Microsoft Store giving away $100 credit; simply trade up your Windows XP dinosaur (US and Canada Only)

We have been announcing the end days of Windows XP for some time now, and if you are not planning on upgrading your poor sad operating system to a nice new shiny one, then we are a bit of a loss what more to say. Microsoft on the other hand, has one more trick up their sleeves; they are willing to shell out a $100 instant savings credit if you trade up your existing Windows XP machine.

The deal is available for citizens within the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada; unfortunately, our other loyal readers will have to find another incentive to dump Windows XP (although, there are quite a number of reasons to move). Simply bring in your existing Windows XP machine to a Microsoft Store or use it to make a purchase on the company’s website to be eligible.

We should note that the offer is only available for PCs that are $599 or above in price, which quite honestly is still an amazing deal. In addition to the $100 credit being offered, Microsoft is including 90 days of free premium support where you can call in about anything you need relating to your new PC.

Some of our favorite PCs that fall above the $599 price tag are the Surface Pro 2, Lenovo ThinkPad YOGA, Dell XPS 12, Acer Aspire V7, ASUS’s Zenbook, and Lenovo’s IdeaPad YOGA series.

If you are worried about transferring all of your data from your existing Windows XP to a brand new Windows 8 machine – do not worry. Microsoft has collaborated with Laplink to provide easy and free data migration for your photos, videos, music, and files.

After April 8, 2014, all support will end for Windows XP including regular updates and security patches. We urge you to update now, before your machine becomes vulnerable.

Are you still running Windows XP – Y U NO MOVE ON?

Source: Microsoft Store

Michael Archambault