Microsoft shows how to convert an iOS app to Windows 10 with its bridge tool

Microsoft has been hyping up the use of its Windows Bridge for iOS tool to developers who want to bring their iPhone and iPad apps over to Windows 10 without a lot of effort. This week, the company posted a highly technical blog post showing an example of how a real iOS app, Pori Fashion Show, can be converted to Windows 10 with the bridge tool.

The blog post states that Pori Fashion Show is the creation of Dong Yoon Park, a Microsoft team member:

Dong Yoon Park is currently leading the design effort for Windows Bridge for iOS, focusing on the translation of iOS controls and patterns into Windows to achieve the best Windows 10 experience. He also has a developer background and has developed a wide variety of apps on iOS.

The app itself, Pori Fashion Show, is for a younger audience:

Pori Fashion Show is a paper doll style game for kids that lets you dress up cartoon characters using drag-and-drop mechanics. Once their dolls are dressed up, children can save them as images or walk them down an in-game fashion runway.

The blog shows how the iOS app can be converted to a UWP Windows 10 app while still retaining most of its code by using the bridge tool. Some adjustments will have to be made; for example, developers will have to remove the iOS-specific frameworks and libraries from the app. The final result can now be seen in the Windows Store. The app normally costs $1.99 but for the next six days it is on sale for just $0.99.

Download Pori Fashion Show from the Windows Store

John Callaham