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Microsoft Store set to soon sell Huawei Mate 10 Pro smartphone

This one was announced so quietly it almost slipped us by unnoticed. But, while our Android Central pals were out at CES 2018 they learned that Microsoft will indeed be selling another phone on the Store: The Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

The news faded into the background amid the press reports on how Huawei's big ambitions with U.S. carriers had been shot down. But hidden in plain sight in the Android Central report was the news that Microsoft will be helping Huawei sell unlocked in the American market. At least part of the reason Microsoft is getting involved in sales has to do with the Mate 10 Pro's onboard AI and translation capabilities are powered by Microsoft tech, allowing it to perform difficult translations on whole blocks of text in seconds.

The Mate 10 Pro is a pretty good phone to have on the shelves, too. Its dual-cameras proudly bear the Leica badge, it's got a great display, powerful internals, a nice design and mad battery life. Huawei also has its own Continuum-alike desktop mode with the Mate 10 Pro, so if you were looking for a replacement, this might be it.

It'll cost $799, which is quite a lot, or if you're feeling flush the special Porsche Design edition will also be on sale for $1,225. If you're spending a grand on a phone may as well get one with a designer logo attached, right?

Sales are set to begin on February 18. If you're interested, be sure to check out Android Central's full review.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • I'll get the how way mate 12 after my s8 is all paid off and I'm ready for a new phone
  • MS working for Google.
  • Nadella needs to go.
  • They are interested in all Android Continuum Phones.
  • OIS and wireless charging?
  • From AndroidCentral's review, "...Huawei's SuperCharge technology makes up for the lack of wireless charging..." Still a deal-breaker for us with charging pads all over the place in our house, car, work, etc.
  • I haven't bothered using my wireless chargers for years now. Quick Charge takes 20 minutes while wireless charging takes multiple hours to get the same results. You won't miss it, especially if the phone gets through a day easily anyways.
  • Truth
  • Don't down vote the posts above. I hate an Android, but it is true that a fast charge will pretty much remove the need for wireless charging and you will not miss it. That said, I don't know how charging the thing in 20 mins affects battery life span but I'd certainly do some research before charging anything that rapidly.
  • Fast charging doesn't make wireless obsolete. It is nice to just lay the phone down and charge. I have QC 3, but use the wireless charging daily.
  • I love grabbing the phone an hour later and seeing the battery only increased 6%. Useless.
  • Since the advent of USB C, wireless charging is pretty much pointless because it's so easy to plug in> I have a Mate 9 with quick charging and it's a pleasant experience to ahve a phone charge so qquickly. Admittedly, though, the battery lasts so long on the Mate 9 that I never find a need for fast charging.
  • Same here. I've got multiple wireless charging pads but use the fast charger Samsung provided with my Note 8. It's just faster, which makes it just so much more convenient!
  • Huawei Supercharge uses their own 'safe' 5Amp charger/cable: 0 > 100% in 75 minutes! How it will affect battery life in the longer term I don't know, but haven't really heard of any Huawei users complaining (Supercharge having been around a couple of years now). One thing to note, replacement 'supercharging' wall charger plugs + cable are retailing at a minimum of £19 / $25. Not cheap. I've only had mine a few days but as a replacement for my Lumia 930 I'm really delighted. Great camera.
  • Honor 10 Vue pls
  • The writer misplaced the word 'damn' in the headline. It is more correctlt placed it after the word 'another'.
  • I mean, this is how it is now. Windows phones are dead.
  • Yep. It stung for a bit, but once you give in and accept it, a phone's just a phone. We've all dealt with Windows Phones' "problems" it's no different dealing with "problems" on other platforms. The positives (apps, speed, etc.) outweigh the negatives in switching out.
  • Exactly, Windows phones are (well, almost) dead. They will be replaced by not-Phones shortly but due to Microsoft's impressive timings, you'll need to wait a few months. Once the post smart phone era arrives and the not-Phone is in the post you'll wish you hadn't wasted money on old smart phone tech for only a few months of use though, so steer very clear of this Android stuff as it is about to become obsolete with all the other soon to be legacy smart phones. My L950XL will be my last ever smart phone. It was fun for a while, but I'm losing interest in smart phones fast along with many people these days.
  • It better do everything I can on my iphone,  as quickly and efficently or the so called Not-phone..or phone that really is a phone but dont call it a phone becuase the fanboys don't call it a phone but really is a phone phone will be a dead duck...
  • Yep. That is the problem. Some websites (if they even have one) are not on par with the features of apps. Windows needs to address this, because if they don't, people will not buy in.
  • banking websites have no functionality compared to their apps really.  
  • People are always talking about banking apps, but unless you run a small business that accepts checks or you work for a very rinky-**** company, you should be getting direct deposit.
  • Unless you get cheques on a regular basis from various sources.   Please tell us Editguy...whats your NON rinky **** job?
  • Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that they would sell the Mate 10 Pro... I get Razer, and even the Samsung phones but Huawei is an interesting choice.
  • They didn't mention, Microsoft will have 3 of their apps installed on the phones. They will have LinkedIn installed in the OS or something like that.
  • Ah, that makes sense. Thank you. I know that the Samsung phones come with Microsoft apps so I was wondering.
  • Ahhhh the almighty data miner...LinkedIn.   business facebook!
  • This is going to look nice next to the Surface Phone in a few months. They are really committed to their platform. The iPhone didn't take off until Apple started putting Android phones next to it in their stores.
  • There isn't going to be a Surface Phone. Microsoft has moved out of the phone market after the L950XL. There were a few articles about that recently, check out the phones news section on this site and you'll find them buried among all the Android and Apple phone reviews somewhere. MS is bringing out a new type of not-Phone device though, it seems, and I think it'll look very impressive next to old style smart phones. If it wasn't for the fact MS don't want consumers buying their products I'd think this was done as a sales tactic. Perhaps it is, and they're hoping Ol' Nads won't notice?
  • The codename is a phone number and a Microsoft engineer recently slipped and called it the "Surface Phone". You are buying into Jason Ward's silly scapegoat. Do you really think Microsoft is dumb enough to attempt to say a small touchscreen device with telephony isn't a phone while it sits on a shelf next to iPhones and Galaxy Phones at the phone carrier store? Do you think they have the cachet to convince anyone of such a thing? Semantics isn't the answer.
  • Has anyone been hearing these commercials on the radio about how Huawei is coming to America soon?
    They are even telling people how to pronounce the name. Oddest marketing I've ever seen, or heard😐
  • Huawei stuff has been available in Britain for quite some time but I don't remember adverts like that. So, how do you pronounce the name of a smart phone company? Is it l-egg-ah-see?
  • Really pointless. Chinese is a tonal language, English equivalents always screws it up big time.
  • It is not enough that Microsoft punish loyalty they now also promote spy phones. Remember those words of google people should not expect privacy !!!!!!!!
  • Ooo, spy phones? That sounds exciting. Do they fit in a ring or the top of a cane or something?
  • US carriers have reversed their decision to carry this phone. Huawei Mate 10 Pro coming to the U.S. in Feb, but carrier deal is dead Verizon might also back away from carrying Huawei Mate 10 Pro AT&T reportedly steps away from deal to sell Huawei phones (Update)
  • For $10 more they'll throw in a tinfoil hat.
  • Trumpanzee probably told the carriers that if they carry this chinese made phone he will tax the crap out of them...thats all!
  • Have a mate 9 great phone, and it has apps woop woop
  • Curious, there is an Android Central - right? ...but you mentioned the MS Store, sooo...I guess...Hmmm...
  • I was on vacation from Jamaica in the US last December & purchased the Mate 10 Pro from Amazon. It's a most beautiful phone!! My Mate 10 Pro experience as a user who's very heavily invested in the Microsoft Eco System (Lumia 535, NL 920, NL925, HTC One M8 for Windows, Lumia 950XL, Microsoft erg wireless keyboard, Surface dock, Surface Pro 3, Surface Book 2 , 1 Pearl White Cortana & 1 Black Cortana speakers). I reluctantly bought a new phone that's not Microsoft because I purchased the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 60W Equivalent Smart Bulb Starter Kit to operate with a good mobile app ( Hue essentials) & along with 2 Cortana Harman Kardon speakers. The first thing I did after setting up this gorgeous Mate 10 Pro was to install the Microsoft Launcher & try getting it as close to my Lumia 950XL with apps. I've slightly missed my Windows phone which is surprising ( Cortana's integration on a Windows Phone is far more superior than an Android). I've now gotten many important Jamaican Apps (Bank apps which also allow for fingerprint authentication). My realization is that Microsoft is making a colossal mistake pushing us to other platforms. Even though I have installed as many needed Microsoft apps for Android, I'm unconsciously using Google apps ( eg. Google maps instead of Microsoft Maps ). I'm holding out on using Alexia etc because Cortana has been excellent for me on Windows; Microsoft needs to improve on Cortana Asap! In conclusion the Mate 10 Pro is the most Premium Smart Phone I have owned, it has many practical features (I like having the Dual Sim & setting multiple user accounts ) & my battery life is totally amazing ( Unplugged from charger 5:30am, used it all day demoing it to my I.T. colleagues & went to bed 10PM with 54%). I'm now considering migrating my Wife & son from Windows Mobile to Android because with a heavy heart I finally gave up on Windows Mobile 10. I'm most certain my peers will be shocked to see me using an Android phone after years of evangelizing Windows Phones etc but the reality is what it is.