930 specs are simple copied to the flagshipish phaplet. I know there are at least one difference... Hope they continue this with the next flagships
  • Agreed I will find it really hard to go smaller than my 1520, maybe 5.5 inches at the minimum.
  • I would much rather go beyond 6"
  • me too. love my Lumia 1520. i honestly, couldn't use anything else. not even 5.5 inch. maybe 6.5, but noway 5.5. 
  • I disagree, the model numbers are extremely helpful to understand whete the phone is in the lineup and make comparisons.
  • I'm completely on his side on all arguments.
    With so many OEMs making Windows Phones, there's no reasons we really need Microsoft Mobile to be churning out 20 that they'll only be able to offer broken support on. One cheap phone to carry on the 520's massive success story, a high end reasonably sized phone, and a high end phablet for the people who like big phones., but NEVER any more than three at a time.
    ...and I've been preaching that the numbering system needs to die for a while now. There's one crowd and one crowd only that gets the numbering system... and they are not the majority. The majority - the mainstream audience - is getting confused as piss over all the numbers. The phones more successful than Windows Phone have actual names, and the impact of this shows. IPhone is something that's easy, repayable and simple enough such that it can spread like wildfire. Releasing a phone with a name like "Nokia Lumia 1320" is the equivalent of "Apple A1388".
    Consciously, it's very easy for someone to walk in a store and ask if someone has the new iPhone 6 or the Galaxy S5... but when the name of a phone is followed up by a set of numbers (opposed to one at the most) then it makes our subconscious feel as if we're working with a beta... an unfinished product... something that OEMs don't even have enough faith in to give it a real name.
    Is iPhone truly any more polished than any other mobile OS? Not really... but when something gets a real name and it continues to get follow-up hardware, it creates the illusion of "This is a series that's here to stay"... and even if it's still unstable, cheap crap, that permanence of a SIMPLE naming series shows they understand how the market works (hence how Galaxy S4/S5 have the same complaints and quality issues, yet still sell like hot cakes). The closest they've ever come to figuring out what all the other successful people know is the Lumia Icon... and you'd best believe that if a "Lumia Icon 2" came to all carriers with a SD810, a slimmer profile and an SD card slot, it would spark a change in Windows Phone's poor reputation.
  • You are the reason there are exclusives lol. They are keeping you on Verizon just for that phone.
  • Don't forget to sort image stabilisation!! Video refocusing on the 930 is awful, the iphone 6 does a much better job. I haven't tried it with the new denim which just downloaded, so maybe this is already solved.. But in general provided, they remember a sd card, have general availability (non exclusive), and throw in something sexy like waterproof, plus fab camera, and they've got ac winner. I bought the 920, because its sources impressed, cool screen which you could use with gloves on!! Very good camera, sexy os and styling. I bought the 930 cos I loved my 920! The 930 is a superb phone, my only complaint, would be lack of sd, and video focusing.i will buy a 940 if ms keep moving forward and improving at every stage as has been the case with 920-930 . Ask you 930 haters, get one you will love it. And it is a bargain!!
  • Good points except the iPhone 6 has no image stabilization.  The iPhone 6 plus does have image stabilization and it is poorly implemented.
  • Exactly what I've been thinking. It'll probably be 3 different gimped versions, 1 of which will be available in the US only on AT&T, as usual.
  • What about 5.0" with 50MP main camera, 5MP/8MP front camera, microSD support and Xenon flash as well? Also 720p/1080p display (not 4k because it's pointless on a phone and a waste of battery/resources).
    And the reason why I insist on 5" display, is because if they also release a camera grip accessory (they should) then it would feel uncomfortable to hold with one hand.
  • 50MP is not enough. 82 minimum for even closer zooming!
  • Increasing the MP count to anything higher than 40 isn't possible with current technology without also creating substantial noise. DSLRs shy away from anything higher, even with their massive 35mm sensors - a tiny sensor like the one on a phone just won't be able to handle all that.
    Perhaps some actual zoom instead of digital cropping?
  • Sure. I don't care how they accomplish zooming so long as they do! That is the killer feature for me on the 1020, so in order to jump to its successor I would look for significant improvement in zoom, one way or the other.
  • My DSLR is about 24MP and the pics it takes are far better than the 1020.  I'd rather see them cut down the MP count and get better pics.  Not going to have any real zoom without real lenses or some sort of attachment.  Look up telephoto lenses on a camera website, they're huge, heavy things.
  • I'm hoping they come up with another way. I don't want to lug around equipment.
  • That would be nice but the 810 "only" supports up to 55 MP.
  • The grip doesn't need to be 6"...
  • Go to build your own phone ;)
  • I agree with you though I would prefer that hump to be covered with a bigger battery
  • I dont think going further with the MP helps that much. OIS only helps so much. At extreme crop/zoom you just cant hold it still enough to get clean pixels. It would be handy for tripod shooting, but how often will you have a tripod? I would rather see better proccessing and less noise at 40MP. If you could really zoom 1:1 and still get clean pixels, 41MP would be plenty.
  • Anyone wish the surface hardware team and Nokia HW team collaborate and gets us a surface phone... Something that premium would make heads turn. Magnesium alloy, 51mp no hump, 810 qlcm or lntel for a more open OS this option would appeal to buy people that want a more secure OS and to those who want a more open OS.
  • What are your thoughts on wireless charging on a phone like this? I like the idea of metal, buy I don't want to give up wireless charging. Maybe a small plastic door for the charging coil? I wonder it that's possible...
  • I like what they did with the 810. All metal frame with a thin plastic back that snaps on. The phone feels really solid like a metal phone, but you get color, wireless charging and interchangeable battery with the removable back.
  • I hope they release it pretty soon or the snapdragon 810 will be outdated by that time..
  • But that's Microsofts MO. #LastYearsTech. Wouldn't be surprised to see this launching when the snapdragon 810 is superceded by something like aS811. "this year" is a rather worrying thing to see MS always seem to release at the very end or past the promised timeframe. ​
  • Yeah the new processor will be out lol
  • +1020 waiting 1030 :)
  • In addition to the new chip I want the new Lumia 1530 to have amoled screen.
  • And glance, don't forget glance ;-) Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • YES. If you own the Glance tech, you should never make a phone without it - maybe your lowest end cheap-o phone, but thats it.
  • Let see how many carriers will be carrying this new flagship
  • No!!! Lets see them sell them from the store for all the carriers.  I'd direct buy at least (being on TMOUS its normal for me anyway now).
  • Sweet! Let the 1530 and 1030 arrive. And please Microsoft, no stupid omissions this time.
  • Dropped my 920 was unsuccesful.  So, just purchased a used 1520 32GB model. Put a 128GB SD card in it... Got a nice leather case for it.. Ran the updates... Got Denim... Updated Apps. Looking forward to Windows10 availability for it soon. It's the AT&T sans the wireless charging... which is fine with me... as it means a larger battery (you sacrifice the battery size for that wireless charging). Perfect Phone...and Fast... under $250usd. It's off AT&T contract, so requesting the unlock now so that I can use it on TelCel while in Mexico. This highlights the one and only shortcoming of this phone for me..... lack of Dual Sim, Dual Active... Oh well.. No US phones have it. All that said....It will be really cool to see what the new 810 flagship will have above and beyond this 1520.
  • Not sure where you got your info, ODwyerPW, since all 1520s have the same 3400 mAh batteries. You can find tutorials for people that hacked their phones with internal Qi charging since there's just a bunch of useless packing where that coil should be. AT&T are just jerks who supported the competing PMA standard and forced Nokia to remove full Qi charging for the useless pins in PMA charging. Incidentally, they also had them disable AWS so it would be incompatible with T-mobile, even though the hardware is fully capable of it.
  • I received bad information. Often if you look on Ebay auctions the RM940 (ATT) vershion will always show a 3400 mAh battery.. The unlocked RM937, RM938 international versions will often show a 2370 mAh battery. So even Ebay is listing the specs incorrectly. This might be related to the Lumia 1520 V (or 1520Mini) that was rumored last year which spec'd a 2370 mAh battery.. Who knows? I thought the coil packs were large enough to necessitate a smaller battery in the Qi enabled phones. But I appear to be misaken....
  • Hope is not a 6 inch phone
  • I hope it is!
    I need a 1520 replacement and having been down to the phone store all smaller phones now feel too small. Even the 5.5" models don't feel right. I think Apple did it right with the iPhone 6. Two similar devices in two distinct sizes.
  • yes I know the feels. even 5inch phone feels small in my hands now. :
  • Agreed. I hate saying anything positive about Apple, but it was really was a great idea to release the same phone in multiple sizes. No one has to compromise, and so everyone is happy.
  • Z3 did it before iPhone.
  • Everyone did everything Apple got popular for before Apple did it... not like that ever stops Apple from pretending they slaved to create something they were unsure about only to have it stolen. ...but I suppose that's Apple's shtick... and (the majority of) the public is just out-of-the-know enough to believe it.
  • So
  • @Zer0fluX. This^. Agreed on the no compromise, however there have been other OEMs who have released same specced flagships in different sizes. Those who are asking for just a large device similar to or larger than the 1520, are not looking at the bigger picture.
  • I couldn't agree more. Several sizes of the same spec would be great.
  • No you are wrong Apple 6 plus has better camera features than Apple 6 .. Like 6 plus as OIS.
  • Still a compromise for quit a few lacking a 4-4.3" version. 
  • Hopefully there will be a 940 and an 1540. 5/5.2/5.5" and 6" so everyone will be happy.
  • dont forget a 1040 :)
  • 4.7" / 6" / 7.7"
  • Hope they do something like what apple did with 6 and 6plus! 2 phone with something like 5 inch and another with 6 inch screen would be awesome, both with same features!
  • 930 and 1520 are basically that, so you can surely expect the upgrades to both. iPhone 6 and 6+ don't have same features btw...6+ has 2 or 3 features more, such as OIS, better cam and a feature i forgot about
  • I hope it is bigger than 6"! I will be replacing my 1520 as soon as it is available.
  • No. I have two 1520's, they startle some people with their size, still.
  • Hopefully one 5 inch and one 6 inch? It would be sad to see only one or the other.
  • I'd even go as far to say one 5.5" and the other 6.
  • I moved from 1520 to 930... Tired of waiting for successor. The 5" is small but probably more appropriate
  • Why would you move to a worse Phone? :/
  • The size is useful but long term it wears on you. I went from a 1520 to 830. Just got tired of the special handling required to keep that phone safe and useable. I bought a 1520 for my mom and she loves it. But she also no longer has to squint while using her phone.
  • I haven't found that at all and I've had the 1520 since launch. Looks as new and fits perfectly in (almost) all my pockets. Seriously, I can't go back to a smaller phone and I'll stick with this rather than get an up2date smaller one.
  • Yeah right dude, I take Amoled over IPS anyday....AMOLED is the best viewing experience ever
  • I prefer IPS over AMOLED anytime
  • Yep, 5.5 and 6 would be great.
  • So... one huge phone and one slightly less huge. That doesn't make sense.
  • Both of those would be too big for me. The 830 is a very nice size but even the Icon is slightly too big for me.
  • True dat
  • It has to be a 6 inch phone!!! There needs to be a 1520 replacement as well.
  • Yeah, that's what's needed most. A replacement to the most feature rich model currently available. Do that before updating the 1020, 930, etc.
  • Hopefully not a 6 inch phone. Hopefully expandable storage.
  • L940 - 5" L1030 - 5.2" L1530 - 5.7" SD810, 5MP front camera, GG4 Display, built-in wireless charging and 128gb microSD would be standard features for all W10 high end phones.
  • Agreed. A 6" would satisfy a niche market (one of which I was a member), but it won't do anything to grow market share appreciably we've seen consistently in reports. Make a 5-5.5" and that might be a better bet.
  • I hope its no bigger than 5-inch
  • 5.2" and 5.7" are ideal. Not too small, neither too big, respectively. And both with same specs.
  • Six inch would be awesome
  • L1530 will be 5.7" in size, same as the upcoming L1330.  It will be better received by larger crowd who appreciate 'portable' phablet.
  • A little over a year ago, yes that would have been true. Now, in 2015, I don't think it is. People no longer mock me for my supersized phone and large phablet type devices have become almost commonplace, with even the most uninterested user opting for larger screens because they allow them to "do more" things "better".
  • It will be.
  • Certainly sound good. Now if only they weren't planning on letting it sit for another eight or nine months before making it available. Sigh.
  • No it will be soon..!!
    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  • My guess is that a similar situation will result like the 930 fiasco; late release, trickling it into markets while they forget about the U.S.
    I hope not, though
  • Microsoft has already said they won't release a flagship until Windows 10 ships. Most estimates put that around September maybe. So basically we already know this is nothing that will be happening "soon". I really don't understand their thinking at all... "lets sacrifice whatever current position we have in the high end phone market completely.. we'd like to start back at zero again when Windows 10 ships. Make sure all our most ardent hardware and camera fans are as frustrated as possible in the mean time and can't recommend our products to anyone. Lets make sure that all high end 8xx Snapdragon Lumias are actually discontinued in the US for extra measure." One of the biggest things I don't understand is why Windows Central isn't calling them out in this. I understand they need a good relationship with Microsoft, but I almost feel like Microsoft simply doesn't understand the impact that sacrificing this market will have. WC print stories with the information buried here and there, but where are the editorials? Or do they simply agree with Microsoft? Why not just release a really good high end model now that can upgrade later to Windows 10? I understand high end is not the strongest part of the WP market, but why sacrifice it completely for absolutely no reason?? Boggles my mind... anyone needing a phone now in the US has to pick an M8 (no Lumia features, lame camera, unattractive design imo compared to Lumias, unknown at best ability to upgrade) or find a 1520 still in stock and deal with a six inch screen. We can't even import a 930 unless we want to sacrifice LTE. I just don't understand.
  • Could we please get a Blue response to this?
  • Yeah its very frustrating. Content with my 8X but I'd love a better Lumia camera
  • When there is no Windows 10 ready they can't just ship it..!!
    And upgrading a 8.1 WP to 10 will take a lotta efforts and time..!!
    And you know about the carrier shit..So..Microsoft doesn't want another device still stuck at an older version like the Icon..!!
    EXAMPLE--If they release a new flagship running 8.1 and later have problems upgrading to 10 and later release a statement saying the X and X device can't be upgraded (the aftermath will be like that of HTC 8X)
    And the consumer..Will be frustrated as he bought a expensive high-end and that can't be updated..!!
    Demanding a thing is easy....Making one is difficult..!!
  • Seriously? They update tons of Lumias every time an update comes out. It's a well established process, and they are going to have to upgrade all the other existing phones anyway. Your argument makes absolutely zero sense. I don't think you have a clue what you're talking about. Exactly ONE high end phone has issues with updates. The reason for that is clear... they got stuck with a partner that likes to gum up the works with the Icon. All that means is they need to release with a Windows Phone friendly carrier... say AT&T? Almost never any issues with them, and they handle updates just fine. As always, they may not come as fast as we would like, but they come out just fine.
  • I  agree on the timing of the release of the phones.   August is way to late too release a phone.   By then to many people are waiting for the iphone.    The really need to get a flagship phone out now even if its only running Windows 8.   They can upgrade to Windows 10 later.    A sucessor to the 1020 is criminally over-due.     They also need to release a phone with a finger print reader that works at-least as well as apple's TouchID button.   TouchId will enable Apple to lock up so much development related to mobile payments (ePayments).   This will give apple a heavy inroad to Corporate IT departments and could lead to a real threat to Microsoft's Enterprise business.   Just wait for when Apple includes TouchID on Computers.
  • And if they do that then everyone will complain how "outdated" and useless the 810 is!
  • Snapdragon 815 is rolling out in the Fall!  810 will be considered old technology if Microsoft uses it in the Fall/Winter like they been doing in their high ends.  Samsung is not going be using the 810 on the Galaxy S6 so Microsoft should have plenty of them to use in their phones.  Microsoft should go with the latest SoC not a 6 month old one that coming out in March and the WP 10 will be out in September/October time frame???  Maybe even later too!  I going to buy a Snapdragon 610 or 615 WP 10 Lumia "unlocked" phone.  It think it will be fast enough and will not be too hot! 
  • nice touch xD
  • We need
    940 with S810 27mp 5 incher ,
    935 with S805 20mp 5 incher ,
    1030 with 55mp 5.5 incher and S810 ,
    1025 with 41mp 5 inch S805
    1530 with 27mp S810 6 incher
    1525 with 20mp S805 6 incher.. So that all will get beasts in terms of camera , processor and their comfortable viewfinder size
  • U ask for a lot
  • I don't , I asking a phablet , phone and Camera which uses all processors available ....... Its bcoz of delay of Flagships, not like asking of flagships The S801 phones should have come around Jan 2014 and S805 phones should have come around June 2014. ... Followed by S810 in 2nd quarter 2015
  • At least get the model numbers right. With Windows 10, the x40 series should kick in (if MSft decides to retain the naming scheme). The x20, x30 series numbers make no sense.
  • Easy to say, never easy to do.
    You'll lose a damn lot of money making all those and trying to sell them in the Android- and Apple-plagued world
  • Too many damn model numbers dude
  • Since the Snapdragon 810 has "55 megapixel camera capabilities", it seems only logical that the 1020 successor will get this chipset.
  • It probably could be as fast as the 930/1520 with Denim.
  • Confirmed the 1040 will get 55 megapixel camera, 1080p pentile, 1.5GHz, no SD slot, 1500mAh... 1540 will get 20 megapixel, 4k, 2.0GHz, SD slot, 2500mAh
  • LOL, 40
  • First, that is not confirmed. And u can't expect anyone to believe u cuz the 1520 ALREADY has 20mpx and 4k, plus it's successor will probably be the 1530, not 1540
  • What happend to 1030 and 1530?
  • Wouldn't it be confusing if 940 and 1030 were both launched with Win10? Personally I hope they'll skip 1030 and 1530.
  • why would that be confusing.. ? and why would you want them to skip that.. ?  
  • Each of the number represents the OS version.. The higher, the newer. XX0X for WP7, XX2X for WP8, XX3X for WP8.1. So I'm very sure they going use XX4X for Windows 10.
  • prathamesh wadia: Well, like corey_blackstock wrote. The number sort of represents the OS version. It would be much easier for the ordinary phone buyer to know that each Lumia ending with 4x is the newest generation of devices born with Win10. Look how creative MS has had to be to avoid using 40 so far:
    530, 532, 535
    630, 635, 638 I would like 1020 and 1520 successors, I just think they should be called 1040 and 1540 to show that they're part of the Windows 10 generation.
  • 1500mAh??? hahahaha you're funny xD
  • No SD slot is a deal breaker for me. It seems unrealistic to have a 55MP camera and only 32 or 64 GB of storage and keep the cost competitive. I got the 1520 primarily because I was so tired of managing the storage on my 920. No SD... No buy.
  • +1520 even though it is too big
  • i think phone like the 1020 successor should come with micro sd or come in 64gb and 128 variants,32GB can't cut it
  • I agree. If the flagship doesn't have SD capability I don't think I can buy it.
  • Where is 1030 and 1530? No SDcard on a phone is not good!
  • 1500mah battety??? Stupid
  • What can I say? You're an idiot.  You're listing specs that are worse than current specs.  Why would a '1540' have 2500 mAh when the 1520 has 3400 mAh.  Use your brain!
  • Hope they fix the over heating issue
  • It was propably just a Samsung specific issue though
  • According to LG, it was fixed early on.
  • They already fixed it by throttling down to below SD800 speed, but it does depend on the design of the phone of course. This ridiculous trend of making phones too thin has already killed battery life for many models, and adversely affected durability, now is killing performance.
  • I hope it between 5 & 5.5 inches
  • That's what she said
  • I doubt that.. ;)
  • Your girl has low expectations!! ;)
  • Dont talk about your mother like that ;)
  • Me too. For a 1030, 5" is perfect. More would feel a bit uncomfortable when filming or taking quick pictures (I have big hands, yet more than 5" is a bad idea for this kind of phone)
  • Hope its not another numbered phone. Name recognition more important than specs. Most iPhone owners have no clue what's inside.
  • Because Lumia Icon has worked so well... /s
  • I blame VZW on that and not Microsoft.  When you go to Settings > About it's listed as the 929 and not the Icon.
  • Lumia Tall, Lumia Grande, Lumia Venti.
  • Well, I'll take a Lumia 1030 or 1040 or whatever they want to call it. 
  • Lumia 1530 may be
  • Hope is a 6 inch Phone
  • One low end 830 is being tested in India with a 5 inch screen... It is not coming with 810 processor
  • The 810 is the highest of the high end right now. Rumored mid to low end devices have nothing to do with what's been said here.
  • what does that have to do with the anything here
  • I will have one next year. Windows 10 64 bit.
  • 55 megapixel support.... Lumia 1030 confirmed :))
  • Half lIfe 3 confirmed launches on win 10.   
  • Yassss
  • There's goes all my safe money =(
  • 1530 is coming!
  • That being a 64 bit chip is it compatible with legacy apps?
  • Why wouldn't it be?
  • No, only modern apps which in the future will be 64 bit.
  • All 64 bit cpus can run 32 bit.
  • Yessss
  • I want Intel lol
  • Intel has some nice mobile technologies. Would be amazing if they went Intel..
  • Considering wp10 is basically windows, atoms might not be far
  • SoPHIA will ship soon and Boxtron will release late 2015.   Boxtron wil be a 14 nm part.  These are smartphone SoC.  Atom (meerifield and Moorefield) are tablet SoC.  Broadwell is laptop SoC.  You will need to wait for 2016 for any significant competition from Intel in smartphone space.  my 928 is working well with the WP 8.1 update.  I can wait for a significant improvement in smartphone.  Would rather wait for Win 10 to unify and allow x86 ecosystem to grow into tablet/laptop/pc space in 2015 and followed by smartphone in 2016
  • It is called SoFIA and Broxton. SoFIA is pretty low end and no match for Snapdragon 810. Even with Broxton you might not see Snapdragon 810 performance....a year later mind you?
  • HTC M9 Windows will also be there then ;)
  • And probably not running 810.
  • Rumor has it there will be 2 versions ... An 810 for international markets & Mediatek for Chinese market
  • Already been said, there is a WP variant of the m9, well listed as... To be made.
  • I want a forthcoming surface phone! Kinda tired of all the Lumia even thought I have 4 of them
  • High end Lumia phones should have another name all these # are just confusing, 1020 and 1520 are niche products and the 1320 is just to occupy are #.
  • That only makes matter worse and more confusing.  MS should consolidate all phones into one entry, one low end, one mid range, one high end, one phablet and one imaging flagship.  MS should quit making all the 512MB phones without front camera immediately.  All W10 Lumia phones should be able to run all apps, including powerful games, in the Windows Store and all support Skype video calls with front camera.
  • I'm hoping a 935 of some sort I'd love a 930 with a better processor and bigger battery
  • and samsung had issues running android on it 
  • Samsung always have a heating issue regardless of the processor they use.
  • Said by someone who's probably never had a Samsung phone in their life. Both my Ativ S and Note 3 run a lot cooler than my 920 ever did. During a Note 4 comparison, it was found tha Snapdragons get hotter than Exynos running the same number of tasks, so there's that.
  • Said by someone who used Samsung phones extensively during the last 12 years ... From N500 & T100 to Note 2 (from the bad patch of Exynos) & S4.
  • Guess what those are old models.
    Have you used the new ones? It's not Samsung exclusive since Qualcomm itself has said their is overheating issues that LG admitted it at the last second which they denied originally. Although their heavy skins could contribute. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think the last one I used was a Note 3 ... I lost interest & stopped caring.
    That's why they test the processors extensively & push em to the limit, so they fix the problems before the soc enters mass production ... No one wants another Tegra2, remember it? It used to overheat like crazy lol
    Yes, TouchWiz is a bit Resource-Heavy & can overload the processor. There are rumors suggesting Samsung dropping the 810 for business purposes & used Overheating as a cover.
  • I have a GS5 (and Lumia 920 and 1020). :)  That Sammy heats up, all the time.
  • It's a successor of 1020 for obvioud reasons. 1020 hardware is outdated and to bring a 1030 with the top notch hardware specs will be the right come back for the phone which nokia failed to give with 1020.
    Not a 1530 for sure. The phone is good and a successor is not required soon unlike the 1020.
  • Don't forget micro SD card support.
  • +1020, 1030 @nd the rest of the number's in universe...
  • I will be saving for this!!! Lumia 1520 or 1020 upgrade would be great!!
  • I wish Microsoft would release like 3 flagships: one 1520 successor, one 920 successor (the 930 is good but not good enough, really) and a 1020 successor! I'd buy any of the three, all MS must do is blow our minds so we'll want the damn phones!
  • I agree. And you'd think they'd realize that users are willing to pay for high-end devices that exceed all expectations with specs. The success of the Surface Pro 3 is a good indicator of that and could be their entre to a legion of new WP users. Offer businesses a Surface Pro/WP/Win10/Office bundle at a sweet price and a Salesforce app and IT managers will rewrite their BYOD policies.
  • And by the end of the year, Qualcomm has released the Snapdragon 820, leaving the new Lumia falling behind again... Fortunately Windows Phone runs great on lower specs compared to competing mobile OS's
  • There are only 3 phones supporting such a fast chip, calm your tits.
  • And none of them on sale yet ...
  • lol +1
  • Frankly I'd prefer them to hold off for a newer Snapdragon anyway. We know its successor is in the works, and it won't be a stock ARM design like the 810 is.
  • Well obviously at the end of the year a new chips will be released like every year prior to the other. 600- 800, 800-801, 801-805 etc. Nothing surprising and you do realize its barely February and none of these phones running the 810 are on sale. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just bought a 930 to replace my ageing 920, should have held out for longer!
  • I wish 930 worked well in TMOBILE
  • You will not regret the smoothness and design of the 930. Greatest phone I ever had.
  • Well that's good to know, should have it today, got a good price on a brand new one off eBay. Should tie me over until later in the year! ;D
  • My God it dun now!!! MS gone maddd!!!
  • i love the madness
  • Can't wait to see what the naysayers have to say about the processor now. Since that is what their main argument over the m8 vs icon and 930 was.
  • I hope its a 5inch screen, I would be disappointed if it wasn't
  • I want a phone that will be beautifully designed and more powerful.
  • This is great news but I'm still hoping to see a Lumia flagship with a Cherry Trail SoC.
  • Wrong part.  Cherry trail is a tablet chip.  Not designed to support mobile connectivity.  Cherry trail, shipping now, helps tablet OEM solve a build of material problem.  Essentially, intel's baytrail forced OEM to add various sub chips to manage internal issues to the tablet operations.  You will want to wait for a SoHIA smartphone in the low cost market.  This will be for 3G markets (india/China/Africa/SE Asia).  SoPHIA LTE will be released later this year.
  • Incorret.  Then Asus ZenFone2 uses the Cherry Trail SoC so it can indeed be used in Smart Phones.
  • I'd be interested in seeing an x86 Windows 10 phone, definitely.
  • Good I have been holding on to my 920, hope its something worthy to look forward to. And I really hope MS doesn't wait 6months to release this phone, that's my biggest fear.
  • It probably will be 6-9 months. But with perfectly functional 920s in our pockets, we can wait for it. I'd rather have it running Win10 out of the box instead of doing the phone update thing.
  • You may be right, but in 6-9months there will be new processers and new spec standards. I know WP is great and can run on low spec phones with ease. But I have had my 920 since day one. Just want a new phone. But yeah if we have to wait I will do just that
  • Holy smoke! Hope they solve the heating problem fast then...
    Waiting for a 5" 1030 :D
  • According to LG, it was fixed early on.
  • That would be great, no need for delays now...
  • It have to enter mass production first ... Any day now.
    I think the question is, will Microsoft release whatever they announce at MWC as a "Windows 10 Ready" device? Or wait for W10 to be finalized and release it as a W10 device a bit later on?
  • what proof do we have that msft is announcing a device at mwc?
  • Rumors so far.
  • Need.
  • I won't buy this supposed "flagship" (I'm well served with a 930), but I hope they improve the launch process. The 930 came out months after the announcement, it lost all the momentum. I'd be happy with 2 weeks between announcing and global availability
  • yeah like the htc one m8 for windows, that launched quickly after announcement even though exclusive to verizon at first ,it launched fast with them
  • 55 megapixels
  • Everyone complaining about the lack of "Flagship" here you go. The soc (best of the best) was still in testing & probably still is ... Can't sell a Non-Finalized soc ...
    I suppose we are looking at late Q1, early Q2 of phones with 810 (android) to go on sale ... Windows should be soon after that, or even around the same time.
  • The soonest I expect this product would be August. The next flagship NEEDS to ship with Windows 10 on board so as not to get burned with the issues facing the Icon on VZW. Even if it launches with 8.1 on ATT it would take 2-3 months after the launch of win10 before the device would officially get it. Worse than that, if the device launches with 8.1 and 10 comes out just a few months later, then it will forever be advertised as an 8.1 device and MS would have another dead flagship on their hands. I want a new flagship as much (if not a little more) than the next person, but it is much more important that MS does not flub this launch.
  • Exactly! I sure do hope its sooner than August though, I can't take 6 more months of "Microsoft should release a Flagship" comments ... Cyan, Denim & the inevitable Emerald firmware (or whatever color they choose for the name) are more then enough lol
  • 5.2" and 6" phones. I'll take either. There should be a choice though. I'm glad to see this cause I was going to get the HTC Hima Windows phone just cause of the Snapdragon 810. Now that there will be a Lumia with the 810, I might get the Lumia.
  • That's great. Hopefully HTC uses it too in the M9, though I'm sure they will.
  • Aint it got heating issues?
  • Yes but I believe they have a fix for that.
  • i personably played with several brands phns at 2015 CES, including Oppo, LG flex 2,....... and i did NOT feal ANY heat issues whatsoever. At LG booth, there were many Flex 2's for ppl to play around with. (maybe 40+, not 100% sure), and i did not notice any heating problems, as i went around and played around. 
  • If Qualcomm successfully patched the rumored "Epic Heating Problem with this SoC", this would be ultimate SoC on next flagship Lumia.
  • If not, it would be a great winter phone! :). I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung exaggerated the heating issues just to promote their in-house SoC.
  • Yep! Probably OEMs will have to incorporate some type of heatsink! Sammy don't need to play dirty at this stage, they haven't gone that low, also still they may need other Qualcomm modem chips so won't wash their hands with Qualcomm.But for sure, there is a fire as it smokes ..LOL! Folks witnessed heating on LG G Flex 2 at CES event.
  • Was just going down to the AT&T Corp store to pick up, to replace my L920..2yr contract ending this month. Looks as though they don't have 'hulk green monster' in stock..good for moi, will wait.. However want a new toy!
  • wait is the oneliner!
  • first a regular phone, AFTER that a phablet -_- reason: phablet users are a sub category. first give a high end phone to please the majority of ppl wanting a high end phone, after that we can talk about L1530. also, a L1030 sounds good right? well....9XX should be REGULAR high end, 10XX camera monsters 15XX a 1030 wont be the perfect high end because some ppl may dont find it "perfect" to pay that extra cash for a 40+ MP camera which not all of high end users need(but this can be avoided if the phone comes in a good quality/price ratio so ppl wont feel like: hey i know its high end but why to buy that phone which would be 200$ cheaper if it had just a 20MP which is enough). whatever...untill now lumia line failed to give a perfect phone, even in low end. and the line screwed even more with 3X series(example, 930 was almost perfect...but wait....if we can get over snapdragon 800 and not 801...try to get over closed batery and no cant).
  • Living in Canada, where Microsoft doesn't seem to care about its mobile customers, I have to take this news with a huge grain of salt. We never received the 930 or the 1520. Yes one could buy them independent but I want Microsoft support behind my service purchasers so places like Expansys are a non starter for me. I would be shocked if a new Lumia flagship hit the Canadian market before Q1 2016 and I would love, for once, for Microsoft to prove me wrong.
  • Yup. The promotion of WP in Canada is a joke. Carriers don't like them, they don't advertise them and the general public doesn't even know what they are when they see one. Every new WP I get I still get asked "Oh, is that the new iPhone?". Yes, a 6" yellow iPhone is exactly what it is. Then when I say it's a Windows Phone the look on people's face is either confused or for people that know of it I'll get a laugh or eye roll. Hopefully in a few years people start taking WP more serious here. And yes, I would absolutely love to buy my next phone directly from Rogers rather than having to buy it unlocked from online retailers every year.
  • Yes tháts my phone.
  • A 5" and a 6" with no carrier exclusives running W10 and watch the market share JUMP!
  • Agreed
  • Lumia 1030: 5.2 inch device w/ 52 MP camera, LED flash, and all the works of a flagship, plus Lumia Emerald on board. It will be marketed as the best camera phone out there. Here's hoping that people will be willing to try Windows Phone one more time after Nokia rushed the 1020 with outdated specs.
  • What about 5.0" with 50MP main camera, 5MP/8MP front camera, microSD support and Xenon flash as well? Also 720p/1080p display (not 4k because it's pointless on a phone and a waste of battery/resources).
    And the reason why I insist on 5" display, is because if they also release a camera grip accessory (they should) then it would feel uncomfortable to hold with one hand :o
  • I hope they have solved the heat issue with this particular SoC. Samsung abandonment somehow makes it look like a risky proposition.
  • Heating issues are not uncommon during testing ... It will get fixed eventually before commercial release ... According to LG, its already been fixed.
    And for Samsung abandoning 810 ... The reasons are rumors\hearsay ... It could be for business reasons as far as we know. 810 is expensive and Samsung having been cutting expenses now, they might've gotten a better deal with their in-house exynos processors.
  • Any news of overheating problems with the LG Flex 2 or the Mi Note pro?
  • Greattt.....
  • Hoping there's both a ~5" & 6" flagship soon! I don't need an upgrade for my 1520, but I need to know ms haven't abandoned it! And the 5" variety should have a better camera to make 1020 customers happy. Speaking of the 1020, I'm happy with my phone but a 1030 could do with more RAM and sd card slot for sure! The camera is slow as heck for all that it's good and it crashes a lot. So while I really want ms to support their phablet customers (like me!) with a 1520 successor, I really want to see a 1030 hit shelves within a few months! I can wait til q3/4 for a 1520 but ms need to save those who can't!
  • Oh and let's see them go international on release too and not wait six months for half the customers to be able to get them (if there's one way to lose customers it's withholding your products...)
  • Truly Awesome news! .... Not complaining or bagging MS in any way here... But... I'm still hoping for a handset which contains something that nobody has ever used or heard of before... Something that really takes the lead, something akin to the 41mp giant camera, something that gets everyone's attention... Exactly like Hololens done recently... Everything that has been done or can be incorporated into a smartphone + the kitchen sink!! Something that makes other flagships look like a 5110...
    I know I'm probably hoping for more than what is possible or necessary... Not saying I wouldn't be happy with an 810!! But I can dream... :D
  • Phone with integrated Kinect/Hololens capabilities could be dreamt of. MS can invest in making some real good audio/video production apps which can make good use of all this processing power. And no matter what phone they make, it will be DoA if its not marketed well.
  • Definitely agree with the marketing... I just want it to be a first... Not the forth phone to run tho chipset... Maybe they have been working with Qualcomm to develop the next level SOC which hasn't been released yet for the 10** or 15**?? and the 810 will be in a 9** ?? :D:D:D
  • The future looks hot ;)
  • The circlejerk about the successor to 1020 and 1520 here. Holy cow.
  • With the improvements that Microsoft have made in imaging with Lumia Denim and the added horsepower of the SnapDragon 810 the flagship wehn it comes will be awesome. Best yet is this will be the Win10 phone hardware built with the updated OS in mind.
  • Apparently the 810 had done overheating problems that led Samsung to not use it in their S6.
    LG had the same problem but they fixed it.
    Given how the 930 overheats and Microsoft never addressed it, a 810 powered Lumia will probably burst into flames lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iam sure lumia 1030 will comee with snap 810 proceessor with 3gb ram min 64gb inbuilt with sd card slot and has to.come with xenon flash....55mp...if no.xenon flash i.may just stick with.1020 then....and we need 5 inc screen....with inbuilt wireless charging
  • + dual Sim and glance! Hehehe :D
  • So by the time new generation of Lumias finally hit the markets, Qualcomm has conveniently updated their lounge of processors. Great.
  • Or are we waiting for the next lounge of processors to launch the next Lumia? Hmmm :)
  • Lumia 1030 BRING IT OUT!!!!!!!
  • Should be a 1030 or 1530.
  • I hope it comes with two versions
    5 inches and 6 inches
  • T-Mobile USA:  If you don't carry this phone the day it is launched I will drop you like a greased-up Kardashian.  I am done begging you people for phones.
  • The real question is does Microsoft get a great deal from Qualcomm for being SOC exclusive on Windows Phone, or does Qualcomm have them by the balls because WP is not validated/compatable with any other SOC? (Ahem Intel Atom)
  • There is no reason why MS can't build a Smart Phone using the Cherry Trail SoC running Windows 10.
  • Awesome news!
  • I know a lot of people want a 1520 upgrade, but it only makes sense if they don't let the carriers canabalize it.  The 1520.3 is still a darn good phone.  Comparing it to the top end Android phones, the only thing I wish it had that those phones have is waterproofing and ant+ support.  I really don't see the benefit of a QHD screen on such a small's just a battery suck.  A faster processor isn't really necessary at this point either.  When a 1520 upgrade does come out, I guess my wishlist would be: Waterproofing ANT+ Higher rez camera for zooming as long as it doesn't increase the bump Xenon flash Maybe pen support, but I am not sure if I would use it
  • Who wants a true 925 successor?
  • Me
  • Great! That makes us even. :)
  • Me, and I want it available on TMoUS, so I keep Wi-Fi calling. (AFAIK, no Wi-Fi calling on non-TMoUS phones.)
  • I'd love to see this is in the Lumia 1530. However, I feel that they could trim it down to 5.5"-5.8". It would make it more accessible for people who feel 6" is just too big and would allow my thumb to perfectly reach the "a" on the far left of keyboard without requiring a second hand lol.
  • Yeah, isn't the scuttlebutt that this is a problematic chip, with overheating issues?  It would definitely be something to keep in mind, whenever a new Lumia flagship does show up. If the problem does creep up, it will be important to see how Microsoft addresses it.....or not. Both Samsung and Apple now fabricate their own particular chips, with proprietary IP.   Microsoft isn't mainly a hardware vendor, but it'd be interesting to see if they continue to source all their components, or bring anything in-house.
  • I doubt that would happen under Satya Nadella, as he is more of a software guy and understandably wants MS to stick to their strengths which is software. Not to mention he was initially against the Nokia d & s acquisition.
  • Put out a flagship that's available unlocked and prevent the carriers from FN it up. Will probably never happen so I'm not holding my breath.
  • Finally!!!
  • it's the Lumia 1030 .... for the simple reason that this is the processor which supports up to 55MP camera.
  • I know there are a lot of people clammoring for this to be a 5" or above device. Some arguing 6"+ because they want a big device. Some arguing 5" because 6" is too big for their hands.  Personally, I want a 4.5" or 4.7" device with this processor, and a minimum of 21MP, preferably 40+MP camera with pureview. My fingers and thumbs are too short to handle anything larger without taking special "two-handed" care to prevent dropping. Forget about operating it with one hand, which I can barely do with my current 4.5" 635. Would love to have a good flagship with high-end camera/cpu/gpu, but I just can't handle anything bigger than 4.7" I'm afraid. I'd rather carry an 8" full Win10 tablet and tether data from the phone when I need something smaller than my laptop but larger than a small form-factor phone.  That's just me, though. I like the idea of a bigger phone for the bigger print and display and all, just wish I could physically handle the thing. Perhaps if Cortana starts automating more of what I do, I could handle it without having to "handle" it.
  • Using the snapdragon 800 and it's still snappy! 810 should last years to come
  • All they need now is to stop the app migration away from WP.
  • Microsoft will soon dominate the oblate spheroid.
  • This is exactly what I've been waiting for !!!!! Now put it in a 5" phone, with 1080p, on AT&T, and I'll buy one the day it comes out.
  • The way its been going, MS will buy Snapdragon 810's that didn't meet speed spec, 1/4 clock them, and stick them in some cheap ass phone with a 2mp rear camera.
  • Ok, cool. But... when??
  • +1030 prototype w/ 55MP camera, quad xeon flash and interchangeable lens pls
  • I just hope they release it so people can stop whining about it. These people's money is burning a hole in their pockets MS, please take it from them.
  • They should skip xx30 now and bring 1040, and 940 and 1540 with same specs but diff screen size. 5.2" and 6". 1040 could be 5.5" with 55 mp cam! Bomb!
  • 55?? No need man ultra pixel will be fine... ;)
  • Great news..
  • The M8 has a decent camera, what Lumia features?, arguably the best phone in terms of design in 2014 that has been argued by many people, awesome speakers, highest end specs of all Windows phones. Can't think of anything else at the moment, the only thing a Lumia brings to the table is a better camera, everything else is better on the M8.
  • Ill be picking up a 930 soon. So I will be skipping the 810 this generation. The 930 right now is priced just right for me.
  • This is good news!  I have been starved for a flagship to replace my 920, and I hope that this device comes out sooner rather than later with wide availability.
  • Its really simple offer 3 phones basic 540/640 come out with a 6"phone then a 5 inch that looks like the 930/830 but has 1080p, wireless charging, 41mp enhanced camera, 32/64 GB internal, 128gb SD card, Glance, etc, 5mp/8.7 mp pureview with flash front facing camera, removable back to change colors, no carrier locks, camera grip, and the camera grip will have a built in magnet so u can attach lenses and get better photos
  • I hope they release it soon enough or it will be claimed to be one step behind in hard like before. The issue with other Windows Phones some have claimed is they were released with the previous Gen hardware. If LG is already using the 810 and Samsung will have their new proc months before while Microsoft waits until early fall they wont break the stigma of outdated hardware regardless of how efficiency WP might be.
  • Make it 2 models, a 5" for regular folks who don't want a phablet, and a 10" for those screaming for bigger screen sizes (why stop at 6" am I right? ;)
  • 5" 1020 replacement where the camera is actually usable for anything other than still photography.  Needs 3GB RAM, 4k screen and industry leading camera. 
  • I don't care what it is as long as it's 5" with glance and at least a 20mp camrea.
  • Almost sounds excited except....when? Waiting for a flagship is growing tiresome and hard not to jump ship
  • Why do people keep talking about 'Surface Phone'? An MS phone is an MS phone, it doesn't matter what the name is as long as it's a quality phone.
  • YES! I hope its a 925 successor with everything in a 5inch screen! My wallet is ready!! My 920 needs to be replaced soon
  • YES!
    Adreno 430. Let' see what this babe is capable of...
  • Snapdragon is fine,
    Intel Atom would be (much) better

      My PC / notebook / whatever similar new form factors may come along
    always will be x86-driven. Be it Intel or AMD, regardless, but is has to have an x86 processing core.   "ARM have to stay outside" so to speak. 
    ARM is yuck!! when it comes to PCs or PC-like devices. Consequently, I would prefer all of my devices / gadgets to be driven by x86 architechture.  Especially for my Windows Phone I very much would like to have an x86-powered device 
    - that also is able to double as an "downsized" Ultrabook if it had to be.  I would like a Windows Phone device (or whatever one might call such a device) 
    that is capable to execute all the software my regular PC is able to execute.  I have had enough of those ARM-devices. 
    Now, give me the real thing, please. Intel has (mostly) gotten their act together (at least it seems so). 
    Therefore it's time for an x86-powered Windows Phone.  An x86-driven Windows Phone would be a product
    that really would deserve to be marked as a "flagship device".   Not one of those yet another ARM-phones, please.  I want an truely outstanding device,
    and such a marquee device
    would have to be powered by an x86 SoC from Intel.           
  • Until recently neither Intel or AMD had anything low powered enough for a cell phone.
  • Awesome! As if Nokia phones weren't hot already. Now they're really gonna smoke. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love my icon design, size and feel but miss my 928' Xenon Flash and that rear speaker was much louder. I lost key features to upgrade. The 20MP is okay but really only 5MP viewed on the phone & in my one drive. Holding out for this upcoming flagship. Im excited what MS will do with all this W10 Stuff but I may be leaving Windows behind if its gonna take this long between "flagships"
  • About damn time Microsoft stepped up their game. The most powerful android like spec phone is the Lumia 1520
  • 5" is fine for me. Glance and bigger battery 3500mah or more. Sd card as well as 64 or 128 gb storage. I don't mind the price. MS must the best hardware for those who can afford on one high-end phone just like what they did on Surface Pro 3, and no more exclusivity
  • Lumia 1530
  • Soon we can expect a lumia with 2 more mics on top in additional to existing 4 mics with Dolby Atmos recording :P 
  • "We look forward to continuing this relationship to deliver best in class Lumia smartphones, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processors" Judging by the use of the word "smartphones" rather than just a singular "smartphone" it sounds like there could be more than just a Lumia flagship device that is powered by the processor?
  • I plan to get 3 years out of my Lumia 930 ...  I'll be skipping this phone....  
  • I hope MS announce some details of it in MWC. My 1020 is on its last leg....want to get a phone soon.
  • For all the stuff you guys are saying, its as if Microsoft doesn't have enough resources to brainstorm and figure out what they should be doing...
  • Sold !
  • Later this year? Are they insane? Are they asleep? Later this month, or this quarter perhaps. But this sounds to me like December :-)
  • I can't wait! Really hoping for some "Waterproofness" like in the Galaxies... that would be so FRIGGIN AWESOME!
  • All that power for what? It's not like we're gonna be able to do much with it. They're just making phones expensive as fuck for no reason now.
  • After my terrible Lumia 920 experience (5 of them and my current one has a lot of issues) I don't think I will ever buy another high end Lumia device. Would rather get a third party Windows phone.
  • Lumia pocket warmer coming soon! This thing is going to burn or be huge and/or have heavy heat sinks. Sadly this flagship is coming so late that many have jumped ship from lack of Lumia flagships. Glad I could buy the 930 in my country as we don't have the supercookie monster Verizon here. I understand how great the 1020 camera is but I regret buying one as it pretty much is the same as my 920 with ungainly and u stable Oreo stuck on it. Used it for a few months then got the 930. 1020 been in a draw with 920, 800, n9, n8 etc. If I never owned the 920 and 930 was not available then id be stuck on the 1020 like many. Hope they solve the heating issues of this chip... Definitely not rushing it to market so hopefully so.
  • Can you say 1530? Lol.
  • One thing is clear, if they cannot get in the stores of Verizon, Sprint, TMobil and AT&T; than it will spell the end of WP. Than cannot expect success if it is only with one carrier. Every carrier has iphones and flagship androids (albeit different models). 
  • Only by the end of 2015? :'(
  • i would like to see Lumia 1530 and 1030 with upcoming """"820"""" that will be released 2 quarter this year, forget about 810. just read how awesome 820 is. 
  • Hope its Lumia 1030, I mean 1020 succesor :)
  • i thought they were relaunchign Lumia 810 with snapdragon or something
  • For the love of all that is holy, people, stop coming up with new phone names like '1530' or '1030'.  This numerical system is confusing to consumers and Microsoft needs to be giving the devices PROPER DAMN NAMES.  Nokia had the numerical trend and it's just stupid.  Telling your mates you've got a Lumia XXXX sounds far worse than telling them it's a Lumia Icon for example.
  • Hope they dump the number system as well . Start the high end phones under the Surface name.
  • I hope they stick with the numbers and not going for some names
  • If its att exclusive, bye bye Verizon.
  • I hope that image processing means a 1020 successor.
  • Hot damn! As a L1020 user waiting for the next flagship to atleast match it in all specs, if not beat it, this sounds delicious. I sincerely hope MS pulls off a super phone that will put all IOS and ANDROID devces to shame. God knows they've had the time to do it.   Been eligible for an upgrade for 4 months now, can't stop wishing the 1520 was smaller. I would've overlookled the downgrade of camera from my 1020. This might just be the ticket. Hope they take their time and get it right.
  • Microsoft's hit the Jackpot! Just not that too long after Samsung dropped the Snapdragon 810 from its International variant of the GALAXY S6, Microsoft decided to swoop in and steal the Snapdragon 810 for its Windows 10 Mobile-Powered 2015 Lumia Flagship. Great work microsoft! Keep making these suprisingly good decisions and you'll hit it big.
  • thanks for the article.   added this psage as referrence -
  • This could be disastrious if the 810's overheat like reported. Please PLEASE get the QC right this time, Microsoft!
  • we want mid ranger too with spcs similar to L830 but with 2gb ram and snpdgn 615 prcssr bring it msft
  • we want strong mid ranger too with specs like L830 but with snpdrgn 615 & 2 gb ram....bring it msft
  • My heart n sight is on g flex 2 bye bye Microsoft ... Thx for your commitment in producing 1020 successor .. So far.
  • We are probably reaching the limits. Heat and battery consumption will be sacrificed.
  • Please put this in a Lumia 1030.
  • A lot of people here b*tching about Nokia's/Microsoft's numbering like you have never ever understood it. I don't think it's that hard to GENERALLY deduce that lower numbers means lower tier if you have that thing inside your head in between your ears
  • I totally need this flagship on T-Mobile!!! But I also wouldn't mind an ultra thin dell with an Intel processor like that new Android tablet but running windows 10...
  • I own L925 I skipped 930 I would love to buy next gen flagship - 1030/940  I have three wishes for a new flagship:  dual sim - to use it as my personal and work phone SD slot - to store more data and pics (I know there is onedrive but I prefer internal memory) superior camera - to make great pictures With W10 I hope it will be a gem and I will be able to convert anyone to the platform
  • The new Lumia for the U.S. market place will be another round of gimped - limited restricted radios inside as well as feature for the  high end phones again.  Cannot wait to see what the U.S. Carrier(s) come up with for specs for their particular high end Lumia model.  LOL! 
  • I'd rather see a flagship with an Intel processor.  
  • While currently utilizing the L1520 would welcome a L1030 based on the SD810. Being a fairly new owner of my Lumia: choices were the 1020/1520. All indications were the 1020 was underpowered when using it's camera. Some said lag was numbing.  Wish they would have kept the camera with the increased horsepower.afforded by the L1520. This new chipset would allow for that with up to a 10mp front shooter. Sony has announced a major breakthrough regarding lens hardware which would eleminate the need for any "bump" with increased clarity. Anyway, all good.    
  • Hopefully it isn't an exclusive that disappears after 4-5 months like the Icon.