Microsoft shows how easy it will be to port Android apps to Windows 10 in new video

Microsoft has posted a new video showing how simple it should be to port current Android apps to work on Windows 10, and even incorporate links to Microsoft services and features.

The "bridge" between Android and Windows 10 for app developers was announced on Wednesday during Build 2015 under the code name Project Astoria. The video shows how developers can upload their Android app to the Windows Dev Center so it can automatically check it and see how much of its code can be reused, and how much needs to be changed so it can work on Windows 10.

Microsoft claims that altering just one line of code on an Android app will allow it to switch from using Google Maps to Bing Maps. A few more lines of code are needed to enable support for live tiles for the Windows 10 start screen

Microsoft is currently allowing developers to sign up for a Project Astoria beta testing program but the final public version won't be available until this fall. You can check out the full video at Microsoft's Channel 9 site

Source: Channel 9

John Callaham