Microsoft has started selling three fingerprint readers from BIO-Key that support the Windows Hello security features in Windows 10 PCs. The devices are available at Microsoft's retail stores and on its website for $39.99 each.

The three products include the BIO-key SideSwipe Mini Fingerprint Reader and the SideTouch Fingerprint Reader, both of which connect directly to a Windows 10 PC or tablet. There's also the EcoID Fingerprint Reader, which uses a USB cord to connect the PC to the reader. Microsoft states:

These devices enable you to login conveniently and securely to your Windows 10 PC with a simple swipe or touch. With Windows Hello you can sign into your Windows devices in less than 2 seconds – that's 3 times faster than a password that you have to remember and type in; also, with Windows Hello and the Anniversary Update, you can now sign into compatible apps and Microsoft Edge websites.

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