Microsoft signs deal with music providers to get Alan Wake back on Steam

Alan Wake
Alan Wake (Image credit: Microsoft)

A few months ago, Alan Wake — the renowned cult classic from Remedy Entertainment — was delisted from various storefronts like Steam and Xbox Live. This was mostly due to the fact that licensed music deals had expired. Renewing them is a lot of work, and it looks like the studio and Microsoft worked it out with those who gave them permission to use their music.

Today, Remedy announced that Alan Wake was back on the Steam store on Twitter. According to the studio, other platforms should follow very soon as well. You can read the company's statement below.

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The game features Alan Wake, a best-selling thriller author, who has been suffering from writers block and unable to continue his latest novel. In an attempt to rekindle his mind, he and his wife, Alice, travel to the mountains for a short vacation in a desolate cabin. As Alan returns from a night walk in the woods, he arrives to find his wife being pulled down into the lake by an unknown force. That's when the adventure begins.

If you haven't played Alan Wake already, be sure to check it out alongside Alan Wake's American Nightmare. They're both great and eerie experiences even to this day. The game is currently discounted to just $3 on Steam. Considering its age, even modest devices can run it really well.

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