Microsoft shows off upcoming Jump List feature for Windows 10's Start menu

Microsoft showed off an unreleased preview build of Windows 10 during its Ignite keynote address today. Among other things, it showed the new Jump List feature that will be enabled on the Start screen.

The demos were controlled on stage by Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president of Microsoft's Operating Systems Group. The preview build had the version number 10105, and it looks like it will allow users to pin areas of the operating system to Start menu options such as the File Explorer, as shown in the screenshot above. While this feature can be enabled in current preview builds of Windows 10, it does take a registry tweak. It looks like Microsoft will finally allow the Jump List in the Start menu in an official preview build in the near future.

Windows 10 Cortana Power BI

Belfiore also showed a 10107 build of Windows 10 during the Ignite keynote, which included some new features for the Cortana, digital assistant. One of them allows users to ask questions to Cortana based on the information it has collected from Microsoft's business intelligence software Power BI. Belfiore asked Cortana, which countries were represented by the attendees of Ignite, based on Power BI info, and Cortana showed that information on the Windows 10 desktop. Again, we should see this feature enabled in an upcoming Insider Preview version of the OS.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Via: WinBeta

  • Why that group of tiles has to be only for three spaces :/ I can't put two wide tile side by side.
  • I love the Start Screen as is in 8.1. Those menus not only look ugly, but I hate them.
  • You can stick with Win8.1 if you want.
  • If there is one thing that will make me leave Microsoft, its Start Lists/Menus The reason I have a Surface 2 and Surface Pro is due to no lame menus. So it may be a case of staying with 8.1 and then move to another OS without Menus. Menus are stone age compared to love tiles.
  • have you not been listening? You can retain the tablet UI from 8.1 with slight adjustment, or go full desktop. But if a simple menu is enough to sway you, your requirements for an OS may not be very in depth. Windows users that really NEED such an OS want it for what it can do, not how it looks. If you will overturn your entire computing workflow over a jumplist that you don't even have to populate, I am glad you are not MY CTO.
  • This is how the Tablet Mode will work, it's pretty the same as Win8.1
  • Love tiles haha
  • Fortunately Microsoft recognizes the world doesn't revolve solely around you. Some people prefer menus and lists. You're not losing the option for the tablet mode menu. There's nothing to complain about.
  • Me too.
  • No you could make like 8.1 it has the full screen button there so its optional
  • Full screen w10 menu is not the same as w8.1 menu. They don't even scroll in the same direction. It's closer in that it's full screen, but saying they are the same is strictly incorrect.
  • Win 10 gives you both the ways and will be your choice
  • I see group of avatars on the Xbox app tile
  • I didn't know they were limited to three :S When I get home I'll double check, but I thought we could have whatever we wanted.
  • Make it full screen, stack 2 wide tiles next to each other and come back and you will have it
  • Doesn't work.
  • Which build do you run? am on 10074 and am able to do it
  • Clean installation 10074. My tiles works like the picture, only three blocks at horizontal per group.
  • didnt even need to do that for me, I could always just do it, maybe its tied to screen resolution?
  • They should let you hover over a tile and use the scroll wheel to see different notifications for that tile
  • The desktop version is shaping up real nice. :D Kudos Microsoft!! :)
  • Yeah, I hope they have something new in store for the phone start screen... Folders inside of folders is a no brainer... And, some type of exploding tile options would be nice... We just need some new start screen functionality, and hopefully some live lock screen functionality built in.
  • Folders inside of folders? Eeeeeeek. Starting to sound like the old start menu.
  • May sound old, but it's very useful....
    Functionality is timeless, and it's pretty dumb to not incorporate something because it's been around for a long time... There's a lot of things from Windows Mobile 6.0 that would be nice to have in W10.
  • Folders in folders in the start menu is the shittiest "functionality" in Windows.  It's not actually useful, but something devs abused the crap out of for no good reason. Every time I see a program which creates a tree like XXsoft > Application > binaries > start program > **.exe I want to kill a kitten.
  • Sounds like a really subjunctive comment... And, folders are optional, so what's your point❓ It's YOUR start screen... Use them, or don't uses then...
    And, get with the times, my man.... I don't mean folders in that sense, rather just being able to be in WP folder, and being able to drag, and drop, an item into another to create more organization.... What would be wrong with that❓
  • Hopefully they let us use the old Windows 8 style start screen and not this lame start menu crap
  • Sorry, they are running away from 8.1 very fast!
  • You can use it. Just switch to "tablet mode".
  • You can expand the menu to full screen. You'll still have list on far left but you'll have more tile space. At this point in development it's pretty much finalized so don't expect major changes.
  • Same. So theres no way to hide the list on the left? Can you at least remove some of the elements like most used, recently used, etc?
  • People have previously commented that the Start Menu can be disabled. Why would anyone using a tablet (or PC personally) want those lame lists when you have live tiles. Really is beyond me!!
  • Because the majority of consumers didn't want tiles, so Microsoft brought back the lists. They can't satisfy everyone.
  • That makes no sense? As there are Live Tiles in W10....
  • It's a compromise, in a way. It also brings unity with the Windows Phone interface and Xbox dashboard. I like the 8.1 Start screen too - on my touchscreen desktop it works great - but I understand why Microsoft are doing this, and I'm glad they're carrying over it's best feature - the tiles. I wouldn't say no to a 8.1 Start Screen option, but I've no problem with using the new Start menu ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • You didn't get it. I mean that, on Windows 8/8.1 the tiles-only Start Screen received more complaints that praises, that's why on 10 they brought back the list. I personally think that they're doing it in the right way.
  • I get the need/want of menus on the desktop mode. I don't get the need for a menu on the start screen. I have no access to the TP so go by the articles and pictures here.
  • the list of for the apps listed in 8.1's Swipe Up feature. If you have 300+ applications installed, live tiles wont cut it. This is needed, and better than the previous Swipe Up debacle. 
  • If you have 300 applications then the easiest way to find one is to simply type the name from the home screen and it will appear. The alternative is to go into a menu to go into a menu to go into a folder etc etc. This is stone age compared to above.
  • That feature is coming in future builds...the left hand list will be converged into a hamburger menu
  • Agree
  • We need folders as well!
  • already saw folders on WP, and WIndows 10 is all about bringing the phone to the tablet and PC. Expect groups on the phone as well.
  • want interactive tiles.
  • Yes.. For mobile and desktop.
  • Think they are in the pipeline. Expect them in GDR1 aka Redstone coz the current build is more or less feature complete.
  • Jump lists are new now? Werent they already included in Windows 7?
  • New for 10
  • This is looking great
  • I hate people who don't appreciate everything to them is ugly build your own OS stop being like .
  • Time to rename tiles as bricks
  • And rename menus as stone age!
  • Lol tiles don't offer the same functionality. You need to click them and than be limited to the app. Maybe on a tablet but not useful on a desktop.
  • Menus will never be old fashioned. There's a good reason they are everywhere. It's the only way to fit a lot of functionality into limited space.
  • Sweet! Now how do I pin things I want there? Like e, jump to favorite sites, steam, jump to favorite games, office, jump to Word or Excel. These things have no need to be live tiles!!!
  • Pin to taskbar, Pin to start menu, Pin to JUMPLIST?
  • I don't like things on my taskbar unless they're open apps, on a tablet I don't want anything at all. E or chrome or whatever you use could go straight into private mode too.
    Again the start screen I use just for live things, there is no longer a customizable start menu. The first w10 tp had it... This is the most frustrating thing to see go on my laptop/desktops.
  • Somebody should put Microsoft against a wall and ask them how they plan to roll out Cortana. I really want to know if it ever will come to Sweden, so I can adjust my expectations.
  • It will come to iOS and Android before it comes to Sweden ;-)
  • It will take a looooooong time for Cortana being able to speak any Scandinavian language. None of them are the most important ones. First is Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Italian, German. Only 10 million people speak Swedish and more than 200000 speak Portuguese so... Yeah you'll have to wait. -- Yes I know that some of the languages I mentioned are already being developed or available.
  • Cortana is black !!
  • Racist? :P
  • Jumplists... the more they add of these things the more of a mess (clutter) it becomes. 
  • You mean the more useful it becomes.
  • looking good cant wait for live tile changes
  • I really miss the jumplists in Windows 8.1 & I'm very happy to see them back.
  • Cortana's Power BI implementation looks awesome!!
  • Please tell me they are eventuially going to move the power button to the bottom... it is driving me insane to have it above the apps list! How hard would it be to put power at the bottom, and then when you select 'all apps' have it slide down and hide the power button? Or better yet, remove it entirely from the start screen and put it under settings where it makes sense! Oh, and having an option to have a 4 or 5 medium tile wide tile menu would also be amazing! Having 3 tiles feels just as wrong on desktop as it did on WP. 4 is better, and 5 was awesome! Other than that (and stability issues) the new start menu is just about perfect.
  • I agree with the power button thing, if they swapped the position of the All Apps and power button I wouldn't have a problem with it.
  • They've already moved it to the bottom. Don't you have the latest build?
  • Yes, jump lists are back, finally! That's the only other feature I wanted back in Windows 10 so I'm glad to see them back again. Now all you have to do is allow us to click the lettering in the All Apps menu to jump to another part of the list like you've been bale to do on Windows 8.1 andf Windows Phone for ages.
  • This
  • WOW, adding a feature that Windows 7 had ? LOL
  • So will cortana be made available to all countries upon win10 release?  Since it is being integrated more into system and apps.
  • So glad to see they're bringing back jump lists. I was afraid those were gone for good.
  • With features being added back into the new start menu every day, it's starting to feel a bit convoluted.  
  • I've never used Jump Lists, I have a couple of Explorer windows that always re-open on start-up that are already looking into my most used directories and using recent file lists in appications seems cleaner/easier than jump lists. I'll be doing my best to keep the experience as close to the way it was originally in Win8 because it is the best workflow I have ever encountered. All the krap they have added since has been useless and often gets in the way of what used to be slick and easy.
  • At last they bring it back. I wished Windows Apps would use Jumplist too and can be reuse to make a simple Interactive Live Tile. Full-screen button for Start seems missing on the photo but it could be we'll just resize it into full screen (bad idea) or the button will pop-up on hover. It looks better now that the current Start on build 10074. Still I hope they bring back the full All Apps like from Windows 8.1 in terms of functionality and layout minus the horizontal scrolling (since Windows 10 doesn't use that anymore). I still don't like the idea of All Apps list similar from Windows 7, its small and too much scrolling needed. I don't need to see the Live Tile when I'm browsing All Apps and on touch/tablet use its seems horrible to use. At least make it as an option to have full UI of All Apps, options often wins. I still can't click the letter header both in All Apps and Start. I also miss using semantic zoom which is actually nice that I wished Windows Phone has it too. Those interaction do make sense even on desktop. Sorting options is also missing and I love it from Windows 8.1. Boot to Start Screen still missing, I hope they will bring it back too. I rather welcomed by Live Tiles that I can easily make an action than welcomed by a blank desktop (I prefer to see the full wallpaper).
    I'm afraid that we won't see significant changes though like Interactive Live Tiles since RTM feels near. I hope I'm wrong.