Microsoft Surface advertising spotted in Washington, DC subway

Microsoft Surface advertising material has been spotted in Washington, DC and thanks to Windows Phone Central reader Conan we've got some photos to show everyone. The advertising shows off the tablet's connectivity between the device itself and the smart covers with the "Click in." caption to highlight the user friendliness.

The advertisements show off light blue and pink coloured Surface tablets and the look of both designs is appealing. We're still yet to see Microsoft unveil its Windows 8 tablet family to the world, but the official launch can't be too far off with the company prepping temporary holiday stores across the US. So how aggressively will Microsoft push Surface?

Microsoft's Windows 8 Surface tablet

We'd imagine the company will be promoting its range of Windows 8 tablets fairly hard in markets where the devices are to be made available to consumers. Billed as "true Windows 8 tablets", the Surface family of devices from Microsoft will be unique with differentiation from partner products. We previously looked at rumours of an October 26th launch, which is looking more likely as the date approaches.

Charlie Kindel, former Windows Phone General Manager, explained at an event at ThinkSpace in Redmond back in August that the Surface tablet is the "North Star" for the rest of the industry. Microsoft is essentially creating the Surface tablets to show OEMs and the competition what can be achieved through innovation and attractive design.

"That is why Microsoft is building Surface. They are not building Surface to be a business. They are building it for the same reason they built the Microsoft Store. Think of it as a marketing expense. It shows the rest of the industry what is possible and how to do it right."

Microsoft has also been rolling out web design upgrades to a number of its web properties, not to mention launching the new service to replace Hotmail / Live. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Office, an update to the Xbox 360, Halo 4, and Surface tablets are expected to be unveiled by the software giant later this month. How successful this brand refresh and multiple product launch will prove to be is uncertain, but Microsoft is pulling out all the stops.

Check out more photos below.

Thanks, Conan, for the sending the photos in!

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