Microsoft reveals keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has posted some of the new keyboard shortcuts that can be found in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. New shortcuts allow you to snap a window, switch to a recent window, and create a new virtual desktop, and more.

From Microsoft:

  • Snapping window: WIN + LEFT or RIGHT (can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants)
  • Switch to recent window: ALT + TAB (unchanged) – Hold shows new Task view window view, let go and switches to app.
  • Task view: WIN + TAB – New Task view opens up and stays open.
  • Create new virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + D
  • Close current virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT

Additonally, Microsoft's Scott Hanselman posted a list of hotkeys for the Technical Preview's Command Prompt. What do you think of the Technical Preview's shortcuts? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Microsoft, Scott Hanselman

Joseph Keller